Good Things Come At Night

by Clockwork2003

Riding the Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility Bakery seems to be one of the more interesting epicurean locations in the local neighborhood. Noah had heard his friend Kobe had ordered some sushi last week and a fiery orange unicorn not only delivered his food but provided him with much-needed companionship. “Eh, I wonder if this bakery has delivery ponies as well. I am in the mood for a moon pie.” Noah thinks as he orders his baked goods from his tablet. Remembering his friend’s procedure from last time, Noah remembered to click “The Pony Package.”

Within half an hour, he heard a gentle knock on the door. “Woah, that was fast.” He thought, quickly opening the door. What he saw surprised him. In front of the young man was an alicorn; the fabled race of divine ponies! This one was the size of a full-grown shire horse and had a navy blue coat of fur. Her diamond blue eyes stared directly into Noah’s soul, and she quickly cast a spell, conjuring a moon pie in front of him.

“Thank you for the food, uh…” Noah looks to see if this mare has a nametag. The muffin-shaped name tag read “Luna”. The alicorn smiles, and quickly alerts her patron to the contract in front of her; displayed on the receipt for payment.

“The alicorn delivery pony requests genuine affection from her patrons as a form of payment. Show her unconditional love!”
Luna teleports herself onto Noah’s sofa, and curls up into a ball; which looks rather silly knowing she’s a good 6.3 feet tall, or 19 hands!

“I guess I should show my deliverypony some love, then.” Noah thinks to himself, quickly joining the mare on his sofa. Lying with her blue belly exposed, Luna invites Noah to snuggle with her, with genuinely caring eyes. He chuckles and quickly maneuvers himself between the goddesspony’s matronly hooves. Luna squees with joy, and hugs her patron, making sure to caress his head with one of her front hooves. The two exchanged many hugs, nose boops, and even belly rubs! A paradise for all!

“Aw, you’re just a big cuddle-pony, aren’t ya?” He says, to which Luna nods with encouragement. Quite pleased with herself, Luna’s horn lights up, and her tablet returns, floating in front of them with the following message:

“If Luna likes her patron, and sees them be kind and true to themselves, she will offer her back to the human for a ride. Be sure to pet her while being carried!” Noah chuckles, but Luna looks at him with a serious face.

“You want me to-.” Before he could even say “ride you”, Luna gets off Noah’s sofa and uses magic to gently lift him onto her back, nestled between her swanlike wings. He was startled but was quickly put at ease when he felt the mare’s fur. It was the softest substance known to man (or pony!). He began to caress Luna’s mane, and she chuckled. She slowly trots around the apartment, opening the door and going for a walk outside.

Luna felt quite pleased carrying this human. He seems nice enough, and he gave an 18% tip when paying! Certainly, she can afford to act as his steed for a short trip! Noah looks at Luna’s wings and then at her.

“Can you fly, Miss Luna?” Noah asks her. She nods eagerly and encourages Noah to hold onto her regal mane. Her horn flashed and a note spawns in his hands:

“To ride Luna, gently tap her sides with your feet to spur her to flight. Hug her for left turns, boop her for right turns. To ascend and descend, please pet in the corresponding direction.”

“Not bad…not bad at all.” He thinks to himself. Taking a deep breath, Noah gently taps Luna’s sides with his feet, and she begins to gallop to gain speed. With two broad flaps of her wings, Luna launches herself and her patron into the skies. It just so happens to be a full moon tonight, and Luna was giving her customer the full treatment. Paying tips certainly has its benefits!

Like the instructions dictated, Noah is able to gently steer the deliverypony with different modes of affection. Each hug turns her left, each boop turns her right, and he was able to control his altitude by petting her upwards or downwards. Luna flew at a very gentle pace, soothing her rider and giving him some much-needed tranquility. The two flew for over an hour, when Luna ultimately began to make her way to Noah’s flat. All good things must come to an end.
Gently landing in front of Noah’s apartment, at around 11:45 PM, Luna helps her patron climb down off her back, lending her regal wings to assist in helping him back to the ground. Noah smiles and had a lot of fun, both eating his moon pie, and spending time with Luna.

“You are really cool, Miss Luna!” He says, to which Luna quickly ignites her horn. She sticks her tongue out at him while bringing the tablet back. It now reads:

“For an extra five dollars, Luna will stay the night and cuddle with you; casting alicorn strength magic to aid in your sleep.”

The young man saw a pleading look in the alicorn’s eyes. She really wanted to spend the night with him, and she was quite convincing. Noah pulled out a five-dollar bill, and Luna quickly zapped it with magic and put it in her saddlebag. Noah led the deliverypony to his bedroom, climbing up a flight of stairs. It’s a good thing his bed is king-sized! Noah rolls around a lot in his sleep! Luna flops onto his bed, this time inviting her patron to snuggle behind her.

“Want me to be the big spoon, huh?” He chuckles, quickly going to the bathroom to change into his pajamas. Once he’s ready, Noah joins the alicorn in his bed and caresses the mare’s soft fur while he tries to sleep. Luna smiles. She has one more treat for her paying customer! She turns her body towards him and plants a gentle kiss on his forehead, before warmly embracing the human with her wings.

Good Night, Luna. Good Night, Noah. Sleep well and dream of ponies!