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This story is a sequel to Purpose

Equestria is in grave danger. Sunny Starscout has been kidnapped and the Unity Crystals have been shattered. The diabolical alicorn Opaline has stolen all of the ponies’ magic and is preparing to decimate Equestria under her might, as well as destroy friendship once and for all.

Only Misty Brightdawn and the remaining Mane Five stand a chance of stopping the great darkness, but none are in any position to fight. Even as they are formulating a plan to rescue Sunny, Misty can’t shake the immense guilt she has over failing to save the earth pony, and this haunts her to no end. Although her friends try to tell her to let it go, she refuses to forgive herself for everything that has happened. Little does she know, however, that the longer she waits, the closer Opaline is getting to launching her invasion.

With the fate of Maretime Bay, Zephyr Heights, and Bridlewood all hanging in the balance, will Misty find the courage within herself to make the tough call and lead the ponies to victory? The stakes are high in this intense and emotional final battle to restore freedom to Equestria….

A/N: Part 6 and final entry into the Misty Saga. Rated T for strong violence in places, profanity, mentions of suicide around the second half, and extreme gore. Most of these tags come into play around the second chapter, so if you are unsure why this story has a certain tag right now, trust me, you’ll understand soon. I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with the Saga this long, even with the long hiatuses. It has been a long journey in order to get to this point, but we are finally at the end. I could not be more grateful to all of you for your continued support and I promise there will be many more juicy stories to come with this brand new era. Thank you all and enjoy!

Edit: Featured on Fimfiction’s Featured Stories homepage for Gen 5 November 27, 2023

Relive the entire epic journey of the Misty Saga from start to finish in chronological timeline order:


Forgiven (Original and Extended Edition)

The Fall of Opaline


Can I Go, Mom?

(you’re here, silly)

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This... this story was extraordinarily planned. I'm excited to see what comes next!

Chapter 6... the final chapter... while it may be coming in a few days, but that doesn't mean we can't keep the G5 spirit alive!

Oh, boy! I loved this first part.

However, my fear has increased as well, since the next chapter, something happens and I know about it, I just don't know about the who. Nightwing, Sir, don't you dare to make me cry a river, or else you'll be hearing about my lawyers!

Absolutely incredible! This is looking to be an epic finale!

That was a really great start, can't wait to see how the story goes from here.

I mean... 41000 words?! You put a lot of effort into this!

“ And this just in ,” Dazzle Feather explained over footage of a large-scale battle happening right in front of Opaline’s castle. “ A military patrol of about 300 pegasi sent by Queen Haven is getting absolutely slaughtered by the evil alicorn and Sunny Starscout. Body-cam footage shows guards retreating and going down in droves …”

Just 300 troops? Man, demobilisation really did a number on them.

Damn, Admiral! You've got enough plot for an entire story packed into a single chapter. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

That’s the beauty of the two-part format I adopted. I wanted to give this the structure of a typical MLP finale two-parter, so it’s two superchapters for the whole deal.

Keep it up! I really need to up my game when it comes to writing.

Okay, now taking the time to read all of this. Holy S##t this was awesome!

Definitely had my heart being tugged at many times throughout this chapter. How dark everything was feeling at the start, how the little hope at the beginning died out, and how Sunny is now trapped in a tar pit of her own making.

Even if ponies will forgive her, I fear she may never forgive herself and return to a life of peace.

Here’s hoping we can at least defeat the evil plaguing this land for good.


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Deleted the original by accident.

Of all the ways this could’ve ended, Misty dying was not one I saw coming

Well, after that disappointing Chapter 6, I'm here to see how this would turn out and OH MY GOD, this is definitely not what I expected.

I was so sure that the one dying would be Sunny, or even Pipp... But Misty herself?! My man, you surprised me...

I'm really looking forward for what comes next!

I'm taking my time with this. It's the last chapter and I want to take in every moment of it. :pinkiesmile:

It was beautiful... simply beautiful. (Sobbing)

I can’t wait to read your full thoughts when you’re finished. :twilightsmile:

A little over a year ago, when I discovered Worthless, I had no idea just what an incredible journey was in store for me. I assumed that it would most likely be a standalone story that I would enjoy once and then move on to something else afterwards.

No, it was way more than that. Not only was it almost exactly how I imagined Misty's reformation would play out, but it was one of the better written stories I've seen in a long time. I've read a lot of good stories over the years, but this one stood out to me in a way that many of the others didn't. So once I found out there were more instalments on the way, I was immediately on board and excited to see where this saga would go.

Forgiven and The Fall Of Opaline would soon follow, both of them just as amazing as the first and ending in a way that left me anxious to see what came next. Admittedly, the saga did eventually take on a much darker tone than what I can normally handle, but my interest easily overpowered any discomfort I felt. In fact, after recovering from the initial horror that I felt at the end of TFoO (I actually had to watch a few episodes of Make Your Mark afterwards to put my mind at ease), I ended up going back to that story a lot more than the previous two.

Of course, getting so attached to the series by this point came with its downsides. Because the more time that passed between each story, the harder the wait was. And that was no more obvious than it was in the hiatus following TFoO. As weeks turned into months with no further updates or announcements, I started to get desperate. It eventually got to the point where I was hoping that any notification I got was some update regarding the next instalment. And when it became clear that the saga was on hold, it was extremely disheartening for me. The thought of having to wait indefinitely for the next story really hit me hard and there were some days when I would be depressed for hours because of that.

Nonetheless, Purpose would eventually at long last be released. I admit, I was paranoid that the hiatus would've diminished some of the excitement that I had for the saga before now. But you quickly proved me wrong.

And now, here we are at the grand finale. And all I can say is...


From seeing Misty finally overcoming her doubts and reuniting the ponies once more, to bringing Sunny back to the light, to sacrificing herself to take down Opaline, it was exciting, terrifying and emotional in all the right places. And even though I knew it was coming, it didn't make it any easier when Misty's death came around. Seeing her pass with her friends at her side broke my heart like you wouldn't believe. But seeing all of the nations of Equestria showing up to pay their respects to her was the perfect way for her to go. Even if she wouldn't have wanted it, she deserves to be remembered for the true hero she is.

Admiral, I don't know if I could ever truly say just how grateful I am to you for this incredible experience. This saga has meant so much to me over the last year and has won me over in a way that many others haven't. And like I said earlier, it may even be more special to me than Make Your Mark is.

Honestly, like the Mane 5, it feels like a huge part of me has been taken away now. It hurts to see this saga end and it most likely will for quite a while yet. But I'm so grateful to have been a part of the experience since the beginning and it's something that I'll always treasure. I don't know what to expect from this point on, but I hope one day there'll be other stories and sagas that I'll come to appreciate as much as this one. :twilightsmile:

I’m so happy that you enjoyed it this much! Really, writing this Saga has been a journey in itself for me, and I’ll never forget that fateful night on the airplane that I decided to write Worthless. When I first started this, I assumed it would simply be a one-and-done, then a trilogy, and then it became an entire six-story narrative arc! And in regards to this story, I really put everything into it. My goal was to give you guys the ending that was worth all the investment, and it looks like all the constant delays payed off because Redeemed here emerged as a story that I’m very proud of. It might just be my favorite in the entire Saga writing if not for Worthless containing that magic that slightly edges it out. From the character arcs Fo the action, this one really was a big test for me. To this point, I’ve never written a full on action scene, let alone one that never lets up for a full hour if we’re counting runtime. My biggest strength has always been character, so balancing that with the grand spectacle of a climax was a massive challenge for me. It looks like the effort worked out though, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

And yeah, I even depressed myself writing Misty’s death. There was an alternate ending I considered at one point during the writing process, where Izzy would’ve found her alive and well in the Crystal Tea Room The Dark Knight Rises style, but ultimately, I decided that going that route would cheapen her sacrifice and I stuck to the Avengers: Endgame route I was going in. It was difficult to pull off, but I’m ultimately happy that I stuck to my guns and let Misty die because it allowed for greater emotional impact as you described, and it was the perfect way for her to go. The whole “full-circle” ending does create a nice bookend to G5’s story as a whole too, so I’m glad I stuck with that.

It’s so incredibly interesting reading your thought process throughout the whole series as you went through them and I’m sorry if the hiatuses depressed you. I’m just glad that the story is out and that I can finally move on to other pastures for the time being, and it also makes me so happy that the Saga had such a profound impact on your life. I mean, this means more to you than the canon Make Your Mark show? That is the prestigious honor to end all honors in my opinion, and hearing this makes me so emotional. That is ultimately my goal, writing stories that touch the hearts and minds of its readers. And if my Saga was able to do that for you, then that proves that all the investment I put in it; the countless hours, the constant brainstorming that my brain did to the point where I couldn’t sleep…it was all worth it, because out popped this masterpiece. If anything, it inspires me to try out more epic stories like this, and it makes me confident in my writing ability.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll think of my future stories, now that Chapters 5 and 6 have given me the spark I so desperately needed.

So looking more at this story made me realize the similarities with my own saga. Namely in the message presented through out.

Throughout this story, namely the first part, was full of characters blaming themselves for what has happened: Sparky’s death, Sunny’s deflection, etc. It’s funny because the whole point of Letting Go was accepting what had happened WITHOUT pointing hooves.

However, while it could seem like that blaming does happen here, I would say it still has that theme of acceptance. Everyone played a part in what happened. No one was blameless. All of our main characters were guilty of something. And this story was them coming to terms with that, accepting it, and moving on from there.

Again, similar to how my Zipp Saga ended.

The forces of question arriving together against Opaline was like the heroes of marvel joining together for the battle against Thanos and his army in avengers endgame.

I can tell you put your entire soul into this piece. The emotions coming from this story are unfathomable, and it really captures the redemption arc of Misty. Just like others, I cried so many balls of tears, that I could hardly read, and on multiple occasions, you mentioned that you also grew emotional writing this. Now I can say, when a writer puts his blood, sweat and tears into his own creation, that’s what makes it art. A fine piece of the journey plus the message that was at the end. I also really want to credit the amount of tension this story had. I cried when the characters cried, I cheered when the reinforcements came as soon as everyone lost hope (nice Endgame reference), and we bawled at after the final battle. This was truly a masterpiece, which is a rarity to come from the internet now these days. Misty’s death (though I predicted) was so well written too. The fact I cried at such a predictable and cliche moment, the fact that some pony was going to sacrifice their life for a redemption, further enhances my love for this story. And yes, I did say that sacrificing a main character was cliche, and there are many examples, but that doesn’t count for anything. I truly admire this fine piece of art.

Pipp looked up upon heading the sound and she gasped as Zipp dove in for the kill from seemingly out of the blue carrying two swords in her hooves. She impaled both Umbrum in the chests on opposite sides at once by utilizing a clever throwing trick. They collapsed to the ground in pools of blood as she landed, crumpling in a pathetic pile.

Izzy then returned and proceeded to throw chunks of fallen rocks at her, all of which were instantly vaporized. Opaline blasted at her, but she jumped out of the way and ran in a circle, forcing the alicorn to constantly change directions and grow dizzy. Using the distraction, Zipp reached into her pack and pulled out a sword. Wasting no time, she dove right at her with the blade in hoof.

I know it can't be helped now, but there may be a continuity error in these moments. Can you tell what it is?

That’s actually not a continuity error, weirdly enough. The reason why Zipp only has one blade now is because she was disarmed offscreen during the battle (basically one of the attacking Umbrum forces got the best of her and knocked the two blades out of her hoof), which is why she lost them. A lot happened outside in the time when Sunny and Misty were having their duel to when Zipp and the others enter to comfort Sunny. Probably should have made that more clear, or even shown that moment for that matter, but I had Zipp lose those other two blades so that she could think on her hooves and be more resourceful during the throne room fight. I didn’t want her to rely on having two blades for the entirety of the fight as I knew that she could stab Opaline easily with one of them and that would’ve ended the battle too early. So I made it so she lost them at one point and had to reach into her pack for another one. Good eye though. I didn’t think anyone would actually spot that in the midst of all the other chaos going on.

Sorry, I should've explained it better. I was referring to a different continuity error that relates to the overarching plot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these moments suggest that Zipp can fly even though, without magic, she shouldn't be able to.

Zipp wasn’t flying in those moments, no. I imagined them more as her jumping out from out of nowhere, and diving straight through that Umbrum warrior and later running at full force towards Opaline, which is what I meant by “dove.” I could change the second instance to “sprinted” if that makes the intent more clear if you want.

Ah, I getcha. Thanks for clearing that up. :twilightsmile:

No, it's just something I found recently. But I was immediately reminded of this story when I saw it.

The story that started this all with Sunny and those pretentious snobs was beautiful. I felt her pain and wanted to reach through the screen to give Sunny a huge hug.

The last couple of stories though, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to you as a person, felt too much like the whole MCU/Batman/Avengers/LotR Mashup and the epic Punchemup fight sequences didn't do it for me.

Don't get me wrong, you have a talent for writing, I liked some of your ideas for Opaline's origins, not the contrived "Celly and Woona were mean to me" from the show.

But, especially towards the ending...if writing is a recipe it felt at times like you tried to put the whole kitchen in one dish if that makes sense.

The fight scenes work in the cinematic medium because of the visual aspect, in the written format it's not as effective. Times like when the Marestream crashed and exploded "6 ft" from Zipp, which is barely longer than I am tall, she should have been knocked off her hooves by the impact alone.

Another example is how Misty remembered in seemingly HD detail her parents and the day she was orphaned. I could buy her remembering sensations like the cold and frost, but recalling word-for-word conversations was a bit too much. Not to mention how did Opaline care for her all those years? I can't see her playing, feeding, or especially changing an infant.

Did Sugar Moonlight and her gal pals ever get their just desserts?


Did Sugar Moonlight and her gal pals ever get their just desserts?

If getting chased all around the city fearing for their lives and nearly pummeled to death isn’t enough punishment for what they did, then I don’t know what is. That was honestly the best comeuppance I could think for them.

As for your other criticisms, yeah, I can see why you might’ve gotten turned off by some of the fight scenes. I like flexing my ability to write action scenes and I love to reference stuff in my work whenever it makes sense for the story. In this case, the whole Saga was building towards an epic scale climax that was written for cinema, and I used Avengers: Endgame and Zack Snyder’s Justice League as my primary inspirations. That sort of grand scale final battle translated to the written medium may not be everyone’s cup of tea (and definitely works better visually, I will admit), but it’s the way I always saw this overall story ending one way or another. Like Zack Snyder wanted to do with the DCEU, my aim for this Saga was to deconstruct our main characters, tap into their vulnerabilities, and then build them back up stronger than before as heroes, legends. That meant focusing more on the large-scale, heavy-stakes battle come the ending. It was a slight departure from the first two stories, but that’s why I built up my narrative slowly, so it felt natural.

In regards to Misty, well some people have a better recollection of the past than others do. I might have been stretching the suspension of disbelief a little bit here, and that’s something I will definitely try and work on. But I always felt that it was in character for Misty to have these vivid visions/memories of her past, especially when “Family Trees” showcased that exact scenario happening. When taking that episode into context, I don’t think it’s that outlandish, and I was following the show’s portrayal, all things considered. I wanted to leave some things up to the imagination, like how Opaline took care of Misty for all these years, as I don’t think that question was important to the story being told, but I am thinking of hosting a Q and A blog post for the Misty Saga’s two year anniversary. You can give me any question you have and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can come October or something.

But yeah, sorry you didn’t enjoy this conclusion as much as the stories preceding it. Thanks for being along for the ride the whole way through though. I appreciate it. :)

Well for one I am glad that my words were taken well, I gnawed on that for like 10 minutes before sending because I've been on both sides of the unjust critique coin before and I always worry about that kind of thing.

I think the key with Misty in the show is that she wasn't an infant, maybe around kindergarten age which is about the time that memory starts coming into play if my rabbit-hole "research" is anything to go by. Again I don't doubt that a super traumatic event can cement itself in the memory bank, and even an infant might remember shadows and sensations, but I'm not so sure about HD shiny details and word-for-word conversations. My brother has a pretty good memory, but even he can't remember things from his infancy (although I do tease him about that from time to time. :trollestia:)

As to the final battle...I think maybe if you had pulled less directly from the movies, I could be wrong, but it sometimes felt like you did a pretty close to 1:1 ratio, Batman punch=Hitch punch sort of deal or the hoards of undead/evil horrors looking like a Diablo computer game or that infamous meme of Leeroy Jenkins.

I enjoyed Peter Jackson's Epic scale battles, and The few Superhero or Jackie Chan movies I can immediately recall were fun to watch, don't get me wrong on that. Heck, the reason I caught the Pony bug to begin with was because of the huge variety and flexibility of pony stories/artists/musicians. From comical to tragic to an author that plopped Fluttershy into the middle of a WWI style trench I have nothing against Ponies going outside of the sugar bowl valley trope.

Thinking on things here's a little scene my muse cooked up:

Zipp saw the Marestream spiraling out of the sky with a tongue of flame licking the engine from where one of the dozens if not hundreds of infernal beasts swarming about had attacked it. She started running "oh chips oh chips" she thought trying desperately to put some distance between her and the out of control vehicle. A loud metallic crunch with the shattering of glass signaled its demise. The acrid smoke and fire billowing from the vehicle was making her sweat and cough from even a few gallops away, she wished with all her might that she could be like one of the action heroes she saw at the Zephyr Heights Megaplex, but her logical side said that the Hippogriff queen surviving the wreck was one in a thousand at best and hearing the shrieks and growls of Opaline's dark army growing louder she had no time to play SuperMare. With a pained grimace she took a deep breath and plunged back into the fray.

I love the Misty Saga so much. This is my second time reading through. Though, I do have one question, something I struggled to understand after reading through twice. Misty's dream.

I never understood Misty's dream in her coma. The one about Sparky dying. At first I thought it was a premonition, but, if that were the case, how would Opaline know she was there. I just thought that maybe some was premonition but some was a dream, like she first had about her dad in MYM when at first he was a dark shadow creature but then he was Alphabittle.

And then in the Fall of Opaline, she mentions the fateful confrontation with Misty and the chains on the floor and whatnot. So, ruled out premonition. My only other guess is that maybe it was a suppressed memory that she remembered in a coma dream. But then again, how did she escape from the chains and the timeline's a little too close for that. So, I'm completely lost as to what it is. I know she didn't teleport in the middle of her coma because she has no cutie mark ergo no magic, plus her friends would've noticed if she suddenly left in the middle of her coma. So, what is it, because I've been dying trying to figure out what is is.

It was a vivid dream. While Misty was in a coma, Opaline was able to teleport her consciousness back to the lair for that conversation using her magic. Essentially, Misty’s body was still sleeping, but her soul had briefly been transported back to where Opaline was for but the fleetest of moments. Opaline wanted Misty to see Sparky be drained in order to further demoralize her out of spite, hence why she did that. It’s also why Misty remembered the “dream” so vividly, because for her, it actually happened. She was there, but she also wasn’t in a way. The connection was broken once the anesthesia Misty had been under wore off, since the spell only works on other ponies if they are slumbering.

Ohhh...that makes loads more dense. Okay, thank you for clearing that up. Overall, great story. Misty is by far my favorite character in MYM. Most of my stories have been revolving around her. I can't wait to see what story you write next for the sister's saga

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