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You stumbled apon facing the toughest challenge since coming to Equestria; fighting off three overpowered villains with a bell to take all the magic from the ponies. It is up to you to help stop them from getting more powerful by using yourself as bait. When you have a chance to confront Cozy Glow, you swore on your life that she’ll get what she deserves after backstabbing your trust a year ago... but she has other plans in mind.

An alternate take on Quick! Distract Chrysalis but you are tasked to go after Cozy Glow.

Note: To prevent the FBI from taking me away, Cozy Glow is now an 18-year-old adult in this alternate universe

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All we need is someone to write a female/male Anon getting romantic with Tirek during this battle. That would be the the full set.

Look like tirek is only one left, his gonna be a challenge for you to write you know that right. This story is good and the nod to the previous story is a nice touch so keep up the good work.

Tirek: I love you, Anon!
Anon: Eeeenop! runs the opposite direction.

One of many theories is that Cozy have some Equestrian Dwarfism, she is adult but look and act like a child, similar to Baby Doll from Batman.

But seriously, is not like being a minor is a problem, check the first page of approved Cozy Glow stories and you will find many with the tag "Sex" and in the description "foalcon"

Yeah, I loved the Chrysalis story, this was good because it had the adorable School filly crush feel to it, but I cannot see Tirek coming out that well at all.

“I believe everyone’s equal, ladies and dudes!” you said straight to her worried expression, “I don’t mind throwing down on a couple of chicks if they’re asking for it!”

Anon is a believer in true gender equality

Eren Jëager: Ah I see that you're a man culture as well.

I mean, they threw a filly into tartarus next to Tirek so...

You know, I'm impressed! That's quite possibly the most awkward thing I've ever read!

Comment posted by Betty_Starlight deleted May 10th, 2022

I see this as a win

Anon seed, anon seed, showed us his white van, now it hurts to use the can

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