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Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure:Stars of the Phoenix - Zillafire101

Sunset and the her friends come to gain new abilities and powers, called Stands, when a mysterious force arrives in town, and brings with it destruction and misery.

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Atomic Punk on the Run Part 1

Seven Hours after Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle’s battle within the hospital, Unknown location.

Onyx Buster filled away on his computer, the large, barrel-bodied man finishing up his work, as an email message came in. Scratching his chin, he hit the button, opening up the message as he read it, before his eyes widened in shock. It was the boss, the supposed Secret Emperor, the one who had given him his Stand.

He robed the back of his bald head nervously, as he continued reading. The Boss had told him to wait and lay low, that because of his power, it would be too dangerous to deploy him in a hostile situation. Apparently, something had come up. Something really bad.

“Onyx, your fellow Skoutatoi, Lucky Diamond, Amber Spice, Brute Force and Straight Comet have all been defeated by the student known as Sunset Shimmer and her group.” The message read, causing Onyx to raise his eyebrows. Sunset had a Stand? He had a class with her and hadn’t even noticed anything off. “She has also gained knowledge of our organization and it’s members from Doctor Pezuna’s failure. Your Stand is unrefined, but powerful. I am activating you to remove this threat. The situation demands power above all else. Eliminate Sunset’s allies, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. They are closest to your location.”

He stood up, activating his Stand as the armored skin-suit snapped out form behind him like a cape, and folded and pressed over his body, covering him in a charcoal grey-silver suit, with small black scutes along the shoulders and back, and armored red goggles over his eyes. He leaned over his computer, reading the rest of the message.

“Do not reply to this until you have removed the two. After that, I will send you to your High School.” The message concluded. “Do not fail.”

Onxy nodded grimly, as he shut down the message and then his computer, before he ran down his stairs, and barreled through the sidewalks, before turning west, and running off. He had a mission to accomplish.

Rainbow Dash sat back on her Stand-infused bike, her feet kicked up as the engine hummed at the ready. She had, in her testing the Stand numerous times in the past, could stop, spin and start up again and turn without her even touching the controls or from her just standing on top of it. While she had made it no secret her desires to have a “punch ghost” as she had taken to calling them, she loved her Radar Love Stand. The ability to punch things was one thing, but being able to go at high speed with no hands or feet? Far more fun and up her alley.

She waited for Fluttershy to come out and get on the bike so they could get to class before anyone else. The speed-obsessed student taped her fingers across the handles of the bike, sighing slightly. Fluttershy always spent a little too much time making sure all her pets and animals were safe and sound and had food to eat before leaving. Rainbow presumed that she couldn’t judge. She would never admit it, but she dotted on Tank as much as Fluttershy did with her own animals.

“You waiting for someone?” Asked a deep, gruff voice from an alley way.

Rainbow craned her head slightly, raising an eyebrow. There was a thick-set guy, rather familiar to her, but she couldn’t place him. He leaned against a wall, most of his body hidden in shadow.

“Depends,” She replied, glaring at him. “Whose asking?”

“Oh, just a classmate on my way.” He said, stepping out slightly to reveal his face and a body hidden in a trench coat. “The name’s Onyx Buster.”

“You sound familiar.” Rainbow Dash said, still uncertain of him. “How come I’ve never seen you pass through here?”

“Oh, I live a few blocks down the road.” He explained, pointing westward. “I was late getting up.”

“Then what are you doing in the alleyway?” Rainbow asked, turning her bike slightly to face him.

“Alright I’m…ready.” Fluttershy said, as she came out and saw the two glaring each other down, awkwardly shifting her feet. “Um, who is that?”

“Onyx Buster.” The guy greeted, waving his hand to her with a slight smile.

“If you live down the road, what are you doing in the alley?” Rainbow repeated, glaring daggers at the stranger.

He seemed to consider her words for a moment, before stepping out of the alley, body covered in his trench coat, as he slowly stepped onto the middle of the street. He tilted his head slightly, eyeing the two like a shark, as a Fluttershy opened her mouth to speak.

“You really shouldn’t…” She began, before Rainbow interrupted her.

“Whatever it is you want, out with it now.” She grumbled. “Did the Secret Emperor send you?”

“Perhaps.” He said, interlocking his fingers together. “Perhaps not.”

“Sir, you should…” Fluttershy tried again.

“If you’re a Stand user, come on out and let’s throw down.” Rainbow Dash challenged with a slight grin. “Mono e Mono.”

“I’m not just going to reveal my Stand out here in the open!” He said with a chuckle. “Unlike you, some of us try to keep a secret.”

“What’s the matter, jealous of the speed I’m tearing up with?” She said, grin widening.

“Oh, no, it’s a pretty little bike.” Onyx said patronizingly. “You must’ve just gotten the training wheels off.”

“Well, let’s see what you got to beat it!” She said, turning her bike around to face him, as the wheels revved up, smoke rising off of them.

“The road isn’t…” Fluttershy tried to interject again.

“Then let’s go then!” Onyx said, black smoke rising off his form, red goggles appearing over his eyes, as he took a fighting stance.

Before anyone could react, however, a car came screaming down the road, hitting him dead-on, and carrying him away as it sped off, Rainbow’s mouth immediately dropping, and Fluttershy gave a yelp of shock and horror, jumping back slightly.

“Ugh.” Rainbow struggled for a moment, before gulping and regaining her composure. “Let’s…see the damage on him.”

Fluttershy got on, hanging onto Rainbow’s waist, as they speed, the duo looking over signs of a body or any bloody smears from where he could’ve landed, but found nothing. Rainbow slowed slightly, as she smelled something. Her nostrils flared as she raised an eyebrow, Fluttershy making a similar expression herself.

“Is that…?” The companion began to ask.

“Burnt leather and metal I think.” Rainbow said, looking around. “Must’ve been a mess.”

“How do you know what that smells like?” Fluttershy began to ask, as they drove on, following the tire tracks.

“Well…urm.” Rainbow said nervously. “I…oh hey look, I think that’s the car that hit him.”

The two stopped, and looked over a car, a large, expensive silver vehicle, it’s front head crushed against a wall, smoke rising form it. The strangest sight, however, was that the vehicle was cut in half, as though something had smelted right through it. The driver was nowhere to be seen either.

Rainbow drove a little closer, eyes narrowed. Whatever had done this, it had to either be a Stand ability or magic. Fluttershy and her looked around, weary of any attack.

“Stay alert.” She warned her friend. “And don’t touch anything without your Stand.”

They moved along, looking around, before Fluttershy spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw the smoldering remains of his trench coat. Rainbow followed her glance, and looked down at the tattered remnants of the jacket, before looking to her friend in worry. The two turned as they heard a deep chuckle, and a stomp.

To their left, was Onyx Buster himself, now dressed in a strange armored suit, charcoal grey in color, and with his crimson goggles affixed over his eyes. A red glow emanated off his body, as he smiled broadly at them.

“Bad mistake, Rainbow.” He said, waging a finger at her. “Let me get hit by a car is very rude.”

“You seem fine.” Rainbow replied, raising an eyebrow.

“I normally wouldn’t share.” He said with a shrug. “But my Stand Atomic Punk makes me untouchable.”

“Very arrogant of you.” Rainbow said, giving him a side ways glance. “No Stand is invincible.”

Onyx took a fighting stance, as the red energy glow intensified around him, even the concrete under his feet beginning to melt and soften. “Come and try it then. Hit me with your best shot.”

“I don’t need my best to even finish you off!” Rainbow shouted, grinning broadly, as she reeved up her Radar Love bike.
“Rainbow Dash, I really don’t think you…” Fluttershy said wearily.

“Don’t worry.” She said, lowering her head as she prepared her bike. “His Stand makes him hot. How will that stop a tire putting a dent in his head?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, starting up her bike and speeding forward. “Just hang on and watch me kick him to the curb!”
Radar Love sped off, smoke rising from its tires. Onyx smiled broadly in anticipation as he spread his legs out and braced for her to crash into him. Radar Love sped off, zooming towards him at blinding speed, before jumping high into the air, and falling towards him. Rainbow Dash grinned in anticipation for her front tire impact with his skull. However, Onyx merely sat there, glaring up at the Stand-infused motorcycle with a grin, tilting his head slightly. Just before the machine could come down on his head, he raised his arm above his head.

The tire crashed down, as Rainbow concentrated all of her energy on flattening him. She bared down on him, but nothing happened, only smoke rising from his arm, as she tried harder and harder to get her Stand to run him over. A red glow began to emanate from his arms, as he throw his arm sideways, tossing Rainbow and Fluttershy away. Rainbow twisted the handles of her bike around, and landed Radar Love on it’s tires, facing Onyx. He turned quickly, and flicked out his wrists, sending two bolts of red and orange energy at them, as Rainbow sped away to the left.

The two bolts impacted on the ground they once stood on, melting and burning away the ground, asphalt and all, until two smoking holes were left. Rainbow and Fluttershy’s eyes widened, as he turned on his heel to face them, his arms glowing once more.

“What kind of Stand is this?!” Rainbow demanded in shock. “I don’t see anything, not a punch ghost or any of that!”

“It’s right in front of you.” Onyx said, flexing his arms like a body builder. “The Stand is my second skin. I have all the protection a Stand can offer, with the added bonus of looking great in it!”

He clapped his hands three times, red and orange energy sparking off, and landing on the ground, the asphalt and road hissing and smoking where it landed, as he pointed at them with both fingers.

“Now, all I need is to either touch you, or get within my range, and I’ll melt you away.” He said wiggling his fingers. “Ever seen those little meteors and comets that get too close to a sun?”

“So, do we fight still?” Fluttershy whispered to her friend.

“Against a guy who controls magma, I don’t think so.” Rainbow Dash said begrudgingly.

“It’s plasma!” He protested, smoke rising from his body. “Plasma will burn a whole lotta lot worse!”

"Well, we’ll have to stay away then.” Rainbow said, turning her stand away and speeding off.

“You can’t run from me!” He roared, as he ran after them.

Radar Love sped off, tires and engine roaring as they sped off. Rainbow looked back slightly, as Fluttershy hung tightly to her waist, eyes narrowed. She had hoped that her first fight would be something fun and awesome, but facing a guy who apparently could burn like a sun was not fun nor awesome.

Fluttershy yelled over the sound. “What do we do now?”

“We get to the others,” Rainbow said. “or, possibly, lose him in the city.”

“Can we lose him?” Fluttershy asked. “Your stand…kinda stands out.”

“Well, we can’t get close to him.” Rainbow said. “Not until he turns down the heat. Then I smash his head!”

“There’s just one problem,” Fluttershy said nervously, as she pointed behind them. “He’s catching up.”

“What?!” Rainbow shouted, glaring back, bugged at the Stand user.

Indeed, as Fluttershy had said, Onyx Buster was catching up with them, the only thing Rainbow could see for certain was the smoke rising from his feet and the ground as he towards them, picking up speed, soon out passing any normal human Rainbow had seen. He soon stood neck and neck with them, as Rainbow watched him, too shocked to say anything. Was his stand allowing to achieve such high speeds in such little time?

“How are you doing that?” She sputtered out.

He grinned broadly at her, merely flexing his fingers. “it’s the heat. Now, sayonara.”

He leveled his right hand directly in front of her face, as his hand began to glow a bright red and orange color. As he fired, the bike lowered itself, leaning to the left and under the beam, as the wheels spun slightly, and swiped out, slamming into Onxy’s legs and sending him toppling to the ground. Radar Love righted itself as Rainbow drove onwards. She was almost ready to congratulate herself, before she stopped and glanced over her shoulder to see that Onyx’s body had vanished.
She almost stopped Radar Love, before shaking her head and picking up speed. In her experience those that stopped and gawked in horror movies tended to get killed the quickest.

‘I ain’t gonna be the first to die, I tell ya that much!’ She thought to herself as she picked up speed.

The ground rumbled near them, bubbling and hissing, as her and Fluttershy’s eyes widened, as the bubbling, melting mess of road and concrete followed them, leaving a hissing trail in its wake, before Onyx Buster himself rose up out of the muck he had created, bright red energy dancing off and around his body as he glared at Rainbow. He jumped forward, and bounded forward on all fours, and, as he got close to Rainbow again, before lifting up his right, and swiping it forward, like a massive cat swinging at a rat. Three bolts of molten plasma shot out, as Rainbow swerved to avoid them.

One struck the ground in front of her, melting it to slag, while the other two blasts hit her upper arm, and her check. She yelped in agony, as smoke rose from her wounds. She looked down at her arm to see the sleeve, skin, and muscle had been melted to the bone. Her eyes widened in horror at the damage that must’ve happened to her face.

The small fairy-like creatures of Beautiful Day flew out from Fluttershy’s back and hands, and began and mending and regrowing muscle fibers and tissues. Rainbow yelped in pain and shock at this, as Fluttershy concentrated.

“Please, I know it hurts, but could you please not react too badly.” She said softly. “It’s hard to fix you while you’re jumping around.”

“Alright, alright.” Rainbow muttered, eyes wide but focused on the road as she tried her hardest to ignore the hot stinging biting sensation running up and down her arm and face.

She noted quite quickly it was very hard to keep still with Onyx Buster right behind them, seemingly never losing his breath, and easily able to keep up with Radar Love despite the extreme speed. Rainbow began looking around, trying to find anything that could help with the escape. She swiped Radar Love’s wheels to the left slightly, knocking over a number of garbage cans, and checked behind her. Onyx didn’t even slow down, barreling straight through the trash cans, and melting straight through them, his legs burning through them like a match through paper, as he continued after her without stopping.

Rainbow grinded her teeth slightly as she tried to thick of something new. So trash cans were easy for him, but what was the limit of that power?

“Alright, so he can melt through a car and some trash cans,” Rainbow thought aloud. “Then just how far can he take that power?”

“He did compare himself to a sun.” Fluttershy remarked.

“Oh, right.” Rainbow said, before cringing. “That just makes getting close to him harder then biting into a fresh-cooked pizza.”

“It can’t be all that bad.” Fluttershy pointed. “If that is his upper limit, he would melt through the earth, and out the other side.”

“Yeah…like this one monster movie I saw once.” Rainbow said, scratching the back of her head. “Still, he’s heating things up pretty badly.”

“We need some time to get away from him.” Fluttershy said, tapping her chin. “Can you climb up walls with Radar?”

“Let’s see.” Rainbow said with a smile, as Onyx grew closer, the heat already making her sweat profusely.

She made a sudden left turn, across two lanes of traffic, cars honking and drivers screaming in anger and confusion at the sight of the two, as Rainbow drew straight up the wall of a high rise, drove upwards, until flying off slightly, and landing on the ceiling. Fluttershy stepped off, stretching her legs, as Rainbow leaned back slightly, kicking her boots up on the frontal dash of her Radar Love, brakes automatically launching out and keeping the Stand-bike balanced.

“So,” She said, looking to her friend. “How do we beat a guy we can’t touch or get near?”

Onyx Buster came to a stop and glared across the street at the building Rainbow had scaled up. He almost couldn’t believe his own eyes when he saw it, but there indeed was the streak mark that showed where Radar Love had rode up on. He carefully made his way across the street, careful not to attract trouble, as he came to wall she had driven up. Already, people were calling the police and authorities over what had happened, and he thought of running off and reporting his mess up.

‘No!’ He thought angrily, baring his teeth like an enraged dragon. ‘I didn’t come all this way to stop now.’

He thought over what he could do. Maybe he could bring the whole building down, but quickly decided against that. It was too showy, flashy and what draw too much attention. Besides everyone, including the Secret Emperor, always said he had no self-control or temperance with his ability. He had to show them he could just as smart as any of the other Stand users.

‘If I can do this, they won’t look at me like I’m just some idiot meat-head.’ He thought determinedly, running his hand along the wall. ‘I can think with more then just my fists, I just have to put it to work.’

He felt the heat rising from the markings on the wall, is Stand absorbing much of the heat that would’ve damaged his skin, as he stopped, his eyes widening. Of course, Rainbow’s own ability had given him the answer he needed.

‘I’ll climb up!’ He thought with a smile, before contemplating it for a moment. ‘Following right after would be easier, but to obvious.’

He ran around, racing all the corner to another wall on the other side of the building. He narrowed his eyes in determination, lips set in a thin frown, as he looked all across the building. The walls further away would give them more time to get away, but they wouldn’t hear him coming.

‘If I can surprise them, melt them down,’ He thought determinedly. ‘Then the Secret Emperor will reward me for life. Maybe even one of them Varangian Guard chicks will go out with me. I’ll show everyone who ever thought I was just an idiot!’

He continued running, ignoring some of the strange looks he got from the alley dwellers as he went by, heating rising from his form once more, before he got it under control. He couldn’t lose his way, or let his ability run wild. If he could control it and use it wisely, he’d be able to truly come back the victor. He stopped in front of a wall on the other side of the building, looking up and down it, before nodding and slamming a hand into the wall.

Closing his eyes, he concentrated, focusing the heat through his fingers, as the heat ramped up, the area under his hands melting away slightly, and opening up a part of the stone allowing his fingers to slip in and grasp the small space he had created, as he began to pull himself up. The Stand-clad man smiled triumphantly as he scaled the building, feeling excitement build in his chest. He had done it, he had shown them all who was the top Stand user, that he wasn’t just a big dumb idiot!

His entire body began to heat up, before he breathed in quickly and got control again, before he melted right through the wall. He threw himself over, and landed on the fire escape, as he breathed in several times, and calmed himself down. It was obvious he needed to keep himself under more self-control, but he had done what even he would’ve thought impossible at one point. He jumped from the fire escape, and latched onto the wall, and began crawling upwards towards the top of the building.

Rainbow and Fluttershy still stood on top of the building, discussing the best way they could counter Onyx buster.
“I think we have to somehow force him to overclock his powers.” Rainbow suggested. “He has to have an upper limit, or at least, a stopping point before he hurt himself.”

“I don’t know about that.” Replied Fluttershy. “We might hurt ourselves more then anything.”

“There has to be something.” Rainbow said, before trailing off.

Fluttershy frowned. “Is something wrong?”

“We escaped him, but don’t you think he’d still be pursuing us?” Rainbow asked. “We were right in front of him when we went up the building.”

“Maybe he’s heading off to the High school?” Fluttershy asked. “Or is that too dangerous?”

“Probably.” Rainbow said. “Sunset, and everyone would be too much for one Stand user.”

“Then he’s still after us.” Fluttershy said. “Let me, look around for a bit.”

“Do your thing.” Rainbow said, as several of the Beautiful Day stands flew out, flying out and over the sides of the building, their green forms flickering across the building as they flew quickly out.

The two waited, as Fluttershy suddenly gasped, and looked behind her. Rainbow’s eyes widened slightly, as she looked at her friend.

“Something wrong?”

“He’s coming up the walls behind me.” She said, terrified, standing there stiffly. “I’m not sure how he’s doing it.”

“Hmm. I got something in mind.” Rainbow said. “But it’s dangerous.”

“What is it?”

“I’m going to use you as bait.” Rainbow admitted. “When he gets up here, I plan to ram him in the side.”

“I trust you, Rainbow Dash.” Fluttershy replied. “Do what you need to to win.”

“Alright, wish me luck.” Rainbow said, getting on Radar Love and driving off towards the small access building and pipes near it.

Fluttershy recalled her Stands to her and waited. She, at first, turned to face to face the wall, but decided against it, as it would make Onyx suspicious. With little else to do, she waited, sweat rolling down her face slightly.

Onyx climbed up further and further, breathing hard as he pushed himself to get to the top. He grinned as he heard the sobbing from above, unmistakably Fluttershy. It looked as though she had been left behind, or injured. This would make his mission much easier to accomplish. He stabbed his fingers into the masonry once more, before pulling himself up and throwing himself over, large chunks of the building falling off behind him. He smiled as he saw Fluttershy with her back to him.

“What’s the matter, Flutters? Scared?” He asked, sarcastically

“My friend left me here.” She said, shaking her head. “All alone.”

“I feel ya, my friends ain’t up to much either.” He replied, cracking his knuckles as he stepped forward. “Why’d the o-so loyal Rainbow Dash leave you here though?”

“For a surprise!” He heard to his left.

Before he could react, a massive form slammed into his side, and grinded into his face. He groaned in pain, as he felt a wheel impact, and grind into his face, the engine roaring as it grounded him into the ceiling, smoke rising from his face and body. He panicked, tried to grab the bike and trying to increase the heat around himself and burn away the bike. Rainbow Dash kept on however, despite the heat, a determined glare in her eyes as she tried her hardest to crush him down.

Onyx, looking around in fear, rolled himself over, allowing Rainbow to grind her wheels on his armored back, before slamming his palms into the floor, and burning a hole through the ceiling, and disappearing into the building. Rainbow rolled away from the hole, as Fluttershy stepped up, watching the human sized whole go all the way down through the building. Rainbow turned to Fluttershy.

“We better leave, before he gets back up.” She said, starting up Radar Love.

“You don’t think that got him?” Fluttershy asked, jumping.

“No, I think we made him angry.” Rainbow said, turning and driving off, leaping over the building’s edge, and landing on a side street. “We need as much distance as possible.”

Onxy stood out of the hole slowly, groaning from the effort. He was injured, only slightly, from Rainbow’s attack and his fall. He stumbled to his feet, and looked around. Ruined machinery, broken pipes and sparking circuitry lay around him, and overhead. There was steam rising from the areas he landed and melted through. Yet, for all of the damage he did, and all the ruined pipe works all around him, no one had shown up yet.

Not wasting any time, he headed for the closest door, and ran out. He looked around for any sign of the two running off, running towards one corner of the building, then to the other, and peaking around the corners for any sign of his targets. He almost overlooked one of the back streets, before noticing something. The tire tracks just started. There was no sign of a turn or anything, as though they had just appeared in the middle. Of course, it could simply have been another driver applying pressure at this moment, but in a backstreet, where speed limits were slower. He leaned in close, pressing his face down briefly on the tracks.

‘Still warm, and still smell of burnt asphalt.’ He took a mental note. ‘Very recent.’

He began to contemplate perhaps leaving these here, before running off in the direction of the tracks. Even if he was wrong, he still knew his way to the High School. Worse come to worse, he’d have to call in back up at the school and make a mess. But, in the end, he would take them out.

He ran forward, heating up the area in his boots and feet, before rapidly cooling the area, allowing him to briefly achieve a state of zero friction, as he ran forward. He’d be on them in no time.


Author's Note:

That took awhile. Getting ready for College means I won't have as much time to work on this, but I still plan on finish it, don't you worry. Anywho, time to Talk Stands.

Radar Love started after watching Mad Max Fury Road and Road Warrior, with the idea of using vehicles as weapons and all. The intent was to capture Rainbow's basic personality, fast, robust and dangerous, and able to give a beating while also taking one itself. I named it after the song Radar Love, by Golden Earring, ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAvrBsp_ULU. When creating Radar Love, I wanted a song that captured the speed and high-octane aggressive Rainbow Dash is known for, but my two go-to examples, Speed King and Highway Star, the two that would've fit her best, were of course taken, I don't like using Stand names already occupied. I at first thought of Fox on the Run, but Radar Love is a personally favorite of mine, so I went with that.

Beautiful Day was inspired by the faeries of old Scottish, French and German medieval tales, of small beings that could either help you or harm you, based on their mood and the holiday and all that, or just if they felt like it. The idea also was inspired by the Parasprites, and the idea of Fluttershy taking these potentially destructive forces, and using them to heal and do so much more with them. I named it after the U2 song, Beautiful Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co6WMzDOh1o

Atomic Punk is a little different. A Stand bound to a suit around Onyx, I based it off a football player, smashing and crushing his way through anyone who gets in his way with sheer brute force, and Godzilla, who, in the movies could project radiation around into a pulse attack to blow up targets that try and touch him. He, like so many others, was initially planned for, but added as the story started to take shape. I named it after the Van Halen song, Atomic Punk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2JTCd_lLOg