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A mysterious new restaurant/dating/cuddle service has been built near Ponyville.

Nopony knows exactly where it came from, who owns it or what it really offers.

Ah well, sounds like fun, right! :trollestia:

Content WARNING: huggles, snuggles, kissies, ponies being adorkable, floof play, nibbles and worst of all, boopies

Featured: 9/23-26/2022

"Absolutely adorable! c:"

~ Kryostasis

"Loved every second of it!"

~ Reily

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I have a feeling this will be adorable.

It (hopefully) is, and a li'l twisty :3

Chrysalis is a evil genius truly worthy being called Queen ♤♡

Ohoho, how cunning. A fantastic twist.

Taking advantage and prying upon the lonely? Ingenious on the Queen's part. I love it! Certainly fits her devious nature...

Ooo I can't wait so see where this goes. At first I thought it was gonna be one shots with a bunch of characters, but it sounds like there's an over arching plot in mind

So many people independently came up with this idea. Usually it's rated M though.

What a twist!

We joke for years in a series made from 'Hiver' about it :rainbowlaugh:

A more general "we" has been joking about it since their dietary needs were first revealed. And not all of them were joking.

With a heavy stomp of her hoof, the mare's soft cheekbones twisted and morphed to appear harder and less rounded. A glowing green wall of blinding fire surrounded her. Her appealing skin faded into a coal black coat as features from the entire staff followed suit, rabidly ripping their uniforms to ribbons. Now populating the room was a horde of ravenous changelings, reveling in their deceit under the proud authority of their queen, Chrysalis.

Soon, Xander changed into his dark, bug-like form last—begrudgingly—not breaking his golden-eyed gaze on the pin.

I sensed this the second he said, 'personal tips' and started referring to food

This is good. Reminds me of those cafes in Japan which each one has themes like cats, dogs, owls, etc. This makes sense glad it isn’t a human cafe story :raritywink:

This kinda is a one shot, I only had the drive to make this one and I didn't wanna leave it incomplete and never finish it, lol

If I have any good enough ideas of how it goes down, I might make a sequel. Maybe.

I am glad that you enjoyed it though. :heart:

Will there be a sequel to this, I hope where coco and xender meet hmmm?

I direct you to my previous comment below you, lol

So theirs a maybe eh I’ll take it

Also if you need some ideas for a sequel the don’t be afraid of pm me

Heh, wish others were as open to help/give feedback with my original works.

Much appreciated, keeping it in mind 🙏

I must crack the case of this mystery restaurant. Oh the theories. (There has to be a sequel.)

and worst of all, boopies

:raritydespair: Noooo! The worst of all indeeeeeddd!
(very adorable)

Thankies! :heart:

Glad to see I'm not a ghost to you anymore :3

Loved the twist!

Hey no problem I’m one of the rare ones

Hug the buggos, this was cute...Coco got herself a fan.

I really liked this story :twilightsmile:
It's such a good concept! Really enjoyed every moment of it.

Halfway through the story, I was guessing what was going on with Xander. I have to ask: This made me think that Chrysalis sounds evil and all that, but they are actually not harming anypony. They are just using a really clever idea to feed. TL;DR this is an honest cute fluffy story with Chrysalis being herself but other than that there is no harm.

Is that what the story is going for?

I'm not asking for a sequel, I'm just saying that if you wrote it I'd wish you a very much thank you.
I wanna see the two get to know each other.
Either way, this was nice. thanks

With all these comments, I just might :3

This is super adorable. I love it.

Devious little twist there, I enjoy Chryssy , being Chryssy.

This was so cute! :heart:

That cover art is basically cheating.
Excellent choice.

I love the adorable plot of this story! Well done on the twist! :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey, why be an evil queen plotting a coup when you could be a small business owner instead?

I could totally see this as an off-screen side story in the episode "Slice of Life".

This was a neat lil' story with a neat lil' twist, very well done!

This is hitting all the right buttons right there!
A lovely and cute story with a great twist at the end! And it seems like everypony and everyling has their own version of a happy ending there.
It's absolutely adorable! c:

Comment posted by Herald of Opera deleted Sep 25th, 2022

Eventually, they'll be addicted to the service and won't bond with other ponies

Lovely to see Chrysalis left the conquest trade in order to delve in small business
A lovely short story, though the openness of the place really seemed a bit out of place at the start, glad to see my suspicions were confirmed later on. With "Cuddlebugs" in the name of the restaurant, I was waiting for the changeling drop at some point.

Two things I'd point out are some grammar errors and just a stylistic choice.
This reads more like censored clop than actual romance.
"Anything special I could do for a special gal?"
Coco popped her lavender sailor collar, puffing her fluffy chest out with an adorkable smirk.
"I-I've always wanted a stallion to play with my floof."
"What an amazing floof," Xander licked his lips, placing his hooves deep within her fluff-filled forest. "Am I doing it right?"
"Hmmmm, yes...

And the grammatical mistakes

"You'll love it, trust me! You're waiter will be with you in a bit!"


Stading before them was the green mare, a mischievously twisted grin across her face.


Thank you for writing this, it was a nice read


Jeez those are some serious content warnings, this might be too lewd to make an audiobook of for Youtube!

Well good thing this one isn't lewd at all 🤪

Cool, I'm putting it on my agenda to audiobook soon.

That was a good story.


Never have I felt so confused reading a story. Never has something so wholesome made me feel so awkward and uncomfortable. This is like... soft softcore porn; or a parody of a clopfic; or a G rated version of a porno. I was left feeling emotions I didn't even know I had. I don't know if I enjoyed this story or not, but it made me feel something no other story yet has, and that's an accomplishment.

Not self-inserting, I just chose a name off the top of a "bug name generator".

Sorry to disappoint...

I was extremely confused about the belching until I remembered Cuddlebugs was in the name. Then it all fell into place before the “surprise”.

Also I love all Coco stories. Yay.

:moustache: Wow another uniform contract?
:duck: Yes Precious Scales that new business is doing quite well if I must guess
:moustache: Can we go there some time?
:duck: No I think not our style darling but we can go out and get a meal next door you do like hay burgers, No?

:moustache: Mmmmmm good
:raritystarry: What was that?
:twilightoops: Cuddle bugs just exploded!
:moustache: Changelings?

:trollestia: Spike, Rarity? The Cuddle bug establishment says you two need to stay at least 300 hooves away from their place of business
:facehoof: Over loaded buggy systems causing a massive explosion?
:moustache::duck: flammable gas?

Nice story, cool twist. I have recorded reading it out loud for the Audio version, coming soon!

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