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Alex. Fifteen years old. He got into Equestria a couple of months ago and has already been able to adapt quite well. At least he has a house and money. Unfortunately, he has several problems. For example, ponies almost never pronounce his name correctly. But among all the problems, there is the most serious one. Twilight Sparkle and her special attention to Alex's behavior. And today she crossed the line. Will Alex be able to get Twilight to leave him alone today?

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That was an interesting read.

I'm glad that someone liked my first attempt at writing a comedy.

One symptom is not enough for psychological problems, even all symptoms are not enough(Of course, if there are many symptoms, you should consult a doctor)

Overall an interesting read, few people give characters little details. Mostly everything focuses on plot and interaction.

It was good, I didn't really know where it was going until the very end but it got a hearty laugh out of me :)

You're almost right.

15 inches deep in friendship

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