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Crazy... · 12:17am 20 hours ago

It's crazy how I had an absolute blast at Universal Studios Orlando in 2018...

And yet meeting this smol gremlin of a niece after the trip made me smile the most, lol 😇💞

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I do not understand how a picture of a baby Chyrssi riding gummi could elicit such a response in people.

What's good KM

I been struggling with life, but I found that listening to some music really helps. I personally prefer NF or Eminem, but thanks to so many other users on this site I finally listened to this mlp song.

What do you think of it? It's kinda cringe, but I dunno, guess it's kind of uplifting too.

D'awwwww :raritystarry:

You too, cutie! I just know you'll be amazing out there no matter whatcha do. :rainbowkiss::heart:

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