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Exactly what it says on the tin.


This story is a sequel to Harmony's Wrath

Warning: This story is a sequel to Harmony's Wrath. This is an Alternate Universe, many elements of the setting have changed drastically, and won't make sense if you haven't read it. Even the cover picture. IT IS ALSO, LIKE THE FIRST ONE, REALLY OLD WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE

Six months on from its rude awakening, Equestria is still dealing with the fallout. Daily life has changed irrevocably, and it's only a matter of time before the dangers of the real world inevitably rear their ugly head. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are taking the lead in preparing ponykind for its trials, but some unusual reports from the outskirts of Trottingham lead them to believe that the world might be a lot wilder than they had anticipated.

Cover art by me and prequel by me.

Tag update: Reduced character tags to Mane 6, CMC, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. While the Mane 6 and CMC provide most of the ensemble cast, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are the primary viewpoint characters.

Additional Tags: Anthro, conspiracy, high fantasy, gryphons, war.

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 219 )

Awesomeness ensues!

Orbital Friendship Cannon Arrays are at the ready Sir HHTFP.
You may fire them at will.

(Awesome story overload, can't sit still)

Well, we have an idea of what Dinky's talent is going to be: the queen of Search and Rescue. We also know what Fancy Pants is up to: becoming the most interesting supervillain in Equestria. :pinkiehappy:

96805 I know you have a knack for picking up on some of the foreshadowing in my stories, but well... I'll just tell you to keep an open mind here. :P

Okay....he might be the most interesting red herring in Equestria then. :rainbowlaugh:

Either SAR or gymnastics, and personally I'm thinking that with the adjective choice last chapter, it was Blueblood we were seeing and not Fancypants.

Anyways I spent the last hour reading the prequel and am glad I did. Tracked.

Wow. I just read through Harmony's Wrath and this, and it looks fantastic! Harmony's Wrath was really creative and exciting; I look forwards to the rest of this! Great universe you've come up with- keep it up!


Time machine didn't work but the wait made it all the better


Btw do you do your own cover art cause they are amazing?

Nice beginning.

now the wait begins.


Then there was a dragon

So Discord is back, this sequel should be interesting.

Ah....now all they need to do is find out who the angry pony is and they'll be all set. Okay. That's going to be a problem given how many of their fellows they've irritated.


Hmm so Blueblood is coming to Ponyville?......this outta be intresting

Great. Watch the angry pony be one of the Mane Six.

And now Rainbow Dash has a griffin for a sister.:rainbowhuh:

Woah!! I was sad when Harmony's Wrath ended. Now... I have awoken from my comatose sleep to peruse the new world order of Equestria!!
Me: :ajsleepy: :applejackconfused: :ajsmug: :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Well, at least they have their asses covered.......

Somebody remind me briefly.... Are gryphons now bipedal too, or did they remain unchanged?

130903 They're still quadrupeds, only ponies were affected by the original curse. Gryphons were the same the whole time.

Nice! I have a thought to raise: Twilight took all the unicorns with her, so if the door closes behind them who's gonna open it? Completely hypothetical question simply placed on the table for nibbling. No spoilers please.:eeyup:

Derpy and Storm Chaser met in Cloudsdale? That and his name would imply that Storm Chaser is a Pegasus, yes? As is Derpy herself, so... How is it that Dinky came to be a Unicorn? :rainbowhuh:

148722 The same way Pound Cake is a pegasus and Pumpkin Cake is a unicorn, despite being born to earth pony parents. SCIENCE! Really though, there's probably a complex series of genetic and environmental determinants to do with which phenotype develops, so it's entirely possible that anything can happen.

149309 WHOO, GENETICS!! Somebody actually paid attention in biology, heh glad I'm not the only one. :twistnerd:


Someone ponified Midna? GENIOUS!

Anyway, as to the story. Bloody Bucking Brilliant!

I loved the wrath of Harmony and am fully expecting to enjoy this sequel. No pressure though honest! :coolphoto:

So far you've got what looks like the making of yet another epic adventure in the works. Sure events seem to be moving a mite quickly but I'm actually ok with that. You have managed create in just these few chapters enough plot hooks and problems to sink the titanic with which I'm hoping will mean that this will be another long one like the prequel was. I can't even begin to describe just how excited I am to read this. I first read the Prequel over on FanFiction.net.

Lemme guess....Rarity is about to acquire a new, boulderiffic love interest........

167157 Umm... boulderiffic :rainbowhuh: that's something you don't hear very often.
Great chapter! The imp made me lol. I also laughed when the snakes head got ripped off, not because I think animals dieing is funny, but because I knew Fluttershy would get all butt-hurt about it.:fluttercry:

Unlike Hasbro's legal derpartment (see what I did there?) , I aim to please.

Well, at least she figured out Rainbow Dash's challenge in time....too bad that she won't see her trap coming.........


186737 You know this how?

Just a guess. Also, I remember the last story line. She didn't see Trixie's attempt to "fix" (that means "ruin") everything until it was almost too late. Granted, she did kill the idiot before she could do anything stupid but it was a near thing....just like the escape she's going to be making soon.

Oh, this kind of speculation is just delicious! I won't confirm or deny anything yet (of course), but it does let me know where the suspense is. S'all about pushing the readers' buttons here.

You know someone's a good assassin when they effortlessly execute their target after running up it without it noticing.

Interesting though... Is Twilights ordeal going to make it appear that she isn't magical enough? Perhaps with the use of an Ursa major, dragon or spell-resistant or immune entity? Or maybe something more... sinister.

Also, Kalza's adorable. I trust her, but not the gryphons. She wouldn't have known about Gildas death unless someone told her and from her reaction, she probably didn't keep close contact with her sister. Paronoid, but they're probably monitoring her somehow to determine the moment to strike.

195066 Actually, if you read her dialogue in the chapter she was introduced in carefully, it's a product of gryphon society's Blue and Orange Morality. The same Blue and Orange morality that had Gilda lying consistently to Rainbow Dash for years without so much as breaking a sweat. As far as they're concerned, strength and being seen to be strong are more important than family and friends (hence, "You killed Gilda, so you must be strong!", "Gilda did say they're raised to be cold-blooded", and the rather brutal rules of gryphon duelling and how its spoils are allocated). It's hard to explain without giving too much away, but that's the kind of ruthless, survival-of-the-strongest society I'm trying to depict.

196493 I understand that they value strength and nonsensical morals, but I still don't trust the gryphons in general. Treachery and deceit seem to be their main tactics, so my guess is that they'd betray one of their own at the drop of a hat to get what they want. And unless the one who told her was an idiot, they'd probably want her to se strength in Dashie.

Plus, Kalza just doesn't seem as... evil as her sister. And more accepting since she hasn't tried to kill anyone yet and doesn't seem to think of them as food (Maybe she's too young for that part of gryphon culture to get to her though.).

EDIT: Okay, missed the feather part. I still think the gryphons are up to something regardless.

Just as good as the first story. 5 stars.

196914 Gryphon logic is best logic. It makes perfect sense to me. A warrior driven society values strength more than trivial things such as family or friends; while these are nice to have, they are unnecessary luxuries. You don't need either to survive. er at least that's what the gryphons believe.:twilightblush:

Oh, my. Let's hope that Discord isn't going to do anything stupid to Derpy. I still remember "Squeezing It Wrong."

When is there going to be a new chapter, because this story is so awesome!:rainbowdetermined2:

257398 I took a week out do a February Write-Off entry, and then college thought it would be a great idea to make sure EVERYTHING was due in the same week. Fortunately I have a week off now, so I might be able to get two, three chapters up before returning to schedule.

"Yesterday he was an upstanding noble, the pinnacle of what it meant to be a pony"

It's Prince Blueblood isn't it?! :raritycry: That prick! :raritydespair:

Wow. Took so long to update that I forgot about it. But now I'm happy.

275639 Yeah, I had a pretty crazy... wow, nearly three weeks! Every assignment ever, all due at the same time, and then there was the February Write-Off.

275655 I just noticed a mistake: "I'm sure see reason eventually, your highness..." Clover swung the door open and closed with particular vigour, if only to mask her irritation.
Should be "I'm sure they will see reason eventually, your highness..."

275687 RRRG these things slip by all the time. I shouldn't proof-read the same day I finish the chapter xD Thanks though.

Oooh, earlier today I was thinking 'When will this update? It's been a while.' (I passed by it deep in my tracking list) My thoughts have been answered. Interesting read as always, with reimagining almost everything, which is really awesome.

Oh, my.....so the Windigoes were DisQord's calling card. Good to know. Also, interesting how the Earth pony leaders' names were altered as the ages went on.

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