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Delivery Ponies, the best new thing of modern deliveries!

Through fresh meals, telegrams, surprises, you name it, these lovable li'l creatures will make sure they leave you 100% satisfied with their snuggly services! Just select the "Pony Package", and we'll make sure you get what you need faster than you can boop the "Place Order" button.

They only accept cuddles, huggles, boops and more as tips. :heart:

~Featured 4/25/22; 4/26-28; 5/2~

Leave a comment and like for them, they work very hard for us all. ❀

WARNING: selecting the Pony Package may result in never-ending squeeing, sore cheeks from smiling or high-risk of contracting diabetes.

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Hahahaha, happy to see Sushi Poni still creating more adorable stories.

"No? You don't want money?"

Sunset shook her head again, rubbing her face against the knuckles of the man's hand with an adorkable pout.

"What, you want me to pet you?"

YOU MUST PAY THE CUDDLE TAX! Failure to pay will result in the punishment of eternal sadness!

:rainbowderp: wait we can order? I think I would like a order of a hamburger and fries with a little buddy to comfort me when feeling alone :fluttershyouch:

This was so cute I can’t wait to see one for pinkie

Could've sworn I read this kind of story before. But Wallflower Blush is the customer.

I was channeling your beauty and manifested it into adorkable content. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜

Ooh okay, it's a good one and it looks like this cover art inspired it! I'll link it and you can check it out lol

That is weapons of mass cuteness.

Adorable, what else can I say? Lol. :yay:



This one and the one that had Wallflower holding Sunset.

I would've sworn you had read it :fluttercry:

Nope, never read it :3

Didn't know you made it, what a coincidence, XD

This is adorable. I love it.

Perhaps a chapter with Luna or Starlight down the road?

If we can order, I'll have:
Two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.

(And a hors sized Luna to fly around on and hug/cuddle with.)

That was so adorable. We need a Restaurant like that.
Looking forward to more.

Hey, would you recommend the Number 5? If not, then I would also chip in for a Number 4 and a side dessert. Oh, and a small salad if they have one.

"Yes, I have an emergency? I think I might have contracted diabetes this very moment. A nurse pony is on the way? Great."

Sending a nurse PONY to help you stop having PONY diabetes isn't going to help that situation at all.

Found it. It’s called The Cutest Deliverer by SleeplessBeholder.

Oh hey!

Didn't think you'd check my work out, glad you liked it!

My.... Heart! Can't handle.... The cuteness.....! Gaaah!

The only way this would've been cuter is if Twilight built a book fort.

...well I need to go check my blood glucose now, but still, very well done.

Hey, hey, slow your roll.

Not trying to kill anyone, there's enough sugar in your systems.

You just had to use Twilight as my weakness. So cute and yet so cruel all at once.

Is this it? Is this how humans will die... from cute little ponies that want cuddles and kisses? :rainbowderp:

Ooh unique and precious!! I love!!

I... I'm... I'm dying from the cuteness... Too sweet...


My blood sugar levels are probably through the roof by now...

You're the best! Thank you so so so so much!

If it's 'cuz people react casually to colorful ponies, that's what the world is like. πŸ™ƒ

Trixie could offer magic shows for snuggles.

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