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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.



It's a fact often ignored by peons, traitors and other non-entities but true royalty does not get ill.

So though it might appear that Queen Chrysalis is ill she obviously isn't.

And while it might appear that she needs looking after, she doesn't!

...but if you insist then she is wise enough to take advantage.

A reading from the ever on-the-ball Straight To The Point Studio

Another reading from, uh, Pony & Wolf Productions, apparently. Who I'd never heard of. But good on them!

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vito #2 · Feb 8th, 2020 · · ·

Tsundere-o-meter is off the charts!

Eventually Chrysalis would come to realize that whenever Richard said "As you wish", what he really meant was, "I love you".

And if you don't get that reference, then I weep for you.

We all have our vices...

Well I'm glad someone got it!

Illness is just sabotage by bacteria.

It's always someone's fault!

Well if she didn't want to be doted on she shouldn't have let herself get sabotaged so easily!

>Berates in Mom

That sounds like the kind of thing a traitor would say...

I was going to comment on how she had this Hyacinth Bouquet thing going on, but this line:

“~Richard~” she trilled,

made me realize that it was intentional.

human emotions were...unusual. It was one of those things where, after having had some, you were never quite sure whether you actually enjoyed the flavour or not, and the more you thought about it the more you felt you’d need just a touch to refresh your memory, only you never got any closer to a proper conclusion.

Moreish, but not because you actively enjoyed it, or maybe you did, or maybe you didn’t and just weren’t sure yet.

Human emotions are gin?

That bloody bucket woman...

That she somehow failed to realize this immediately despite being able to taste love... well, Chrysalis is enough of an idiot that I can't call it inconceivable. (Word choice aggressively deliberate)

okey gooda as always , this story was top tier congrats on being featured

You captured Chrysalis's crazier tendencies very well, as well as her lonelyness. Enjoyable and charming story.

Richard: Ur sick don't worry

Again? That's nice! I dropped this and then went to go watch The Lighthouse.

I saw a mermaid's vagina.

I figured - or assumed - that she can recognise love being as how she then eats it, she just doesn't view it as anything other than food, and certainly would never give any back. Isn't that how they went all pastel? I'm fuzzy on the details.

My excuse is that humans are weird and alien, so their emotions are all wonky. That's my excuse.

Why thank you! Glad I got her. I do worry about that.

you were never quite sure whether you actually enjoyed the flavour or not

Ah, so humans are like Marmite to changebugs then?

Chrysalis is enough of an idiot that I can't call it inconceivable.

You keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means

There is never enough adorably evil Crysalis

It's pronounced Bou-quet, dear.

That's the good good


And you can't have a number seven or a number four. This isn't the Chinese takeaway.

This is a white, slim-line telephone in a private, well-to-do residence.

I was just thinking that!

I'm really loving your recent streak of tsundere villainesses.

I have a soft spot. And I like to think they all just want a hug, really, albeit all for fractionally different reasons.

Also: evil queen.

Doggi #28 · Feb 9th, 2020 · · 6 ·


With him fulfilling his purpose, Chrysalis herself was free to fulfil hers: being sublime. And, in this instance, plotting revenge, of course. Though that could wait until after breakfast, at least. No sense in planning breakfast on an empty stomach.

A bit of an error, but a solid story nonetheless.

I like to riddle all my stories with typos and boneheaded errors as it gives people something to do while they're reading them.

It's not because I never proofreading anything, I don't know why I'd even bring that up.

10076029 Also I loved the fake-out with "where are my soldiers." Way to use extreme Englishness!

I fooled you! I fooled most of you!

So tsun-tsun!

If I could award this fic as one of the best Chrysalis and Human interaction predictions, this would get more than just one in a heartbeat! All in all, this fanfic was written with such greatness that I got a feeling everyone had a smile while reading this all the way through! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading on it! Sorry about how late it is too! My bad!

Audio Linka!: https://youtu.be/fYN5gJ_FY-0

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Aha! Ahahaha! I was waiting on you, you sly dog!


My favourite part of these - beyond them existing at all - is my (apparently, so I'm told) somewhat-English stories not being read in an English fashion.

This brings me no end of joy. Oh! I giggle.

Alondro cackles in the shadows, as his brilliant plan to sabotage Chrysalis using Coronachan bears fruit!



I definitely sounded like Chrysalis when I had a cold last week.

I don't know because it's gone now.
Also, no idea what they mean, because I'm not a doctor.

God damnit it Crackling Moron, I find myself yet again enthralled by one if your stories. I swear, you have magic at play.

Motherfu- I should of saw that one coming. Well played, well played.


Yes. and everyone on this website knows precisely what yours are. 😉

Youtuber has a read version of your story :raritywink:

I'd bloody hope so! I'm hardly subtle.

So I saw! Was delighted.

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