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Summer break: the one thing that all students look forward to every year. But before that glorious freedom, comes the dreaded semester finals. The students of Canterlot High are certainly no slackers, but it's not enough for one man's liking. With the mighty powers of arithmagics at his beck and call, he is going to ensure these layabout students study - whether they like it or not! FOREVER!

A crossover between Equestria Girls and Dexter's Laboratory. A huge thanks to my friend and editor, Lab for his work once again. Also huge thanks to my pre-readers Foals Errand and ZOMG, as well as the folks in the YMLT chat for helping shape this story to what it is. Cover art by Lambent Dream. You rock, man!

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Comments ( 23 )

...I'm not the only one who thought this would be the Mathemagician from The Phantom Tollbooth, right?

...Right? :pinkiecrazy:

5641309 I actually had to look that up, and when I did I can see where you made that distinction. :rainbowlaugh: Hope you enjoyed!

A fine addition to the fimfiction archives.

And with the Crossover tag, it's nice to see an author broadening their range.

That was a nasty trick the Math Magician pulled on Sunset, though. Giving her a time limit was such an inequality.

Although it was a little disappointing to see that AJ, Rarity, and Dash have yet to find the area of their knowledge. It seems their mathematical skills have a maximum radius.

And leave it to Pinkie Pie to find the circumference of a villain's evilness.

All in all, this story had just the right angle to it.

I regret nothing!

The very moment I saw this I started to remember, after reading the summery I thought of Dexter's Laboratory. Aaaah sweet nostalgia.

√(-1) 2³ Σπ...
And it was delicious.

By far my best maths shirt in the arsenal.

“Pinkie Pie, you did it!” Rainbow cheered. “How did you know that a pie would work?”

Oh Pinkie, you're so radian. Hahaha, get it. Because... yeah I hate you too.

He grinned wickedly at her. “What’s the average speed of an unburdened swallow?”

If it were possible, Rarity would have turned paler. “I don’t know tha—“ She screamed as she was carried off towards the school by a pair of fours.

Oh Rarity, everyone knows that you have to ask him if it's an African or European swallow. He won't know the answer to that question.

This was hilarious and nostalgia-inducing. I love it. :pinkiehappy:

5642456 I see what you did there :eeyup:

5641495 The puns... what have I started? :facehoof:

5641876 You should regret everything! :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for the help, Zom. It is appreciated!

5642002 Fond memories of the show huh? Got to love Dexter's Lab.

5642456 HA!

5642624 Glad you enjoyed it! That gag was one of my favorites, after the Pinkie's comment about the hulking number seven.

My puns in the Skype chat were better :P

The title cauthed me to make incorrect athumptions about the content. :twistnerd:
Who put a thound thee can't make in her name anywayth?

The magician turned his crazy eyes on the group. “Oh ho ho ho. What have we got here? Students lazing about and not doing their homework? I can fix that!” He started wiggling his fingers, sparks of magic building between them.

The male student screamed and tried to run.

I think something got eaten here....

Also available in background pony!

Not It's Gonna be a Mathacre!! The hilarious story you'd have to be crazy to hate! Oooh, I give up!

Dem puns.

They got painful at an exponential rate.

5647403 :rainbowlaugh: Nice! Thanks for that!

5648446 They do tend to spawn more, don't they? You could say they are a form of punishment. :pinkiehappy:

He grinned wickedly at her. “What’s the average speed of an unburdened swallow?”

Wait, is it African or European?

5667282 I don't know thaAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!

Cannot go wrong with a Monty Python reference.

That was hilarious to read ;)
Very nice done.

Have my like.

5669246 I gladly take it!

Glad to know you liked the story, it was fun to put together. :pinkiehappy:

Hi! I'm Zeroxion564 and I saw your fic in the Authors Helping Authors group.

Name of Story: It's Gonna Be a Mathacre

Grammar score out of 10 (1 is grammar that needs to be worked upon as basic principles such as capitalization and spelling is an issue, and 10 is impeccable): 10 (Bear in mind I'm horrible at noticing small grammar errors unless they're relatively common, so assume this adds up to no more than an 8 on a normal scale)

Math jokes are awesome and few are those who cater to that niche audience.

You don't focus too much on the math for those who aren't in that niche audience.

For it's silly purposes you need the fic to remain relatively simple. Something you did very well.

You mostly use only math puns or references. You might want to research and add one or two high end math jokes for any super math nerds who read the story. Just keep it to one or two because you're far more likely to have a reader who isn't a super math nerd.

The mathemagician is just kinda randomly there. There's no real connect to him.

Events just kinda happen without rhyme or reason.

So the biggest things of note are the Mathemagician just kind of being there and the series of events lacking a cohesive wholeness to them. Random comedy should be random, but there is also a certain method to the madness. It still needs to flow and transition smoothly, and it's better if you can connect to the characters to enjoy there specific brand of randomness. Do note what you have already is perfectly passable in these areas. It's simply you could do a lot more to manage the flow and characterize the mathemagician.

An easy example of how to do this is to make the mathemagician Prof. Starswirl. Give a brief intro where the students are in class blatently disrespecting math while Prof. Starswirl rants as usual. Everyone at the school, including Principal Celestia, thinks he's just crazy talking about mathemagics (especially in that hood and robe). Then have him grumble and swear his eternal vengeance on the school when class let's out before cutting to what you have currently.

Make a couple mentions of things like Twilight fangirling and joining the dark side rather than helping the EQG!6 being the reason they don't get her. Not enough time is an okay reason, but it's also just kind of an excuse when there's the potential to turn whatever reason Twilight isn't there into a joke. E.G. "Are you crazy? Twilight probably does homework for fun!"

Then conclude it with more than just a cop car. Maybe have Principal Celestia scold the crazy old coot in some humorous manner while he blantently ignores her -- eating his pie and swearing vengeance.

Hope you enjoy your review! Don't worry if I sounded too harsh. You did a great job. Please help me out by looking at my story: dC/dt ≠ 0 I have a lot more words than this one-shot of yours though, so if you have another story you'd like'd reviewed that's of reasonable length I'd be willing to review a second story.

Author Interviewer

I just about died of "Roman numerals".

yes hello hi I did a "review" of your story okay bye!

Alright, that was a thing. I enjoyed this.

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