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This story is a sequel to The Fall of Opaline

Magic is gone. Opaline has won. Equestria has lost all hope. Her friends constantly fight and are on edge. As Maretime Bay figures out how to move forward in the midst of all this tragedy, Misty attempts to come to terms with the role that she played in its downfall, all while struggling to find her purpose in a town that has lost all of it. Can she forgive herself for letting everything go so wrong? And what are these increasing flashbacks she keeps having to key moments of her past…?

A/N: Part 5 of the Misty Saga. Rated T for uses of scary sequences, death, and strong violence. This series has carved its own narrative path separate from the later chapters of Make Your Mark. Therefore, any continuity errors with the show should just be accepted as being part of an alternate universe.

Sequel: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/531453/redeemed

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Welcome back! :twilightsmile:

I completely understand your predicament with a planned one shot becoming bigger than you planned. I'm in the same boat. My Halloween story was supposed to be a one shot as well but got way bigger than I could ever imagine and now I had to put JLE on hold until I finish it.

Now for the story. Misty self pity, Misty self hatred, Misty abuse. Yeah, that's not getting old at all. And Misty stole Sparky! I seem to recall worthless began exactly after this chapter left off so I'm curious to see what's gonna happen in the next chapters.

Fair warning, I'll probably won't be able to get through to this in one sitting. I just woke up an hour ago and I saw your update so I got through chapter 1 but I'll have some stuff to do today. I'll get back to it once I'm able.

Until then...

Yeah, I structured the chapter in which it would lead right into Worthless. That’s actually the first Easter Egg that I put in here in regards to the whole series, in which you could put the two stories side by side and they would flow right into one another, almost creating this full-circle moment. It would’ve been better if it released on Worthless’s actual anniversary, of course, but hey, life happens. At least it still works as a companion piece.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of your feedback!

After seeing what Sunny has done, now directly being responsible for pony’s deaths, I can say that it is not looking like a bright future.

Doesn’t matter what happens, I don’t see any victories in the future that aren’t full of tears.

I've finished the first two chapters, and I'm really feeling the weight of the situation. Maretime Bay is practically a ghost town, Misty has completely lost faith in herself, and Hitch is close to going off the rails.

Zipp's condition is about as bad as I expected, and just as daunting. To be honest, I lost my own sister a little over a year ago, so I can really feel the pain that Pipp does at seeing Zipp slip away like this.

I'm gonna pick this back up tomorrow. Great work so far. :twilightsmile:

Nice that you implemented Misty's mane change from the show. But you really enjoy beating her down, don't you? You got on and on about how awfully she feels and how badly she feels about herself and that's been the case for almost the entire saga. It's like tormenting Misty was the only reason you wrote this.

Hitch is definitely losing it. For a moment, I thought he might fall low enough and feel enough resentment for Misty that he's follow Sunny To Opaline, but then I remembered that there's not a chance that he'd join the pony who killed his adopted dragon son.

My favorite part, though, and this is something I meant to mention in my comment on the last chapter but forgot, was izzy's backstory. We never really got that from the show, have we? In fact, she's the only one of the main cast whose background we don't know. I actually edited "Mysterious Past" onto her character page on TV Tropes myself.

Well, onto the future. I hope they finally pull themselves together and stand up!

Wow! So Izzy and Misty are sisters and Alphabittle is their grandpa?! Didn't see that one coming! But why was Izzy accepted despite being a half breed while Misty wasn't?

Gotta say, I think this makes more sense for how Opaline discovered Misty than the canon explanation. I hope this arc gets revisited in the future because I don't want Alpha B to get off Scott free for the events of this chapter.

Reading on...

Earth ponies were not allowed in Maretime Bay and he knew this.

I think you meant Bridlewood.

As God himself has said, all it takes to make a better world is acts of random kindnesses. Good, job, Seashell.

Okay, you actually made me excited for the conclusion of this saga. I'll be looking forward to it!

Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted Nov 6th, 2023

“Let them. You don’t need them to be happy. All you need is the tender care of your mother, Princess Misty.”

Oh...wow . Cool . Cool story

In response, Sparky gurgled happily and clapped his claws. Misty sighed and began softly singing the only lullaby Opaline had ever sang to her as a filly. “🎵 Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head…hush now…quiet now, it’s time to go to bed… 🎵” She cringed at herself for stumbling over the last few lyrics, but it was apparently enough.

Oh. So cute 😢😢😭😍

Holy shit, I am SO excited and SO scared at the same time for the next entry.

I know things, I just know them, but even with my little knowledge about what's to come, I'm still afraid because I didn't got all the context, and what is going to happen terrifies me. At the same time, though, I'm excited to see how it all comes together. What Sunny did is beyond repair, but if her friends can forgive her and bring her back to light, then I really hope so can everypony else.

This was fantastic to read! Can't wait for the final entry of this saga! :pinkiehappy:

Sunny will realize her mistakes and she'll be welcomed back into Maretime Bay before you know it.

Hehehe. My friend, if only it were that simple.

Sunny has crossed lines that should never be crossed.

I’m afraid that no matter what happens, Sunny will never be able to go back to a life of peace with her friends.

While that may be true, I have a feeling that things will turn out okay in the end

You just have to look at things like they have equal outcomes.

I wish I can agree with that.

But if the anger shown when Hitch said he still saw Sunny as a friend is anything to go by, we shouldn’t expect anything less than a Pyrrhic victory. (Finally remembered what that was called)

I’m assuming you’re meant to still be conversing with me. If not my bad.


Sunny can still be saved.

Yes, what she did will make things different when everything calms down, but she can still be saved and come back to fix things.

God, your stories always bring a fresh wave of emotions to me!

I had a feeling that Izzy and Misty were gonna be revealed to be sisters. When Izzy revealed the story of her parents, I immediately connected the dots to the opening scene in Forgiven. It was devastating to see young Izzy be so excited over her new sister, only to be separated from her just as quickly. So it was just as heart-warming to see that moment with them once they found out the truth.

...at least, until a certain moment that I know happens in Redeemed. :fluttershyouch:

And Opaline used the same tactic to corrupt Sunny as she used on Misty to make her follow through on kidnapping Sparky. Suffice to say she kept that ace up her sleeve as a last resort when necessary.

Finally, and as some other readers have also said, I'm stumped on how Sunny will ever be accepted by anyone besides her friends again. But that just makes me all the more interested to see what's next.

It's been hard, but the wait was definitely
worth it! You did well, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Alphabittle’s eyes were full of pent-up fury that was barely concealed. “You’re a disgrace, son. You’ve brought dishonor onto the family!! You colluded with our enemies, made love with one of them, allowed her to give birth to a child with demon blood !!!!”

I wonder how the Alphabittle of this story would react to the news that in the main timeline he's dating a pegasus.

I mean, considering this takes place in the past, Alphabittle now probably feels silly for saying that, let’s be real. It’s for sure interesting to contrast between how he used to think back during the whole scandal and how he views the other tribes now, which was one of my intentions behind this plotline. If anything, this certainly shows how deep-seated the hatred for the earth ponies and pegasi had become at that point in time, and how this sort of mantra was ingrained in ponies like Star since birth. This storyline definitely be addressed in Redeemed as bringing the tribes back together again will be a key focus of Part 1.

He had been acting pretty grumpy the past several moons. Probably acting up on guilt.

I'll admit that was an angle I hadn't considered. I'd read it as him being a complete bigot rather than going through the motions of racial hatred.



The reason Opaline won against Twilight because she caused disharmony and diversion between the 3 tribes. But if they now all unite together, just like the finale of season 9, to defend their homes etc, they can defeat Opaline and save Sunny!!
Even if magic is gone, together they can create the strongest magic in Equestria that never faded!


Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted Nov 7th, 2023

Her face was one of no emotion. She carried out Opaline’s orders like it was just another smoothie order. She showed no hesitation, no signs of stopping. Her eyes did not reflect any empathy, nor did it show any resemblance to the happy and positive pony she once was. The hut fell on top of Steelhead, exploding into a massive burst of flames that she just watched without moving an inch. It was like she had no choice in the matter, but she didn’t say a word to try and get out of it either.

"A man chooses, a slave obeys." Andrew Ryan

This may just be the cynic in me speaking, but based on this story I suspect Sunny is beyond redemption. To be engaging in wanton destruction with no restraint suggests no empathy is left-and only a bloodthirsty monster remains. If this saga ends in Sunny's death at the hooves of those she betrayed, I will not be surprised. After all, death is preferable to being a slave to darkness.

I don't want to seem judgmental, but I've always found it odd how Pipp somehow managed to escape from the mob at the end of The Fall Of Opaline (without any apparent injuries, no less), despite the fact that she was in the same helpless situation as Zipp. If she had escaped, I would've thought it'd be because someone had saved her.

With that said, I want to ask: did you always plan for that to happen or did you change course at some point?

While Sunny’s fall to the dark side was locked in months ahead, the ending crowd fight definitely wasn’t. So when I started writing Part 1 of Redeemed with an outline of how The Fall of Opaline ended (Purpose didn’t exist yet at this point of conception), Zipp and Pipp were both fine and them getting hurt wasn’t a factor in the plot at all. It’s only when I decided that I could have the plot go to greater dramatic heights and give Pipp a hidden arc by ending TFoO on a bigger cliffhanger did I put that plot point in. But by then, 20,000 words of Redeemed’s Part 1 chapter had already been written. So subtle rewrites had to account for the change.

My canon explanation is that she escaped the mob before any serious harm could be inflicted on her, and her whole guilt in Part 2 stems from the fact that she watched helplessly as Zipp was being beaten up severely and she blamed herself for it. Even though it was a bit of a late addition, I’m happy with it as I was able to give Pipp an arc, which funnily enough, was finally included because I saw someone hating on Pipp and I wanted to show them up by making her a major character in my story.

Izzy's story sounds a lot like Misty's dream at the beginning of the extended version of Forgiven. Could they be...sisters?

Hmm…interesting theory. You’ll have to read on to find out. :raritywink:

Classic NPD Opaline: If I can't have love, then Noone can.

How did the gang sleep with her slamming the door and presumably noisy exit?

Can't remember what else I was thinking last night. :rainbowlaugh:

With the amount of paranoia it's a wonder the tribes didn't inbreed themselves to extinction. If a mare had one of those rare 1:10 (or whatever) births that wasn't the same tribe did they kill the foal? By Alphabittle's mentality I imagine yes. Probably kill the parents too regardless of being proper unicorns and solid community members for decades.

And I finally got around to writing this chapter…a whole 3 months later. Yes, I’m a fat slob, don’t judge me.

No judgement from me; I’ve had my in-progress stories on hiatus for 3 years now.

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