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This story is a sequel to Luna is Always There For You

A prequel to "Luna is Always There For You". Noah meets the Queen of the Night, and she swears to love him for all of his days. Many cute antics ensue.

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Princess Luna is always there for her favorite human. She decides to help calm him down by taking him on a cosmic adventure, like old times.'

T rating for brief mention of ongoing political events.

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After a long childhood of adventures in Equestria, the human Noah Weiser (known as Clockwork in Equestria) is well on his way to becoming an accomplished political science student. After four years of a hiatus in the land of ponies, Noah's guardian in that land, Luna, reinvites him to see a new generation of magic and harmony. She tells him to bring his five year old cousin Max, too!

Hijinks ensue.

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It took her one thousand years, but Nightmare Moon finally found her child. This is their story.

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This story is a sequel to Seeking

An unofficial sequel to "Seeking". Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi meet a rabbi. They discuss many things, including the reconciliation of faith and idenity. A wholesome story sure to melt many hearts.

Warning: Very adorable antics ensue.

(A nafka mina is a phrase in Aramaic referring to a legal argument. It translates to "what's the difference", or "What's the big deal?")

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Exactly ninety days have passed since Sunny Starscout did the impossible and reunited ponykind. Once her lighthouse is rebuilt, she finds an old book in Bridlewood, and discovers that a pony has been watching all along.

His name was Clockwork Relativity, and while he's been dead for millennia, his knowledge is just as valuable today.

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Noah orders a moon pie. He gets a nice surprise.

Inspired by TheKMEexperience's fic Smol Packages

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There are many different explanations as to why Equestria fell. The true answer is quite simple: Nothing can kill Friendship more than a mother having to bury her own child. Clockwork lived a long life, but Luna was blinded by grief.

This tale should be a warning to all to always live in the present, and not be blinded by goals for the future, or reminiscence about the past.

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Starlight Glimmer finally graduates from Twilight's Friendship Studies program, and is told to find a student of her own! Twilight recommends going to a new planet, inhabited by "He-you-mains". She tries to make a friend, but finds something more! Will the "He-you-main" accept the Magic of Friendship? Will Starlight succeed in finding a student, or will she find a special somepony instead?! Learn about Starlight's adventures with the "He-you-main", and see how Neurodiversity is Magic!

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