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I am for making friends :3


The a-dork-able romantic endeavors of a nerdy human and his #1 favorite floaty pegasus. :heart:

That is NOT this ditzy fluffball. :derpytongue2:

WARNING. Story may contain:

Huggles. 🤗
Snuggles. 😋
Kissies. 😘
Nuzzles. 😌💚
Ear nibbles. 😉💙
Rom-com cheese. 🧀

And the worse one......boops. 💖

For my sweet boo, because I love her very much.

Featured 3/11/21 💖

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I feel like I need to go brush my teeth, so if you wanted to make this sickeningly sweet, mission accompolished.

Adorable.....No even better it's a-dork-able :twilightsmile:

T-Too m-m-much c-cute. M-Must r-resist- d'awwwww

This is sickeningly sweet. I love it.

And the worse one......boops. 💖

Phew, for a second there I thought you were going to say hoof-holding.

Best comment on the site.

This was cute.

So damn cute!! :heart:

"Promise you'll never forget me."

why does that sounds sooo ominous?

Heh, not ominous. Only heartwarming 💖

first off how dare you be this cute

My cheeks are numb from smiling too much...

I ain't complaining :ajsmug: It's adorkable!

Comment posted by LightningChaser04 deleted Mar 26th, 2021

Adorable story I like it Actually make me smile a little

Is the main character based off of Crystal Wishes?

It took me this long to realize the legend themself makes stories

Aww *hands cookie to km* just take it and a mustache :moustache:

"I'm positive."

And thus was born the legendary Positive Ponies

I definitely went "awwwwwwww" several times

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