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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.


This story is a sequel to Parental Fear

Opaline has finally been defeated, but her words still hang heavily on Alphabittle's mind. How could somepony be so cruel for no reason? It's even worse, because she held Misty captive for so long. Desperate to gain some closure, Alphabittle invites Misty to the Crystal Tearoom for a talk.

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Ah man. Downright emotional one-shot with Alphabittle and Misty. Yeah, I could see where discussing Opaline would be an extremely touchy subject.

"Yes, it was!" Alphabittle insisted. "I should've been watching you that night. I shouldn't have let you go out on your own. I should've...I...there's no excuse for you having to go through that. Having your foalhood stolen from you like that."

Yeah it kind of sucks that Misty was stuck with that crazy alicorn for almost her life

"Do you remember," he began, "when we were at the Breezie Night Market? When you and the others were all turned into foals?" Misty nodded. "You wouldn't believe how tempted I was to leave you that way, just so we could have those times again. If I'd known then what I know now..." Alphabittle shivered. "Still, that wouldn't have been fair to you."

Oh yeah that's stupid glitter age which how the heck did anybody took some of those things from the beach

This was a pretty nice conversation between these two especially Alphabittle still feels guilty about what happened to Misty but Misty never blames him for anything I mean despite everything it did turned out pretty well at least they found each other and maybe they can finally this reunion with each other I really like this one keep up the good work

The two continued their conversation, delving into topics such as Alphabittle's relationship with Queen Haven. For a few minutes, all was right with them

Misty: “So Dad, when are you and Haven gonna get married?”:ajsmug:

Alphabittle spews out his tea.

This is a nice heartfelt conversation betwween 2 ponies who really need to do that more often.

Good, but the first three chapters are background info-dump, as well as being all telling and no showing. They could have been cut and the story wouldn't lose anything.

I like having more Misty stories to read. A nice discussion about everything after Opaline was defeated seems like should been in the show.
Hopefully someone can write something about Alphabittle and Haven getting together, then Misty will have a new step-mother, and step-sisters. After everything she deserves a big family. I feel that Haven would be a nice mother-figure for her.

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