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Featured on January 24th-28th, 2020

You stumbled apon facing the toughest challenge since coming to Equestria; fighting off three overpowered villains with a bell to take all the magic from the ponies. It is up to you to help stop them from getting more powerful by using yourself as bait. When Chrysalis encounters you though, a clever idea struck your vision.

To ask her out!

Cover art by mirroredsea

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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Dear God it's too perfect.

Fave and liked... You're welcome...

it is very rare that I find a random anon story I like, there are a few, but many just suck, this made me laugh so hard you get a fav, a follow, and a boop *boop*

Well, that's one way to end the final battle.

Such magnificent randomness!

This is soooooo perfect
Oh God the laughs
I should download this for when I'm sad

The concept is great but reads like garbled rocks thrown at the page and left where they fell. Definitely needs a few editing passes.

This is a greatest random fanfic i ever read! :rainbowlaugh:

I like it! I like it alot! :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, I really wasn’t expecting that.

NO! It's so campy, so corny and awkward and follows every trope of bad anon romance fics it would be totally out of place if the language was all correct. It's perfect the way it is!

Comment posted by Dragonwaz deleted Jan 25th, 2020

... so did Tirek and Cozy Glow just up and switch sides, seeing as they are both known for being villains and now have no power? What about Discord? There's some unanswered questions that I'd really like answers for.

:rainbowhuh: Dude it's a bug
:raritycry: Spikey catch me I feel a fainting spell coming on
:pinkiesick: . . .
:yay: they looked happy I guess If they say so. . .
:trollestia: cake please
:ajbemused: Apple Bloom look away
:moustache: Anon still owes me ten bits

C'mon, but don't you love anon holding his legs between Chryssie's back? :heart:

This had lt of potential, but you just played it as a joke ¬¬.

"No-no, It's just that from this moment on, you are free to shoot me to your heart's content. Now, proceed m'lady!" you attempted to get into her head.

This is what Anon wore into battle.

Comment posted by lainverse deleted Jan 25th, 2020

Magnificent. A fantastic story. Please write more.

I love it! and damn do I wish there was more to it

This needs a lot of editing.

That might be the case, but it was still an interesting read.

So... Tirek is going to Sugarcube... Is Cozy also going? At last she is not gagging herself looking at the love like other foals.

... I'm impressed. Bravo. Bravo. This gives me an idea that I may not use. But just bravo.

I demand for the SEQUEL :flutterrage:
I- i mean, can you make more please:pinkiesad2:

It played out like the worst example of mary sue fantasy.

Rainbow Dash: Dear Celestia... I need a drink, hey Vegeta want one?

Vegeta: Get me 20 apple ciders! I need to go bleach out my eyes!

RD: Ok!

Me: What just happened?

Great story by the way!

And Anon and Chrysalis flew off into the sunset while cheesy 80s movie-ending music played.

Now excuse me, I have to go and wallow in stomach pain from eating two extra-large buckets of popcorn. You know, because it comes with a free refill.

I didn't say good, did I? I just said interesting.

Liked, Faved, and laughed. Very well made. High hoof /)

obtain some super overpowered ability

Well, I guess his “ability” was making out with Chrysalis

Ha...haha...hahahahahahahhahahaha wow great story man, tongue action!hahahahaha

Comment posted by Obsidian Shard deleted Jan 26th, 2020

Fun premise, funny dialogue, definitely would be massively improved with a look-over by an editor. Congrats on the feature!

The six—and Spike—already came rushing towards the group blasting their way towards their brute force.

I laughed at my own joke, f:yay:ckin' love this story.

This certainly is an enjoyable story! Got a couple grammatical mistakes here and there, but that don't mean it ruins the story! So far it was quite humorous, quite a nice twist, and overall it was an adorable concept! Great work on this one mang! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a little reading on this fic!

Audio Link: https://youtu.be/KybjTzOTblc

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Wow! I can't believe you would go through the trouble of reading out loud my story, I applaud you kind sir! I'm probably going to make a sequel for this ;)

My god yes that is freaking great if you do

With your right palm, you dragged it across the open air and threw it at Celestia's cheek, giving her the hardest slap you could ever muster up. She rubbed the irritating pain with her right hoof, unclear of what you've done.

I wish I could have liked the story more than once after reading this!


That's right Anon, use manga logic in a cartoon world, it works well enough

Vegeta: VEGETA YES!!!

Nappa: Hilariously derailing one-liner.

Vegeta: god damn it nappa...

You sighed, clearing things up with her. "Because if you have everything, there's no point in striving for more! Because you have it all! So, what are you going to do if you're bored on your throne with everypony at your command? Nothing! Cause you won't have anything left because you have everything! And it would be entirely pointless for rule Equestria! You'll be bored sitting on your throne or whatever, and If no one is going to oppose you, then you'll feel a sign of emptiness in you're heart! To which is no different than what you're doing now.

And now we're in this moment, where you'll probably lose by the power of friendship Twilight has, and you'll be just either be obliterated or turn into stone. Well, either way, you're gonna lose this fight."

It took nearly 10 seconds for Chrysalis to process everything you've said to her, twitching her eye vigorously as soon as she comes through. "Y-y-you're right! there is no point in all of this!"

"Which is why I'm saying to you; why achieve your goal, if it accomplishes nothing at all"

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. that is how you shut down a villain!

I wonder if that would've worked on the canon Chrysalis.

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