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This story is a sequel to Quick! Distract Chrysalis!

Half a year later and you've been going steady with your loveable changeling queen. Perhaps it is time to finally pop in the golden question of a man's lifetime? Even getting help from Twilight and her quirky bunch of friends to set up the perfect moment to do so. However, ominous forces are preventing you from getting the right moment to show her the ring. What are these forces and how will you overcome them?

Art by KP-ShadowSquirrel

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio

Chapters (1)
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Why do I have the feeling that Cadence is gonna do something...not nice??

Nice start, interested to see how this develops. Hopefully, Cadence won't be vengeful.

What happened to Cozy and Tirek?

"Revenge is a dish served cold" and also "Revenge is sweet." Therefore, whoever wants revenge is "he just wants to eat ice cream."

Ah yes, I remember that time I saw a story where Anon decided to take the Loki route of distracting equines. Maybe I should read it at some point.

Comment posted by Fujimi200SX deleted Dec 6th, 2021

What did I say that was bad?

why you gotta do that Twilight

Sorry, I thought I uploaded the art alongside the story, but my internet was acting up.

Ha. You're welcome for noticing. Cute cover art btw.

Anon should be tasked with finding them dates.

Yes, this will make a fine addition to my collection.

Chrysalis deserves her own wedding after all...

Ya termine la historia anterior y estoy leyendo esta ahora, te felicito por la historia fue simple pero perfecta. Bien hecho...

I've got a gut feeling that Cadence will be planning payback for what Chrysalis did at her and Shining Armor's wedding.

Amazing first chapter — can't wait to read more!

That photo is the epitome of 'totes adorbs'. :twilightsmile:

What if, and this is just a hypothetical, you make a full revenge plot and then make an excuse that you assumed it was a theme wedding. You could probably get enough ponies going along with it that you could get away with out to many stains on your reputation.

Oh shit, now cadance know,
Quick! protect the queen wedding

two criticisms(one objective and one personal):
1. you used the wrong there several times
2. the fluttercord hinting bullshit, stop that

Changelings da best ! , unfortunately, i hate weddings


2. the fluttercord hinting bullshit, stop that

If you truly loved her, you wouldn't insist on her death. (Twilight will not outlive her friends)

"A common fanon ship in my fanfic? Not today, satan!"

Oh we all know that Lovebutt most likely tries something of a payback. Question is: how? Will she wait till the wedding happens OR wil she try ruining the proposal attempts, most likely failing and only delaying the question, while unknowingly making Anon and Chryssi love eachother even more?

”Shining. We cannot let them feel the love tonight...”

Oohhh si!!!... secuela!!!

P.S. Don't still be mad at her for ruining the happiest day of your life, I know you won't be the mare to plot revenge on somepony...

Yes she will.... honestly if she doesn't I'll be extremely surprised, that while paragraph just reeks of foreshadowing

Where's the rest where is it I must know.

Please don’t say this has died, it is great and I was looking forwards for it

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