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Atom Smasher is staying in the deserts of San Palomino at least until winter when the desert is a bit cooler. Until then she's stuck, and now she's getting bored. She's started working at Isotope City as a guard. On one such day after work, she spends the rest of the day with Caliber at a bar. There may be more consequences to her little day of fun than she thought.
This isn't a Clop fic though there will be foreplay in Chapter 2 as well as implied sex.
Spoilers to Make Love Not War. Of course.
Caliber, Atom Smasher, Winchester and the setting were all created by hahatimeforponies and Fallout Equestria the original story was done by Kkat.
Fallout is owned by Bethesda.
MLP belongs to Hasbro please support this content creators
Written with permission and edited by hahatimeforponies and Fallout Equestria

Chapters (3)
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Comment posted by Comrade Bagel Muffin deleted Oct 5th, 2018

Aww.. Sweet. And complete.:twilightsmile:

I hope you all enjoyed it.
Especially you. Merci beaucoup for the comment.

Don't mind Nova, they always ask creepy questions like that


I get those weird message's from them to.


I don't pay it any mind. It did have the tag so yeah I opened myself up for it. But it's no problem.

Merci beaucoup. What about it did you like?

Nice little vignettes of how a pony matures over the years. We are left dangling when Atom has to contain her selfish desire for a third foal.

Interesting! Atom's heading for trouble.... wait how is that different from any other time.....on with the show.

Okay this is rather cute. Fuck me this story is really good at emulating Hoers's style of writing. That and these dorks are being cute. Good stuff.

Overall this is a really cute story. I noticed a couple of punctuation errors through it, but this was a nice story. While I would have liked seeing a longer form story of Atom going on an adventure up north, I like the family stuff. Caltom... Atomber? It's a cute ship. I'm a sucker for good mom stories (especially when they kick the shit out of whatever's threatening them, but I think you know that). It's a nice little slice of life story and makes a good epilogue to Make Love Not War. I would've liked to see other characters, like Sam, but as it is I like this one.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It's nice to have a break from the usual guns and misery in Fo:E. I do enjoy those, but a slice of life in the wasteland doesn't need to be about them, and you've given us something different here.

I missed the chapter title, so the time jump in ch3 threw me a bit. You guided me back into the narrative regardless, but I feel like it could have been smoother. There were a few other spots where transitions felt rough to me.

Your writing was fantastic. You captured the characters excellently from hahatimesforponies fics. I love how Atom matured into such a wonderful mother.

I used to be the easiest lay in the world.

this made me think of Littlepip's MOTHER in the original FE. she would Lay with any stallion who bought her enough beer...

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