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Welcome to the group of New life Adventures! Here, you'll find stories of people finding a new life in Equestria, whilst going on whacky misadventures along the way. Feel free to post your own content.

Just like any other groups, just do whatever CAN be done. No rudeness of any kind.

Slice of Life - for anything you can think of that life has. Whether it be an adventure, aliens, clops, human-turned-pony, ponies in our world, comedy, romance, drama, tragedies, shipping, anything in general. Use your imagination.

Dark - material much like from Slice of Life, but darker.

Crossovers - material can be a mixture of both Slice of Life & Dark, along with a story plot a lot like a pop movie, show, or game. Like Deadpool, Spider-Man, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, Assassin’s Creed, or Call of Duty.

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