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Chrysalis has finally given up.

After many humiliating defeats at the hooves of Twilight and her friends, the overthrown queen of the changelings has taken refuge within the Everfree Forest far from capture and decides to call it quits. Her quest for world domination has officially come to an end...

But it won't stop her from pranking everypony by any means necessary. 😈

However, an unexpected guest may soon hinder her heinous deeds and make her experience things she herself would've never predicted.

For just one little friend can make a big impact.
If anyone's curious, this is not part of the Li'l Chryssy series.

One like = one biscuit for the puppy baby :3

"Wholesome and adorable!"
~ Kryostasis

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 48 )

Dawwwww! This was cute!

Puppy love is a strong weapon :yay:

*reads chapter title*

What about what happened in The Beginning of the End Parts 1 and 2?

This is a different take, not canon to the series.

Shouldn’t there be an Alt. Universe tag then?

Don't really feel like adding that honestly. Thousands of other non-canon stories here without that tag anyways. 🤓

i may hate dogs but i will give this a chance, but not at this moment, marked in the 'read later' folder.

If anyone's curious, this is not part of the Li'l Chryssy series.
Is there anyone who really thought this story was a sequel to "Li'l Chryssy"?

"I poke your RIGHT eye in (AHH!), I knock your FRONT teeth out! (AUGH!) I break your bloody snout , and you're wailing all about! (WAHHHH!) You do the changeling mangling and you turn yourself around (I DON'T LIKE THIS SONG!) As I knock you all the buck OUT !"


I wonder what would happen if she found an Eevee instead?

Awww, Grub is adorable

Doesn't the puppy give off enough love so that the Chrysalis doesn't need to eat solid food?

"Assuming no. What do all you pets even have to offer? You make......tofu, or something?"

Grub removes suspicious away from Chrysalis. Think about it, there is no way this adorable, playful puppy would EVER go near the nasty and oh-so-evil Changling Queen. A perfect distraction and excuse when you need one as well.

"Heavens, I didn't know you still soil yourself, Tia!"

I'm not the kind of person who likes bathroom jokes, but this one got a chuckle out of me.

"Ah gah yah naw!" he mumbles.

Translation: I got you now!
Don't you mean... GENERAL Chrysalis!

Interestingly, will they explain to us later why the puppy is so attached to Chrysalis? Or is it just a plot convention?
it's just that my "deep meaning search syndrome" keeps telling me that it happened for a reason.

There is nothing deep to look for, the pup just likes her. No twists, no turns.

Wholesome and adorable!

God that's cute :rainbowkiss:

That pup is a good doggo! He deserves like some kinda armor/helmet or an accessory similar to that from chrysalis.


Good work today you adorable little pupper!

and the puppy turned out to be too smart. At least if I tried to teach the dog to dodge attacks, the puppy would most likely get hurt or hurt something.

Most interessting. From Queen of a Hive to prankster Queen and brawling master of the Evertree Forest!

Dawww... Whos a cute puppy :yay:

Great chapter ♡

The perfect duo! Clever and cute :yay:

Today the Empire starts a new. One puppy at a time ♡

Dawww... Weaponised cuteness ♡

Well, that was different.


Chryssie and Gtub, they fight commit crime!

Today, the clearing, tomorrow, the world!

Now he'll know what to do when he meets the real Twilight.

"Named" him grub, presumably as an insult to insinuate he is useless. But isn't she some manner of bug, wouldn't that be equivalent to a human naming him baby?

Awww, she made friends!

What's the Li'l Chryssy series?

Check my stories page, you'll see them.

*me watching the Cadence gif*
"Aw, she looks adorable like tha-"
*"Cadence" changes*
"Oookaay. Did not see that coming"

Honestly, considering who this story's about, I really should have seen that coming. Good work regardless, here's hoping you have time to make the next chapter soon.


D'awwww, she made friends.

And so the shenanigans continue!

Aww, Chrysalis looked out for Grapevine!

Bloody hell... That why you cant let your drinks get out of your sight... Bastard got what he deserved...

Well, he was gonna do the rapin', instead he got soul raped, seems about fair.

D'awwww, she cares.

'mare's toothy drastically maw unfold' - mare's drastically toothy maw unfold or mare's toothy maw drastically unfold

(Haven't read yet). Urk! That cover image! It's too much!

Dude this is Equestria where a freaking rabbit and grizzly bear can read a book don't forget to take that into account when assessing how smart the puppy actually is. All of Equestria's animals have a higher intelligence than our world.

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