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This story is a sequel to Li'l Chryssy

You witnessed my first escapade and I will admit, I didn't have a well thought out plan.

I was quite stab happy after all...💀

Anyways, I do have a foal-pwoof plan and it will work this time!

I will escape, I will seek my wevenge.

And I won't be alone...👶

GUARD'S WARNING: the following tale contains heinous acts of adorability. This story outweighs its predecessor in terms of pweciousness and has caused test audiences to become physically edible.

Enter at your awwww-n risk.

Featured 5/3/21, 5/4/21 & 5/5/21

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Damn i should have heeded the warning! I turned into cotton candy... How am i to survive the next random rainstorm :raritydespair:

Dear lord its a sequel.

Commencing cute induced heart attack in 3...2...1...*flatlines*

Comment posted by Black--Soul deleted May 3rd, 2021


Angel.exe has stopped working temporarily due to cuteness overload. Please wait patiently and she will be back shortly.

By cuteness, her army was given strength. By cuteness, her army was taken away.

Another delightful read, KM! Will Chryssy be able to resist reform? Probably not, but it'll be fun to watch her try!


"Due to an attack of unconsciousness induced by extreme levels of cuteness and adorability, the author known only as Rainbowfan45 will be out of commission for an undetermined amount of time."

Oh no! *turns into my dog* I look and smell horrible! Imma round up all the dogs in my apartment, and attack you, Chryssy! With the pup treats disguised as cookies, I will defeat you, Chryssy! Muahahahaha!

*turns into a cheese slice* I should’ve heeded ur warning, sorry!

Ah shoot, here we again

Crippling you with my crowbar.

Somewhere in the distance, a mute man manhandling his own crowbar felt a strange force pass through him - ADORABLENESS!

And they say evil is bad. Pheh! This does give me some new ideas for the torture room. Oh! yeeeeesss. :pinkiecrazy: If you add a teddy bear *SHIVER* Ohhh Gnarl, you are E.V.I.L. :rainbowlaugh:

Pffft, d'aww!

Next time don't get distracted, take Twilight first before she can activate her trap card of Nap Time

Chrysalis is an army unto herself.

How long did you take to write that Author's Note? It’s actually ingenious.

"Awwwwwww...r-right then, alright then! For the cookies!"

"FAH COO KEEZ!!!" they chant.

I DIED OF CUTENESS!:trollestia:

Flurry scurries to the center of the playroom and delicately lights up her horn. She mumbles and babbles a strange set of toddler words before her glow fades away and the room grows silent.

At this point, you changed it to present tense while previously you were using past tense.

EDIT: I have reread this and am confused with the number of tense changes.

I did use present tense in the last story. Must've left a few unintentional past tense ones.

More plz. Also whoever makes a group for this send me the link once it's up.

Happens to all of us sometimes.


"So," Chryssy grumbles, popping her neck coldly. "What wiveting lovey-dovey 'solution' do you have on reforming me this time, egghead?"

Lovey-dovey is usually put with a hyphen like this.


"Oh. Chrysalis. Should've known it was you. What ate you doing this time?"
"What are you doing this time?", you mean? ^^

Also, I can't even describe how adorable this is! Lil' Chryssy needs all the love and cuddles! :heart:

pretty cute so far

As I read this I got the image of Celestia being the next foal sitter sitting on her throne with Chrysalis gnawing on her horn during day court.

I'm never one for censorship, but if it's something we'll always have to endure in the world, then I vote from now on that all censors be done with flutteryays:yay:

Will you do the next part ???

"No!" Twilight strains, struggling to stand up. "You won't succeed this time, Chrysalis! You can't take over Equestria with cuteness!"

You can't? :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by PiMan deleted May 7th, 2021

Heresy! Everything can be conquered with over the top cuteness!

Too cute hnnng!! -falls over -

Stumbling before her was a massive force. An untouchable, unstoppable breed that is something worth underestimating. There stood an army of soft-headed infants, waddling around ready for anything.
Anything except nappy time.
"Ah hah awmee foh sweena offa pa." Flurry says with a nod.
"You've had an army of your own this whole time?"

Flurry: "Oh yes, and no one suspected a thing..."

"Attention, all infants!" Chryssy announces. "I am Queen Chwysalis, and I am your leader now! Today, I will turn you all fwom useless slob bags, to unstoppable cuddly machines! And your weward shall be......cookies!"

With an offer like this she might even be able to sway a good portion of the Royal Guard.

"It's a good day to d'aww."

What she said! :heart:

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Now this is quite a solid sequel! All the adorable violence and what not is better than the last and so friggin' enjoyable! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a li'l reading of this smol fic!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/HT-v9j6RX6c

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Squeeeeeee! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Thank you so much, again! 💟

Adorkable comedic sociopathy, always a winner.

She needs to ride an aligator!

... I wonder if Sunbutt also gets a turn babysitting her.

Absolutely fantastic

Please tell me there is a sequel in planning...

I dunno atm, but this one IS a sequel, lol


Interesting sequel. Some details confused me though, so I can’t say much more.

The wholesome standards are high.

I hope you like this review though it’s not much. God bless

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