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Exactly what it says on the tin.


Okay, I'm gonna level with you here.

I have way more ideas with (and without) this character than is reasonable, so I'm just gonna shove em up here so I don't wind up writing a third goddamn full story. Think of it as therapy for the author. Most of these shorts will be set a number of years after the end of Make Love Not War. Knowledge of both prior Atom Smasher stories is not assumed, but will help (and it's also kind of spoilery).

Oh, and I guess you get more Atom Smasher. Lucky you.

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yay. more atom smasher. i enjoyed the first story and the second one was okay so i am happy you are bringing her back.

Sometimes this is how it's best to do it, not all ideas need a full story structure around them, fling 'em out in their own bolus of authorial ingenuity. Looking forward to seeing just how many depths are plumbed into, old style or new.

ok, been awhile since i read your stories. honestly have only a vague idea of who this is. i presume from her lack of knowledge of the events of the second story she's from Duck And Cover. gonna have to go back and read the story again at some point.

edit: so, went back to read Duck and Cover. was right. both in what story she is from and who she was. Atom picked her up during a debacle involving enclave and a tower.

Will read as soon as back from work.

I’m super hyped about this

Fallout: Return of the King

Don't need to sell me on this story. You had me at "more Atom Smasher."

hail the Snark Queen! so glad to have Atom back in the spotlight <3

i know, right. i remember when she first saw that Isotope. my thoughts of how that would go (and i can see her doing it too) were:

Heroine/Friend Of Trixie: "I smash?"

Random Townpony: "No."

HFOT: "I smash."

RT: "Please don't."


I really like the concept of these short stories, especially in Atom's character growth in contrast to her old stomping grounds and reputation gained there, or the consequences resulting thereof. The Star cocoon was adorable, and a good window to view the changes in Atom's attitude through and to set the stage as taking place in the environment and aftermath of Duck and Cover.

The non player ponies definitely haven't grown as much and appear to have remained rather passive or docile awaiting their savior to solve their problems for them with varying degrees of importance.

As ever I love the humor and wit within the setting and character interactions.
"But you... you did ask..." is somehow adorable and somewhat relatable.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

dude you gotta send them back to Siredil. bring the in-laws (the tribal ones) they will think they are on an awesome trip. maybe incorporate that axe i gave Atom back in the comments of Duck And Cover.

Aww no cuddles? :( Rude :c

That was a nice little short. I don't know how they drank all the tea before noticing that though. :pinkiehappy:

Curry sauce is pretty stubborn and hard to mix, so if you don't really beat it in it's gonna sink to the bottom of the cup as gunk. Strictly speaking you'd have gotten whiffs of it earlier on, but for the purposes of comic timing, reality can take a back seat :p

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Confusing at first but really nice.
Also more please. :)

reminds me of a quote in one of the "myth adventures" books by Robert Aspirin:
"reputations are fine up to a point. after that they become a pain!"

The fact almost every comment of yours on these stories has been "this reminds me of..." with a facile cultural reference makes me question how much attention you're actually paying to the content of the stories

Does not want to write another book, basically ends up writing another book.

This is a pretty interesting set of mini stories. I don’t know how much it’ll update, but it’s cool.

Here’s hoping for a scene where Atom completely bamboozles her brother and Ivy by making a makeshift bomb, and shows her ol’ pals in Manechester her character growth.

Didn’t get a third book to round it off as a trilogy but did get this scene. Score.

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