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Exactly what it says on the tin.


One day, Equestria stopped being in one piece, and started being in a million pieces. The world literally ended. Life didn't. Any way they could, and any way they had to, ponies survived in the debris of Equestria.

On one piece of Ponyville, they survived quite well. Key Stone grew up with a simple but comfortable life. He spends all his time staring at the sky and buried in books, waiting for the faintest hint that life is out there.

And then it arrives.

Story returning to updates soon!

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Why are all the best stories, concept wise, written by the ones who say, or even don't say, that they wont update much!?:raritydespair::raritycry::fluttercry::fluttershbad:

Just any update at all is enough, aside from the sillyness. Great concept.

Ah, good, you've posted it. Take your time - this story is clearly worth the effort. I mean it - cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. :pinkiehappy:

Love this story. Reminds me of Skies of Arcadia, (:twistnerd:) and man did I have fun with game. Can't wait to see this continue, whenever you get around with to it.

Favorited, set on Read Later, and being read as I type this (multitasking ftw).
Love stories like this, so you sir (or ma'am), have gained a reader!

well, let's give this one a shot....

Fantastic opening! Can't wait to read more. :twilightsmile:

I don't see why this doesn't have many views- this is pretty good! I'll go shamelessly advert this and get back to you in a bit.

Very good! I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed what you already have so far. I'm not sure when it will update, or even if it will. (I am a big fan of your story Duck and Cover.) But anyway, this is worthy of a like. I'll have to watch you and pop in and out to see if it updates.

Liking this a lot so far. Although to be fair I thought Bastion (the game)was pretty fun, at least the story bit. The portion of the game I played initially (haven't played much since my previous laptop bit the dust) was a bit repetitive in some sense. The premise is an interesting one though (for the game and correspondingly the story). <- The blog entry that pointed me to this referenced Bastion.

I look forward to reading more.

Ohey. Ember meets Bastion meets that uncompleted JRPG from LLP meets Stardust. Best idea ever.

Being serious now: a great start, can't wait to read more and completely forget about the duo-protagonists' family until at least a quarter-way through.

Ooh, an update. :pinkiehappy:

More words, please.

"We ain't coming back here soon."
> one adventure later
"Yeah, right before Twilight and the others disappeared she found this book that told her all about the Elements of Harmony! It's probably at the Ponyville Library right now!"
> groan

Damn it... I need more story

But if the Changelings are dead and aren't running Canterlot, then why is everyone mind zonked? :raritydespair: And why do they kill unicorns? Aren't they unicorns? Can't the evil bad guy mind zonk new unicorns?

Gotta say, this has been some really good world building. And congrats to CaptainHoers, this is drastically different from Duck and Cover. It's a standout ability to be able to write stuff so different in tone.

Comment posted by StormyVenture deleted Oct 27th, 2014

Not sure if I should be happy for the increase in action, or concerned for their well-being.

Idk. My best guess would be that Nightmare Moon or whatever caused the Sundering has something to do with it. Perhaps they are afraid that any unicorn that comes there isn't what they appear to be. It's hard to imagine Sweetie risking her horn just to have a look around though. I wonder if Spike could fly himself the rest of the way in.

It'd be depressing and humorous if using the elements of harmony on Nightmare Moon was in any way responsible for the Sundering.

If you can't bear to hear speculation, you are truly in a spot of trouble. :ajsmug:

5193897 Oh no, I revel in it! Because I get to cackle from the sidelines, being the only one to know what really happens.


>> if the elements or Nightmare Moon were responsible for the sundering

Well uh...

Spoilers or? Okay, if that's true, it's totally hilarious. :twilightsmile:

This is legitimately one of the greatest fanfictions I have ever read. Top 5, for sure.

5194336 You, sir, are now one of my favourite authors. You're on the scale of Wrabbit to me.
EDIT: It's been 2 years.


Interesting story. Though I'm a bit disheartened to see that it hasn't updated in so long. I suppose I will assume it's dead, BUT I'm going to follow it, just in case.

7280017 I do intend to come back to it! I just need to be in a certain headspace to work on it, and it's been hard to find that for some time.

Glad to hear it! I suppose I shouldn't expect an update soon, but it's good to know you haven't abandoned it. I'll keep an eye on this.

they're siblings right? of the sort-of variety?

I just noticed this comment here. I addressed the "what am I doing" thing above but I should also note that I haven't forgotten about this story and intend to come back to it soon! Finishing a comic and a masters degree got in the way.

7903842 Okay. I'm less angry; those are good reasons. I would have been pissed to the high heavens if this was cancelled.

Glad to see this back! Wasn't expecting shining to be the 'big bad' in the slave buisiness.

Well...didn't expect to see this updated again. Took me a little bit to get caught up, but I'm surprised at how much I remember.

Canterlot wasn't really what I expected. And that jailbreak seemed to go pretty easily.
...Almost too easily...:unsuresweetie:

"Why is there a child in my face, Spitfire."

"Who you calling a 'child'? I'm way grown up! I'll slice and dice you!"

"Concorde!" Spitfire called. The foal looked up. "Leave the poor rookie alone."


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