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Princess Celestia has no problem with leaving the three Sirens in the realm across the mirror, in effect dumping her own world’s problems on another world. Princess Twilight Sparkle makes regular visits. Sunset Shimmer, while redeemed and intent on staying there, is still a foreigner to the human realm. Sunset knows this status quo can't last, especially after not one but two schools know about magic following the Friendship Games.

Sunset soon decides that, if Equestria has no problem with its own citizens visiting other dimensions, it better be prepared to allow the reverse. Thus begins Sunset's Extradimensional Tourist Agency.

What freaks her out is just how many people adore the idea of temporarily becoming magical coloured ponies.

Other Characters tag includes the Shadow Five. Sex Rating will be for innuendo and references.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 31 )

This'll definitely be an interesting set of adventures.
One human/pony meeting that I'd love to see would be the two Derpies.

This can't end well but it might end with good things! If nothing else, this should allow Celestia to decide on the long-term strategy for dealing with Star Swirl's short-sighted 'interdimensional garbage dump' idea. That said... I really, really want to see Sci-Twi's reaction to the Canterlot Archives (especially the Star Swirl wing). I also suspect that there may be shenanigans with well-meaning relatives of Sunset Shimmer thinking that the nice young lavender unicorn is more than their daughter is saying! :twilightblush:

I strongly recommend that Pinkie and Pinkie be only allowed to meet in the middle of a totally barren desert under a ten-layer force and energy shield. Just to be sure, you understand! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

So excited for what will come next plz do pinkie!

But your plot is gout if you slip up on any of them!

Pffft, Is this supposed to be the pony version of your ass is grass?

Lemon Zest is pretty much Nowacking´s version of Vinyl Scratch.

The whole name and appearance thing is a narrative nightmare, really. I've been thinking about the same problems and the best solution I've been able to come up with is that they're still wearing a facsimile of their clothes. This covers their cutie marks and alters their general appearance just enough to make it difficult for other ponies to recognise. The Equestrians just pass them off as 'distant cousins on vacation' (which is even slightly true).

FWIW, I also decided that the cutie marks themselves are different - Twilight's starburst doesn't have the five orbiting stars but instead has a single orange star at the 'south-west' point, symbolising the importance of Sunset in her life. Fluttershy, AJ, and Rarity only have a single one of their symbols rather than three. Finally, Rainbow Dash's mark has the order of colours reversed.

6494955 Yes

6494557 Sunset may have a Twilight complex. Code Pinkie Square will be the Royal Guardspony's new code for a catastrophe of the highest order

The ending of this chapter made me laugh. Quite a bit.

First off, i want you to know that i REALLY like this so far, and anything i say after this is just because its a pet peeve.

Anyway, I'm sorry, but Sci twi having never transferred is a pointless preference, at least as far as this story's contents go, with the whole visiting Equestria thing. You ignore the fact that she HATED crystal prep, and wanted out of there to begin with. Maybe things are beter now, bUT that doesn't erase bad memories. You're essentially telling us you think you know better than the writers, and your version of the ending is superior.

Also, nowhere is it ever stated that the mirror had never opened between Twilight being a student and the events os Equestria girls, so your preference of five years probably fits more than you feel.

Im sorry if I sound harsh, but I believe that if you're going to fly in the face of canon, you should have a better reason than that it's just your preference, otherwise it has little to NO bearing on actual story content, regardless of if you think that's how it should have been.

S.E.T.A. welcomes you to Equestria!

6497952 what if the happy meal toys are the human five?

It lumbers erratically for quality but there's some really cute bits. You need to make up your mind if you're trying to write a crack fic or a regular comedy though, I think. Curious to see where it goes.

6577399 What I'm currently writing is more comedy than crack. I've had the next chapter on the backburner for weeks but a move and playing some old-school games again has had me distracted, plus a number of the jokes I've come up with I've delegated to later chapters and later ponies.

6503524 Figured I should probably make a reply with the new chapter.

Friendship Games felt like there was some executive meddling, and the ending didn't really feel right. Given that the DVD release has an alternate ending that had the drawing board sequence for an alternate ending where Twilight stays at Crystal Prep, it goes to show the producers definitely considered it at one point, and may have been the original ending.

I've always assumed the portal was open for 60 or 90 moons, 5/7.5 years, and even use that in my other Sunset fic. The thing that implied it really was only 30 moons in Friendship Games was Sunset being absolutely clueless about the behavior at the Games while all the other girls did. Given she was basically the alpha bitch of the school for a while she's holding the idiot ball to not know about that, but it also hints she really wasn't around 4 years prior at CHS.

“Princess Luna going ‘The fun hath been doubled!’ again, except this time with more disturbing bioethical implications?”

This alone justifies the chapter :twilightsmile:

It's an okay chapter but even a sketch comedy piece like Azumanga Daioh benefits from some vague stirrings of overall arc ( which are so far invisible ). The ending _did_ leverage it to end a strong point at least. So I'm happily awaiting the next chapter.

I do :unsuresweetie: at your claim Twilight was intermittently vulgar/crude in her verbal communications. What from the show implied that to you?

I'd have laughed louder at the ending, but I'm in a class at the moment.

Twilight, with all the stuff you and your friends get into, this stuff is just getting predictable to your parents.

SUNSET: "... Family's always embarrassing, innit?"

Wow. Twilight's getting predictable.

Much like when JMS was asked how fast the Starfuries flew in Babylon 5, he responded 'At the speed of plot.'

Your Twilight Velvet and Night Light are very cool individuals. I like 'em.

“Princess Luna going ‘The fun hath been doubled!’ again, except this time with more disturbing bioethical implications?”

10 outta 10, 10 outta 10, 100 outta 100, best line, best line.

He started with earth ponies, then pegasi, then unicorns and finally stole Discord’s magic.

Tirek started with unicorns then went for pegasi and earth ponys, unless you changed the order on purpose.


Sci twi having never transferred is a pointless preference, at least as far as this story's contents go, with the whole visiting Equestria thing.

Maybe, maybe not. Have to see if the story develops an actual plot beyond seeing who goes to Equestria and what they do while there. If SciTwi gets a character arc that could be a very relevant detail. I've only read the prologue so far, so I don't know what the other chapters have in store. If the other chapters are just "X,Y, and Z go to Equestria and here's what happened" then I may end up agreeing with you on this.

You ignore the fact that she HATED crystal prep, and wanted out of there to begin with. Maybe things are beter now, bUT that doesn't erase bad memories.

So? I have a lot of bad memories from my time in high school. But there were things I liked too, and since he's said that Twilight made friends with the Shadowbolts (the ones the audience sees/cares about, at least) it makes sense for her to stick around.

You're essentially telling us you think you know better than the writers, and your version of the ending is superior.

Don't be that guy. That comes across as kind accusatory, which isn't really called for. All he said was that he prefers the idea that Twilight befriended her teammates and stayed at Crystal Prep. There are lots of reasons he might prefer that ending that don't involve thinking he knows better than the actual writer(s) of the movie.

Update soon. I want to see Rainbow Dash and Applejack meet themselves.

Sunset shrugged. She had expected that comment. It was a good thing she had prepared for this. “That’s a shame then, Twilight. I had already discussed this with Princess Celestia and gotten her blessings to do this, even charge money for people to visit Equestria, and we both went over the many things that could go wrong and decided the benefits far outweighed the few possible problems that might happen.”

This reminds me of a scene from Sharing the Night and is totally something Celestia would do

Had she really just given away the Canterlot archives… not for what Twilight could do with the knowledge therin, or even to make her happy, but as bait to lure her back to Canterlot once in a while?

Yes. Yes, she had

High-school students visiting the magical land of the ponies... what could possibly go wrong? :twilightoops:

I loved that Ghost-Busters reference. I expect this turn of events will at the least present a fun ride and some awkward situations... We shall see! :pinkiehappy:

Also, it's really creepy sometimes how in tune Pinkie Pie is with what is actually happening... I laughed so hard when I got what she was saying and the near debate over free-will... :pinkiehappy:

well played!

So, definitely... thank you for coming up with nicknames! I know you weren't keen on the idea, but it really helped keeping everypony sorted out! It totally just occurred to me that you could have had Rarity design some outfits for them, since they'd be not used to walking around without clothes, but no matter.

This chapter seemed to have a little less direction than have some of your others, but I'm still curious to see where you go with it. Chapter 2 tonight! :pinkiehappy:

I will admit, I wasn't a fan of the crude parts, but maybe I'm just overly sensitive about that. I got a few laughs out of this, specifically when Spike had to stop the Sci-Twi meltdown, :moustache: and then Twilight's parents at the end. Even if I hadn't liked any of it, that would have made the entire read worth while.

From the reading, and your own comments at the end, I can tell you don't have the same... bond? to Twilight Sparkle that you have to Trixie. :twilightoops:

So, I just noticed that it is marked as incomplete, but that you haven't updated in about a year and a half. Are you planning to continue this one? Just curious.

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