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For her crimes against Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis is stripped of her sinister powers and reduced to a harmless, stubborn little foal, left in the care of the royal guards until she willingly reforms.

But even in this powerless state, nothing will stop the rogue changeling's quest for vengeance.

Even if she's put in time out...

Leave a comment for Chryssy. πŸ’–πŸ—‘

"Deceptively cute!"

~ evan555alpha

"Ooohh, how I wish this was canon."

~ SuperSaiyanDiclonius

"This made my morning. :rainbowlaugh:"

~ Auriorium

Featured 4/14, 4/15, 4/16, & 4/17/21

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Okay, I felt in love with this story before the ending, but what made me TRULY adore this story to no end is the last bit of dialogue that was a reference to Pinkie and the Brain show

That was adorable :fluttercry:

Hnng, that adorableness! It has immobilized me, I'm totally defenseless against such an attack.

Dang, that was some fast work. Btw
First thing I thought of when I read your post earlier. Loved the references at the end.


The fanservice I never knew I wanted but needed all along! I have never seen such adorableness.

(p.s love the authors note with the lyrics!)

Well, that was adorable.

Why am I vaguely reminded of Kilgore from My Life As A Teenage Robot?

I didn't ask for this but I'm glad to see it nonetheless:heart:

This was hecking adorable! It's so funny hearing Chrysalis talking with a lisp.

I would love to see more of the amusingly adorable shinanagins of lil bug horse.

This made my morning :rainbowlaugh:

Comment for ChryssyπŸ’–πŸ—‘
You are my absolute favourite villain from the show. And I love fan fics are you get regress to into a baby. Could I babysit you sometime? I literally just got a plushie of your adult form you can play with.

I see your story got featured. Congrats:heart:

This is just so very cute, silly and adorable! Also, I love how Chryssy still is her own self and such! Lovely interactions between her and the guard.

And I noticed something: "I wefuse," she yawns, crossing her hooves with her hooves crossed. "Vengeance......never wests!"
Crossing her hooves with her hooves crossed? ^^

Anyways, lovely story, and awesome reference in the end!

Not bad, I wonder what could she do if she manage to escape... Or if they decide she was good enough to get recess.

Darn, I knew I missed something, XD :rainbowlaugh:

"Say 'refrigerator' and you're free to go."

That’s the simplest, most pure, unfiltered evil I have ever seen...

"And I do it all for free, your tears are the pay I'll ever need"
Nice ending it with Voltaire. Brought back my childhood.

I'm so torn. I would love a sequel but this is just about a perfect sized serving of fluff and dark comedy!

I need this. I need more of this. I need a multie chapter story about this now please.

Explain something for me, KM. Why do I love this story so much that I have to give it a favourite?! :rainbowlaugh:

'Cuz it's pwecious. :pinkiesmile:

'Cuz it's baby Chrysalis. :rainbowkiss:

Aaaaaand because ya like me :raritywink:

we won't be shown how Chryssy got into this situation and why is this particular guard looking after her and raising her?

I shown in the beginning that the guards take shifts to look after her.

As for the first part, I wasn't really aiming to show how it all happened that way.

just judging by the dialogues, I thought that this particular guard was looking after her most often and they had some kind of chemistry.

Oh this is just so adorable and fits the mind set of the series to a t. Well written and keeps me invested great story

The stallion drowns out the filly's adora-bolical speech upon entering the royal kitchen. He sets her down in a high chair near the dining room table and pours a few apples onto the counter beside a mixing bowl.


I find this a funny story.

Ooohh, how I wish this was canon.

This story is adorable. I love it.

Dawww level is under 9000 so we are save from cuteness inducing Diabetes of heart exploding LeVels.

Sad its only a one shot...

Great work.

Li'l Chryssy is ADORABLE!

The only thing that would've made this funnier is if she were adopted by either Starlight or Cadence.

I'd love to see a sequel where she has a playdate with Flurry Heart.

man you didn't....

EDIT: 3 people really ain't like this, smh

Gonna have to find out who disliked this story.

Great work my friend

Very adorable.

Congratulations on the feature.

Thankies! :pinkiesmile:

Took me by surprise, lol. Looks like we both have stories starring Cheeselegs being adorkable that has been featured. πŸ’ž

This story was both hilarious and adorable. Chrysalis's attempts here remind me of filly Nightmare Moon in the 'Attemped Sorroricide' comic. It was a great read. Also just realized who the author is. Congrats on the feature, KM!

This is deceptively cute!

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Let's see, are there any other unreformed villains we can add to the mix?
That would definitely lead to interesting results, one way or another.

Great work! πŸ‘ Love that Pinkie and the Brain reference at the end too.

What an adorable read, I loved it!

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