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#ActuallyAutistic “Say little and do much, and receive all men with a pleasant countenance.” – Shammai, Pirkei Avot, 1:15 https://ko-fi.com/clockworkrelativity


Exactly ninety days have passed since Sunny Starscout did the impossible and reunited ponykind. Once her lighthouse is rebuilt, she finds an old book in Bridlewood, and discovers that a pony has been watching all along.

His name was Clockwork Relativity, and while he's been dead for millennia, his knowledge is just as valuable today.

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Fascinating, keep it up


“ Clockwork Relativity . I’m the princess of the moon, and I demand you give me your undivided attention!” Luna says, pleading with her son. He’s only got so much time left. Clockwork gives his mother a look, and she sighs. “You’ve been writing away in that darn journal for seventy-five years. Look at you! You are one hundred and twenty, and in your last hours, you’re STILL working on that drivel. What is so important that you can’t talk to me?!”

Well then.... who's the father?

Edit: Nevermind. :ajbemused:

Anyway, good start -

Izzy hears a door creak, and she cocks her head to the right, trying to see and hear where the noise came from. The door opens, and Alphabittle came out in a cold sweat. He looked distraught, and he is hyperventilating! “Izzy, thank the mayo you’re here! I just saw a winged unicorn!”

This line suggests that the unicorns view mayonnaise as a sort of deity.

I can get around that.


I thought it was an older male.

Will fix it now!

damn, i about teared up, mainly because of the death happening to you, i like how its going so far.

“Sunny, dear…my…I don’t know how many aeons, but you’re a distant, very distant grandfilly.”

Dear Lulu, look at history of every filly and stallion in your vicinity and every single one of them will be a very distant grandfilly of yours and pretty much everyone else you knew 5000 years ago unless they died without leaving descendants. Well, incidents happens, but your son did make sure to leave quite a few too make sure bloodline survives.

Hmmm, yeah this is not canon Celestia, not even remotely close to that. Hooo boy...

Tbf, Celestia is ashamed that she wasn't able to protect her sister during her exile.

Clockwork is a permanent reminder of her failure.

I still hardly think that's an excuse, especially when called out on it pretty blatantly by both her sister and student alike, and probably much more than just once or twice too.

Comment posted by SoDumb1 deleted May 8th, 2022

It makes way too much sense that past discord can see future sunny even though it's just a dream. It pretty chaotic. A dream of discord is still discord. if he saw her I'm hoping she meets discord again in real life and in her time. Mmm if Luna is only there physically because she had a child what about Candace with flurry heart

I love this so much.
Wasn't sure if the reference was meant to get a chuckle. But I couldn't help myself when I finally walked into it. Well played.

I have seen things that nopony has ever seen before, and will never get the opportunity to see.

I've...seen things you ponies wouldn't believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of O-rhino.

I watched magic beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhorser Gate.

All those moments will be lost...in time, like...tears...in the rain.

Okay, that's enough paraphrasing the 'tears in the rain' monologue from Blade Runner. I enjoyed this chapter. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Finally caught up! I can't wait for the next chapter, I'm really interested to know more about Clockwork's past!

Next chapter is how Clockwork met his wife-to-be Starlight!

Stay tuned!

It's good to read here, I hope clockwork can do it


optimizing my aerodynamics!” Zipp says

Burn your fat)))

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