by CategoricalGrant


The magician, a shock of her startling silver mane fluttering gently behind her, stands on her hind legs to address the small cheering crowd in front of her stage. “Thank you,” she booms, bringing a forehoof to her chest and closing her eyes in satisfaction. “Now, for my next trick, The Great and Powerful Trixie will perform a feat of daring never before seen by pony eyes! I shall saw my assistant Starlight two!”

A wooden half-coffin, decorated in the sorceress’ motif of stars and moons on a purple background, is dragged onstage by a blue aura. Inside, a tired-looking lilac-coated unicorn lies silent.

“Phh, I’ve seen this trick before,” mutters a pony next to you in a quiet complaint.

“Shhh,” you shush him sharply. If you have anything to say about it, there will be no complaints about this stunning spectacle. You had recently wandered into the crowd, vaguely interested in whatever event was going on outside Ponyville’s town square, but you are now enraptured with the magician Trixie’s performance. Or, more accurately, are enraptured with her.

There is something about her that is entrancing. Perhaps it is her air of unbridled confidence. Or, maybe it’s the way her smooth, commanding voice echoes across the crowd. Maybe it’s simply her gorgeous mane and piercing eyes, hidden far too often for your tastes under her hat. Whatever the case, you need her.

As she pulls the ‘two halves’ of her assistant apart, the crowd breaks into another set of stomping applause, and your cheering is the loudest.

It feels as if your heart is beating through your chest. Taking a deep breath as you work up courage, you bring a hoof up and knock on the wooden door on the side of the stage.

The quiet rustling from within suddenly halts, and a pattern of hoofsteps follows after a moment of rest. The door opens after a moment, revealing the mage’s assistant Starlight, now miraculously in only one piece. You gasp in awe.

“Umm, hi!” she replies in a timid greeting. “Can I help you with something?”

You let out a long, shaky breath and clear your throat. “I-is t-the Great and Powerful Tri-i-xie h-here?”

Starlight Glimmer’s ears perk up. “Oh! I think she i-”

A pair of blue hooves seem to appear out of nowhere, firmly shoving Starlight out of your view. With a regal and commanding presence, the most powerful enchantress this side of Canterlot glides into your vision.

“Stand aside, Starlight,” she commands, as a small yelp and crash sound from inside the stage’s inner workings. “The Great and Powerful Trixie has a visitor!”

Your jaw falls as you gawk at Trixie, who smiles coyly at you. After a moment, her smile fades and she squints her eyes.

“Wait a second, Trixie doesn’t know you… are you one of Bootleg’s ponies? I told your boss he’ll get his bits when he gets his bits!”

You struggle to inhale and shake your head. “N-no, I..I just came to see your show, was the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen!”

Trixie blinks twice, seemingly surprised, before her coy smile returns, larger than before. “Well well, I’d say this is a surprise, except it’s really not. Did you expect anything less than perfection from moi?”

She’s actually talking to you! This is your chance! What should you say? Your brain races as you try to think of possibilities.

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