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A lovely shoutout · 6:45pm 7 hours ago

For a lovely lady, give a generous follow to one fabulous LittleBitaMagic, formerly Saucyberry Serenade.

Sweet, beautiful, knowledgeable and will give Rarity a run for her bits in terms of fashion, she's a wonderful coffee bean. 🥰

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You fool, now you have four followers

Hey there! Thanks for your tip on the existence of blogs, I hadn’t really paid them any mind.

Maybe I’ll post on it sometime, I don't want to annoy my only two followers with notifications that aren’t story updates lol.


Thanks for the the greeting I mainly know the series through clips,Fan animations,this site,and…Research:twilightblush:
So thanks for the greeting

  • Viewing 2,156 - 2,160 of 2,160
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