by CategoricalGrant

Chapter 3

If you’ve learned anything from those magic crystal VHS tapes you ordered through the mail, it’s that the way to a mare’s heart is to make her feel threatened. “I was really impressed with your assistant.”

Trixie’s brow furrows. “Really?”

“What was her name? Starlight? She’s really skillful.”

“Well,” Trixie pouts, “‘Skillful’ is not the word Trixie would use. ‘Adequate’ might be more-”

“And she’s stunning to boot!” you tack on.

You can see Starlight’s head peek out from the backstage space to look at you curiously.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Trixie growls, frowning. “Thank you for your time, but Trixie has a lot of cleaning up to do.” She uses her magic to rudely push you back before slamming the door.

After a few silent moments, the door opens again and Starlight is pushed out in the same manner. “You too!” Trixie’s voice booms. “Out!”

The door slams again.

You glance over at Starlight, whose ears are flattened against her head in surprise. Meeting your gaze, she blushes and paws at the ground with a forehoof.

“So, uhm, I guess my afternoon is free now…” she begins. “W-would you like to maybe...I dunno...Get some hot cocoa with me?” She smiles up hopefully at you.

[Not so] BAD(?) ENDING