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There are many different explanations as to why Equestria fell. The true answer is quite simple: Nothing can kill Friendship more than a mother having to bury her own child. Clockwork lived a long life, but Luna was blinded by grief.

This tale should be a warning to all to always live in the present, and not be blinded by goals for the future, or reminiscence about the past.

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Wow, this was a heavy read. I got a little misty eyed while reading it. Well written out and I didn't see any typos in it. An interesting twist on the end of Equestria; I'm sure there's going to be plenty on that topic coming soon from various other writers. Well done!:scootangel:

Aw, thanks!

I have a few different ideas on how I'm going to cover my OC's story. Most of them are rather wholesome and fluffy, but I thought cementing out Clockwork's ENDING first, rather than his story would be a good way to ensure proper power scaling. I hate OP main characters, because I get carried away with them.

Clockwork being mortal and living in the moment are two themes I will use a LOT in the Clockwork cinematic universe.

Just because you know what will happen, doesn't mean you should forget to appreciate what you have right now.

To answer the question of how. The true answer is quite simple. We don't know how G5 happened.


This is my idea of how it happened, and it teaches the reader that even if you can see the future, you need to live in the present.

"Damn, I did not expect this to hit that hard."

"But It Did, It seems like a sad ending."

"But one that was inevitable nonetheless."

Keep up the good work, and listen to yourself.
Not U yourself, the other You behind U.

But don't forget about the ahead either.
-Ya Boi Satan

dang... this actually... made me cry... beautiful story moon bro... you actually made me cry

Damn bro this legit made me sad :(

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