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I am a newcomer to this site and my first story's on a public site hope you like what I write


What I Need To Improve Upon In My Story's · 12:32am Jan 24th, 2018

This is what I need to improve upon in my opinion to make my story's that I make well liked and enjoyed to be read.
1. Improve writing skills and formatting which is now done but there's always more room for improvement.
2. Make the story more appealing to the audience.
3. More character development and background information about them.
4. Fix the problem of my Google docs not working so an editor can edit my story.
5. Make the lore more evident.

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Which one's have you read. I am glad that they inspire emotion. And Merci for the reads.

Mainly for your schootalo story's they make me sometimes want to cry but I don't

Merci for the follow what inspired it?

I've got no idea what I'd buy waiting for Christmas for new labtop. I'll buy Boarder Lands 2 on my PS3 after I beat the first one.

I have not bought it yet but I have 80$ and this is what I am planning to buy fallout 4, garry's mod, borderlands 2, and total war Napoleon

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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