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It had been an accidental falling-in that had brought them together. Sort of together. Velvet's divorce, Sunset's break-up... it was an awkward thing to know that failure of a relationship had helped them bond. Remaining in the only city they'd ever been able to call home, perhaps it was inevitable that their sorrow should not be endured alone.

But now comes their first Christmas. And tonight's date night is more intimate than before. All it would take is a single moment for the sparks to truly fly.

Part Two of my 2023 Christmas Special. Enjoy!

All characters are 18+

As always, a shout-out to those who follow me just to downvote. That's dedication.

Edit: Featured, 12/23 - 12/24/23. Thanks, y'all.

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I'm not even going to question the idea of this story here, considering the main image....

But, when I give it a read, I'm certain it'll be "interesting" to say the least.

Interesting dynamic between the two, reminds me a lot of “Electric Swing” series that just wrapped up. Good work as per usual.

Just when I thought I had seen every ship...

Also Ngl, I thought that was Rarity until I started reading it

I possess no desire to be conventional. Every major ship has been done to death.

Carry on, you magnificent bastard!

Absolutely wonderful! Gods, it's nice to see people trying some new ships!

Mannnn, this was delightful. They’re so damn cute together, wouldn’t mind seeing a continuation of this ship. Whether it be in the bedroom or another date entirely

i like their cute dynamic the best, their wardrobe second.
Keep it up!

I'll be honest with you, when I first saw this story, the Age gap really weirded me out, but you addressed it in a great manner. I can get how these two could fall for each other, and the romance was very well written. I had thought that maybe they had just been using each other as rebound relationships, but I can see where this romance could easily develop into something more. Very well done!

Also, that cover art is fly AF

As always, a shout-out to those who follow me just to downvote. That's dedication.

I possess no desire to be conventional.

You can usually recognize a master of their craft by the attitude they carry with themselves and that right there? That's the attitude of someone who knows damn well they're a master of their craft.

Why so many downvotes? This was a good story and I'd like to see more tbh.

They are known for doing lesbian love stories with unconventional pairings. Two things that tend to piss people off, especially in this fandom, for stupid obvious reasons. Something that they are aware of and embraces. Hence way the in the summary they shout out the people that follow them just to mass downvote their work.

See also

I like women

There are dedicated subsections that purposefully clock-down explicit or nasty material. Nasty in this case being a ship that flies in the face of a few sensibilities for some sensitive bunches.

That or they just don’t like the writing prose. Could be both, could be neither, could be either. But here we are.

“And you’re sure?” Pressed the young beauty, a droplet of seriousness in her yearning gaze. “That’s not just the bourbon talking, the heat of the moment.”

“I don’t think so,” Velvet purred, and upon the sun-kissed woman’s neck did she leave a single mark of lipstick. “Make a girl feel young again. It’ll be fun.”

“Only if you insist,” said she, hardly willing to offer the slightest ounce of resistance in the face of something so good. Was it foolish? Immature action of her own? Sunset cared not, and she doubted she would wake to regret it. This was a moment worth chasing after. “I guess that means I need you to take me home.”

“Yours or mine?”

“Oh, I’ve seen your bed before…”


*slams my hand down onto the table* WRITER! MORE! I NEED MORE OF THIS SHIP!
I never thought of this ship until now... and now I crave more...

Well, you can't just end it there!

Comment posted by assbutt2 deleted Dec 25th, 2023

Great story and beautifully written. Sunset and Twilight Velvet are so cute together and they clearly care about one another very much! I truly hope you decide to write a sequel eventually. :twilightblush:

Remember when people used to dislike stuff simply because they didn’t like it and not because it didn’t fit into the narrow box of what they find acceptable? I miss that

Comment posted by Norwegian boy deleted Dec 26th, 2023

Sunset's been with another mature babe before. More interest in following up on that.

Comment posted by Norwegian boy deleted Dec 26th, 2023

Very cute.

God, I loved this. :D

Never seen a more detailed kissing scene before, this was a wonderful read. Thank you for the uncommon and beautiful executed idea. Bravo.

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