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Expecting to live a rapturous life in Equestria getting loads of cash simply for teaching at a school about friendship, you weren't so satisfied when getting a lousy paycheck once every month! What's worse is that you weren't the only one disappointed at the low wages. Only one mare is responsible for providing these harsh wages; Princess Twilight.

Banding together, you protested inside the school halls to spread out the message to her and her cruelty to the public.

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this was the true ending

I can just see it...

Tirek: Well, well Princess Twilight. Fancy seeing you here.
Cozy: How did you end up here?
Twilight: Tax Evasion...
Cozy and Tirek: -_-

Gen 5 faces the new and improved legion of doom.

And then the school closed down.

Wait, isn't Twilight a government employee? Her wages as a librarian/princess were paid with taxes! What a hypocrite!

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