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Nobody likes visiting the doctor's office. Always telling you you're not healthy enough, have to go on a diet, eat less snacks and so forth. Not so with Pinkie Pie! She's been ready for this. Has planned for years for this special moment. Now, it all comes down to this.

What is taking the nurse so long!

Story inspired by mrbastoff's comic, which is used for the cover art. Check it out and his other stuff for some fun art. Editing done by my friends bathroomstahl and Meridian Prime, you guys rock! Pre-read by Foals Errand and Zomg. Cheers!

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Comments ( 89 )

This guy.

As a purveyor of puns myself I must say that I enjoyed this read. Well done

Good read.

I snorted.


I'm not sure anyone is ready for this, Redheart. :D

okay, very funny.

The the sounds of her playing echoed as she began her drum solo.

I think you added an extra 'the' by accident. It's okay, as it happens to all of us. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, this story got a good chuckle out of me, so have an upvote and a favorite. :twilightsmile:

That was a hell of a long setup for one of the most godawful puns ever. :facehoof:

Some talking about blood pressure, others talking about diabetes—as if too much sugar was ever a bad thing

This was the point I knew that I had done well upvoting this story.

Knock Knock and Who's there... I could see Pinkie naming twins that.

Of course Pinkie is from rock farmer stock, she could have very stoic foals.

6282813 Can you imagine that though, I want to be their friends!

So no shame at all?

Hillbe #13 · Aug 4th, 2015 · · 2 ·

:pinkiegasp: I got pokey
:raritystarry:You got Spiked
:rainbowhuh: You got soared
:fluttercry: You got Eeyeped
:applejackconfused: You got Brayburned
:twilightoops: You got booked
:moustache: You got marsh mellowed
:derpytongue2: You got a Doctor
:unsuresweetie: You got mashed
:applecry: You got farmed
:coolphoto: You got framed
:eeyup: Ain't you shy?
:trollestia: nope

That was adorable. Party Favor and Pinkie Pie, though...

I'm not sure if Equestria will be able to survive the Balloon Revolution.

Any chance you might turn this into an ongoing thing?


It's too early in the morning for me to be annoyed...


I counted many horrible puns. I really, really feel Nurse Redhearts pain. To think Pinks got knocked up just to turn her children into walking punchlines ... not counting the very literal line of ponies who will be punching them for having a name that bad.

Welp. There goes the neighborhood...or Equestria...or the world, for that matter... :pinkiecrazy:

6282652 Gets it!

6282794 Which is funny in its own way. :rainbowlaugh:

6283073 Nope, none. :pinkiehappy:

6283691 A sequel? Hmm, not sure. Depends if there is enough call for one, and I can come up with more comedic gold puns for it.

6285761 It'll never be the same again. :pinkiecrazy:

6285782 My favorite part of this story was the jaguar with the spear and Larvos' spleen! You, sir, are a genius!

Or if their twins, it could be Knock Knock and Who’s There.

“At least I’ll get a sucker when I’m done,” she uttered and another grin grew across her face at the thought.

You'll get your sucker in twelve months Pinkie. Or suckers if it's two.

Her thoughts drifted back to when she first conceived her visit to the doctor’s office.

And here I thought the doctors was where she first conceived.

Or if their twins, it could be Knock Knock and Who’s There


She dashed back inside long enough to nab herself a sucker and zipped right back out.

Put Nurse Redheart back Pinkie, she's too sour for you to handle.

...what just happened?

That was hilarious and too damn cute. :pinkiesmile: Nicely done :twilightsmile:

Pinkie Pie with mod swings.

6283443 *does his best not to ship it*

What's stranger than Pinkie?

Hyper hormonal Pinkie Mom.

I was laughing the whole way. This was really funny to me, I like good puns.:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:



There. :pinkiehappy:

“What? Nurse Redheart, you gotta be kid-in-me.”

:facehoof:, just... :facehoof:

I wish this was a CheesePie fic

You know how pony names are prophetic? "Knock Knock" is going to end up as a teen mom. I just know it.

It's got to be her...destiny? Only Celestia knows what her cutie mark is going to be...

Too often, when I read a story based on a good comic, the story fails to properly build on the material, and winds up simply being a bloated, inferior version of the comic.

This is not that. This is an excellent job of building from the baseline. Nice work!

What? Nurse Redheart, you gotta be kid-in-me.”

This was the funniest part of the story. This was also the funniest part of my day and I've seen some pretty funny things today.

6286581 Umm. Good puns? I'm sorry sir or madam. I just don't understand.

Meh, we all have our own opinions.6287223

Pinkie Pie's like me in the doctor's office :pinkiesick:

Good read :pinkiehappy:

6286696 Actually, it's supposed to be They're. Remember the sentence:

Or if their twins, it could be Knock Knock and Who’s There

They're is an abbreviation for They are. So the final product would be:

Or if they are twins, it could be Knock Knock and Who’s There

Remember, There is used for pointing out a location.

6287411 I was making a li'l joke. The "fact" about puns is that they're either so bad they're good, or so bad they're bad. So there would be no such thing as a good pun.

Twins? Oh, no. Poor Party Favor.

6287586 LOL! I was looking at the other "there". :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:

Oh Pinkie, you're just foal of Surprises!

Looks like Pinkie caught a colt.

Such a fertile sense of humor!

Party Favor's latest submission went virile!

*finishes story*
Wait, I thought you were gonna use that title line somewh...o-oh...OHHHHHHHH. I get it now.

Yeah, I just got the title pun now, shut up.:pinkiesad2:

There is a spot reserved in Pony Hell for those who make puns like that.

Of course, you go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.

Regret can come from many sources not just shame.:eeyup:


what is this supposed to be again? :rainbowhuh:

6288432 A story that's to be read for the pun of it.

...Yeah, that one was terrible. :rainbowlaugh:

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