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Exactly what it says on the tin.


For a while, Lyra has only been seen raiding the fridge and making coffee. Bonbon decides to figure out what she's up to.
A short made on a whim.

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Comments ( 3 )

It wasn't a bad story. The ending left something to be desired, though. I didn't know if you were trying to be funny, or going for shock value, or what, but I didn't get it.


I like the silly, exaggerated, and cute parts of the fic like bouncy Lyra and bon bon bon bonbon bon bon and unicorn not making use of magic at all because reasons. Though the way it could be interpreted as a jab at others makes me a little uncomfortable. Mainly because it's hard to tell when (what I perceived to be) such jab is meant in as a jest or is meant to hurt or misinform.

Don't know whether to :rainbowlaugh: or :rainbowderp: at the ending, but still like it!

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