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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.


Reproduction, it's a perfectly valid thing that makes total sense. When a mare and stallion love each other very much... Blah... Blah... Blah. Here's a foal. That's how it's supposed to work for every creature, pony or otherwise. Then again, there's always that one time it doesn't quite work that way.

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Poor Redheart, nurses have a rough enough time without semi-prophetic Pinkie Nightmares (which, yes, are a proper noun).

Of course, the truth will be even weirder when they discover the father is Discord...

Funny. I always thought becoming a mother would emotionally stabilize Pinkie. I guess not. Love the ending. That's something straight out of Tex Avery.

That...was fantastic. Have a cookie!

:twilightsheepish: So Pinkie had a ball
:moustache: I had a doll
:duck: We all knew Miss Pie was shall we say well rounded?
:applejackconfused: No!
:flutterrage: YES!
:rainbowlaugh: We have a new buckball player
:pinkiegasp: He is the buckball!
:derpytongue2: Muffins!
:trollestia: As usual I gladly did nothing at all

Does make me wonder who Pinkie actually had a child with, Cheese Sandwich maybe? Always been of the opinion Pinkie would have lots of foals, always with "a fresh pie in the oven". Also would be funny if Maud and Mud Brair had a foal that took after aunt Pinkie.

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