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“This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don't want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste.”


Equestria is dying. A plague has swept through, turning millions into mindless zombies. In the midst of it are four ponies aimlessly wandering the country, watching the world crumble at their hooves. Hope is a luxury they cannot afford; all they have left are the clothes on their backs. Now they are fighting not for Equestria, not for harmony, but for their very survival. And they aren't even sure they can do that...But one thing's for sure, the apocalypse has never been more adorable.

I will have an OC play a major supporting role later on in the story. Just giving a heads up.

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Finally. Was starting to wonder if the favourite button was broken.

This looks grim. Even if it's been fifteen days in the prologue, Dashie's been bitten (Sincerely hoping she doesn't turn, though from what I've read if she hasn't by now, she won't) and... well, the rest is obvious. Here's hoping none of them die.

Italics are pretty easy, it's a pair of tags around the words you want to italise, primarily the [ i ], without the spaces, since it triggers the italic formatting on that and its closing tag, which is the same but with a / in front of the i so [ / i ], which stops the italics. You get something like this if you do it properly. Of course even easier is to highlight the area you want to format and click on the appropriate button at the top of the edit window, they're the same ones you see in the comments window when you're reading a chapter someone's put on the site, bold, underline, italic and colour.

I know this is a dark story and all, but I can't help but laugh at it. :rainbowlaugh:

Is it bad that I'm laughing? I mean, I love this fic. The crossover is cool and the way you characterized them is pretty accurate to both the show and the game. Can't wait for moar.

if pinkie snaps and rainbow just goes along with it.. those zombies are gonna have a baadd time...

522981 in L4D, witch is what i think this is based off of, 1: aj and rarity would've died any way, the disease is airborne. 2: a few people are immune, about 4 per city. 3: briefing on special infected : very obese people---> boomer, vomits on people, vomit attracts the horde. explodes on death. (don't know)----> hunter. seen already. anorexic----> witch. seen already. steroid addict----> tank. seen already. you have one guess--->smoker, seen already. there are others, but are only featured in L4D2. this seems to be more L4D1.

I don't mind cursing. It's part of my everyday language.

Oh Rainbow Francis…

Good chapter.

Why the hell does this have 4 dislikes?

I have the sudden urge to watch the royal guards and Celes... and wherever they're staying, "burn like the heart of the sun". At minimum.

Perfect time to go on hiatus, you might just find the inspiration and creativity you need and can you please recite the Elder's Swear to the *insert derogatory language here* pegasai who bombed Canterlot. I guess the insurance companies couldn't afford the payout...

What can I say, man? I guess some people think zombies and ponies don't mix (we'll just see about that...) Oh well, just keep the favorites and the comments and the corrections flowing in everybody. As long as I've got those, thumbs-down don't mean a thing.

Edit: Although if you DO thumbs it down, I'd like to know why. Tell me how to make it better so you DO like it. Seriously, I don't mind criticism. As long as you ain't trolling. Because if you're trolling... :twilightangry2:

1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Means I'm not going to be posting for a while. Sorry. :fluttershysad:

661332 it's ok as long as you get a break :twilightsmile:

False update. NOW I'M GONNA RAAAAGGGGGEEEE!!! :flutterrage: :twilightangry2:

*sigh* Okay. I'm good now. Maybe a bit depressed, but good. :fluttershysad:

Well... See ya when the next REAL update comes! :pinkiecrazy:

I really don't know why a lot of people don't read this. It's good enough, nobody's perfect. I hope to see more of what will happen next i'm gonna try to advertise about you so that you can get more comments/reveiws. Still, good luck to ya.

This story is so good!!:yay:

I don't mind cursing either. Almost all of my video games have that kind of language in it. The story is good by the way. But i just want to know when they say Buckhead i wonder if that means the M.F. word or A.S.S.H word.

(I know no one may not be thinking about it but, i know my avatar is kinda of weird for a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic website. But i just really like this pcture)

But still i hope you make a sequal to this. I think Applejack would make a great Ellis, and Spike probably a good Nick, Rochell, or Coach. Keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

Oh my God! Did that really happen? Did Celestia really send the guards to bomb the city even after everything they have done to help Equestia and every other pony. Man, see, this is why i don't like the government they act like they want to protect us but all they want is power and control!

And Celestia is really kind of ungreatful after the hard work they did to save Equestia and everypony, how could she?:fluttershysad::flutterrage:
Keep on going though.:scootangel:

Well, although I do think (and indirectly state) that the bombing was a terrible thing, I would like to point out that Celestia had no knowledge that the Mane 6 were in Canterlot at the time of the bombing. Perhaps if she knew, she would have done something different...but that's not what happened.
Now the real reason for the destruction itself, that's for the reader to decide...

As you wish. As long as you keep posting this awesome bitchen(sorry for my language) fim fanfic on this website and on Fanfic. I'm okay, i'm just so freakin' excited everytime i read this i'm like: "Wow, this really fits a my little pony situation, i love this!" :heart::twilightsmile:

I'm still thinking of the role you might make Applejack, Spike and Rarity. I'm sorry for telling you how to write you story whatever you pick is up to you. Keep up the good work on this story.:raritywink:729169>>729169

Aw, man, I was going to totally write something like this. I just didn't know it was already done. Oh well. UnweptPegasis, would it be okay if I did a tie-in fic based on Left 4 Dead 2?

Hey man, go right ahead. I wasn't planning on basing another story on L4D2 anyway. I'm more like taking a few ideas from both games and incorporating them into one story. But beware, you steal my ideas, and I'll have to zap you with the Orbital Friendship Cannon.
But other than that, I encourage my fellow writers to...well...write. Who knows, maybe I'll read your fic one day!
Heyo my follower from FanFiction. Just wanted to drop the bomb...AJ and Rarity won't be in this fanfic.
Why? Because I've got another story planned for them...but you'll just have to wait and see. So don't worry, although the only mention of them will be by the "quartet", we haven't seen the last of our favorite fashionista and cowgirl...

743602 Oh, don't worry, i knew Rarity and Applejack will be in the next Left 4 Dead crossover story you write. That's why i mentioned a sequal somewhere in my comments. I really didn't know why anyone else haven't reveiwed to your story on fanfic, it's really good. The weird thing is i can kind of picture this happening.

No. Rainbow can not be Francis and Ellis. Only Francis.

Other than that, that was great.

It's okay, Fluttershy, you did the right thing if you didn't kill the smoker it would have killed your Dashie. Congrats you have passed your first test, my little pony.
This chapter was so awesome I think i can actually picture this happening. But the really funny part about Rainbow Dash talking about the princesses that way behind their back, is that she wouldn't say that to their faces. I bet that she wouldn't and that's the funny part about it.:rainbowlaugh:
Still, this chapter was great.:yay:

Well, girls thanks for explaining things to us. Get well soon Flutters.

Iron Will works in mysterious ways maybie he was still in there somewhere trying to get Fluttershy to be brave. Okay well anyway i cannot wait 'till the next chapter of this. This is gonna be good. You do such an amazing job on these chapters i swear this is good. :twilightsmile:

i was listening to CMC theme 8-bit at the Iron Will part and it was epic

Pinkie's Louis, right? Is there going to be any pills shenanigans?

I can't say there will be. At least, not in the way you're thinking...

850421 Oh, I think I know where this is going...Hopefully I'm wrong, for Pinkie's sanity and the lives of her friends.

I hope this phrase isn't similar to what might happen.

"What's that Sandvich? Kill them all? Okay!"


I could totally see the intro in my mind as I read this. I also read it in the voices of Bill, Francis, Luis(?), and Zoey. Is that bad? Good story so far though.

Ok, so far it seems like Pinkie: Lewis/Ellis?
Rainbow: Francis/Coach
Twilight: Bill
Fluttershy: Zoey

728714Rarity would be Rochelle. Maybe Big Mac as Coach. Spike would be Nick because he'd want to go to Twilight immediately.

743602*giant sigh of relief* Hohthankgod that was on purpose. So don't :trollestia:

879628Why wouldn't Rarity be Nick he is almost all about style through the game with his white suit. And it's obvious that Applejack would be Ellis. Spike would be Rochelle.

Personally, I'd rather not link one pony to one particular character. Although they say quotes from the game, I would want Rainbow Dash to be most like...well...Rainbow Dash. She does have elements of Ellis, Coach, and Francis, and they all come together to form...Ta-Da! Rainbow Dash!:rainbowdetermined2:
Crazy how that works, huh? You look at Flutters and she ain't like Zoey at all. She's quiet and cautious like a tree...I mean Fluttershy. I hope the ponies' original personalities have gotten through. If not, then it looks like i've found something to work on!
Oh somepony needs pills, alrite. And it ain't Pinkie Pie...:applejackconfused:

881124 Yeah, i know what you mean Rainbow Dash does have some of their traits. Butbi can't tell you how to do your story it's been good so far.

Well that sucks. Would've been a lot worse for Rarity, still saddened by her assumed fate, but judging from the commentary we can assume that at least Twilight and Dashie survive this ordeal.


... Sooo, who shot the shambler?

Why does the pilot always decide to become a zombie when he is giving somone a ride:derpyderp1:? that is why i will learn to fly a heli then shoot the pilot upon rescue.

Holy crap this was all really scary for Pinkie, especially the end of the chapter. Man, i wonder what changling they'll face next. I hope Pinkie doesn't lose her sanity.

Holy shit guys, KIDDIELAND!
I wanna ride the screaming oak once, just once!

Awww wheres rarity and applejack

I do wanna point this out but the four don't seem all that mortified when it all begins at once, they just go along with it. I find it a bit odd nevertheless MUST READ NAO!!!! :flutterrage:

.....um...what ever happen to rarity,applejack and spike?

If any of you guys are in the mood for an adventure story NOT pertaining to zombies, howzabout you come check out THIS STORY! Seriously, it's totally awesome and proven to make you 21% cooler! And it's got bagels!!!! YAAAAAY!!!:rainbowdetermined2:
Shameless plugs since 2011...

It's alive! IT'S ALIVE! mwahahahahahahaha!:pinkiecrazy:

Well I'm certainly not complaining. I read it yesterday, so the new chapter wasnt a wait for me. :pinkiehappy:

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