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Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure:Stars of the Phoenix - Zillafire101

Sunset and the her friends come to gain new abilities and powers, called Stands, when a mysterious force arrives in town, and brings with it destruction and misery.

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Lunchroom Blitz Part 1

A figure watched the group from the third floor, a phone in one ear, as he spoke with his team. The guy furrowed his eyebrows, before speaking in a deep, cold voice. Much of his body was obscured in shadow and a long cloak. The room he in was a darkened storage room, hardly discernable from the other useless rooms the staff often threw their stuff into once they ran out of use.

"Team, I have eyes on our targets." He announced. "I see Rainbow and Fluttershy have rolled in, but there is no sign of Onyx Buster."

"What should we do, Cap?" Asked one of the voices on the line.

"We meet up, and contact the Boss." He replied simply. "Do not allow yourself to be followed. The Principal and Vice, and their staff, are on high alert for any suspicious activity."

"Do they have Stands to?" Asked another voice.

"No. We would've known." He answered, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Just meet up and get ready for new orders."

He waited a moment, as his team answered in with their 'Yes Sirs', before speaking again. "Are there any questions?"

"No sir" They all answered as one. He nodded with satisfaction, a brief, feint smile coming across his lips.

"Good, then head out now." He ordered, clicking the phone off.

He walked over to the window, looking out over it at the enemy team, thinking over which ones to go after first. The problem with such a large enemy team, was that they all had abilities that could be a threat to him, but the obvious was the leadership.

'Once Sunset and Twilight are taken out, their spirits will crumble.' He thought. 'But first, I need my directions.'

The door to the room creaked open, as the Man's Stand briefly flashed to life, before he saw it was his team. He put the Stand away, and beckoned them in. They all, though varying in height and weight, were all covered in cloaks and hoodies that hide their features and kept much of their bodies obscured.

He pulled out a special phone, as they gathered around, and hit a red button. They waited, their breathing shallow and quick, before it was picked up.

"Yes, Kentarch?" The Voice asked, impatiently.

"Secret Emperor, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have both returned to school, alive." The man reported, rubbing his chin slightly, before crossing his arms and leaning back slightly. "And Onyx Buster is no where to be seen. We need new orders."

"The school day is almost over, correct?" The Emperor asked.

"Just about." The Man replied.

"Disperse, and wait a day." The Emperor ordered.

"Why not take them now?" One of the other users piped up.

"I have a plan, so mind your place, Skoutatoi." The Emperor snarled coldly, before his voice returned to it's usual cold tone. "The plan hinges on Hot Space. Make sure it's user activates the power tomorrow, and that the school falls into chaos before attacking."

"Anything else, sir?" The Captain asked.

"Just remove the targets." The Emperor commanded. "Do that, be imaginative about it, and your rewards shall be most forthcoming."

"Thank you, Emperor." The Man replied, bowing his head, as the call ended. The moment the receiver went dead, he stood straight at attention once more, and grabbed the phone, before pointing to his team. "You all scatter like Miso and get ready for tomorrow. I don't care if you have the flu or get your nose chopped off. Show. Up."

As the school day drew to a close, Sunset and her friends gathered around near the front of the school, the red-haired Stand user looking around, as they circled up. Nothing stood out of the ordinary, but she couldn't help but feel like she was being watched. Yet, as she scanned the horizon, she could find nothing. She briefly contemplated using Ice Phoenix's powers to change her vision, before focusing back on her group.

"Alright girls, we've made it this far, I think we got this." She said, holding up the papers with all of the enemy Stand users on them. "We'll get out of here, study this and come back and get ready to push back."

"Seriously, we have homework to do?" Rainbow groaned, leaning her head over Radar Love's handles. "That's soooo boring. I thought we just fight people?"

"Rainbow, we have to know who to fight, don't we?" Twilight answered in slight annoyance, before looking back at Sunset.

"Yeah, we kinda can't go into this blind." Sunset explained. "This is much more dangerous then the Dazzlings or anyone else toying with Magic, and not understanding what they're doing."

"I got it." Rainbow said, with a roll of her eyes.

"Alright then, then we should be ready for tomorrow, ok?" Sunset said, looking around the group. "This is dangerous, but if we work together, as always, we should win."

The group nodded and each began going their separate ways home. The only way to know for certain, was to wait until tomorrow came, and with it, the moment of truth. Sunset lingered there for a moment, before looking around one last time to make sure she wasn't followed, and began heading home.

Sunset slowly walked up to the front door of the school with a crowd of other students. She groaned slightly, as she struggled against her own feet, that felt like cinderblocks. The night before had easiely enough, studying and memorizing the list for any names or groups that stuck out to her, but sleep had been more difficult, the sheer amount of enemy users the Doctor had memorized off-putting. Combined with that, she had almost slept in, misplaced several important homework assignments, and nearly missed her bus. The red-haired stand user groggily rubbed one of her eyes, as she marched up past the statue, and towards the front door, before stopping and yelping as someone ran up and wrapped their arm around her shoulder.

She almost jumped out of her skin, and activated Ice Phoenix, who rose up from behind her shoulders, fist raised to strike, before she realized it was Rainbow Dash, who had jumped back, holding up her hands, dressed in an aviator's jacket and aviator goggles on top of her head.

"Woah, woah, woah!" She yelled in surprise, holding up her hands. "Hold your fire!"

"Sorry Rainbow." She said simply, Ice Phoenix vanishing away. "I'm not feeling it today."

"Yeah, you almost blasted my face off." Rainbow muttered grumpily. "What's going on with you today?"

"I'm having a bad morning." She muttered, as they made their way to the front door. "Though you shouldn't go jumping on people in the morning. Or ever."

"Well, to be fair, you always are having a bad morning." Rainbow muttered with shrug.

"Let's just get inside, and talk about anything with the Stands..." She began, before opening the door, and almost jumping backwards in surprise.

Rainbow seemed confused as well, scrunching her eyebrow and looking around in confusion, before turning to Sunset.

"Is it warmer then usual in here?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you don't feel that?" Asked Sunset incredulously, looking around. "What happened to the A/C?"

"Maybe they'll be an announcement or something." Rainbow said, heading to her locker.

"Yeah, hopefully." Sunset said, starting to get lost in thought, before turning to her friend again. "You get where you need to, we'll talk Stand stuff at lunch."

"Gotcha." Rainbow snapping a finger and pointing a finger pistol at her friend. "See ya later."

Sunset dragged herself through the school, absolutely miserable and feeling drained already, before the day even started. After gathering her materials up and heading for the first class of the day, she began to wonder if perhaps this had something to do with any of the figures on the list? It seemed oddly coincidental that all of this would happen a day after the Stand battles from yesterday. She almost thought of manifesting Ice Phoenix, just to see any reaction from the crowd, before shaking her head and heading to the classroom.

As the rest of the class shuffled, looking miserable as well, the intercom buzzed to life, Principal Celestia's voice sounding over the intercom.

"Good morning students and staff, in case you didn't receive the message, our Air Conditioning, and back-ups are not working." She said, sounding like she was forcing herself to be chipper. "Please, keep focused and don't panic. If you have any medical emergency, head over the Nurse's Station and don't hesitate to seek help. Otherwise, let's all try and make this day the best."

'Oh, wonderful.' Grumbled Sunset, shaking her head. Just want she wanted. Highly dangerous Stand users coming after her and her friends, as well as torturous levels of heat on top of it.

With nothing else to do, she took a deep breath in, and concentrated on the lecture for today.

Sunset expected that, if there was one silver lining of sorts to the heat, she would at least get used to it, similar to having your hand in hot water. Instead, however, it seemed to over the next few hours, increase and go up and up more and more. By time lunch rolled around, she felt like there wasn't an inch of her body not covered in sweat. Even Applejack, someone used to working in miserable conditions, and Applejack, someone who often worked out in extreme heat, looked ready to drop by time lunch rolled around. Sunset grumbled and fumed to herself as she headed into the lunchroom.

"This heat is absolutely dreadful." Groaned Rarity, as she sat down at the table. "I wish I could've been warned ahead of time. My clothing was not prepared for a summer day. On Mercury."

"Yeah, this here is just...too much." Applejack muttered with a small nod.

Sunset nodded, as she began to eat.

Across the lunchroom, three others were gathered, one a tall man, the other two women, one looking over her computer as the other read from a history book. The man was tall and lithe, his thin frame, however, all muscle, as looked around, long red hair ending in black tips, with black lipstick applied. He wore blood red pants, and suit, connected over his bare chest with four straps crossed into two "X"s. The first girl was short, with wild brown hair, green and blue checker-pattern shirt and jeans, while the second was about Sunset's height, more athletic in frame, and dressed in dark purple business-like attire.

The second put down her book, and stood up slowly, walking around the table to her friend's computer.

"Are you studying...?" She began to ask, before her eyes went wide and she clenched her teeth. "The hell is this?!"

"No...nothing!" The brown haired girl said in desperation, trying to click off.

"I told you to focus and study!" The Purple One said, voice barely controlled. "Are you punking me, you damn street urchin!"

"I was!" The Brown haired girl claimed, desperately, looking around like a cornered animal.

"You're lying, unless a dimension-hoping psychopath is part of your class?" The second girl snarled, getting inches from her face. "Please, tell me, is a horse and a damn Biomechanical lunatic in any of your classes? Please, I need tp see this answer!"

The man sighed, as he covered half his face with his hand. "Can you two calm down, you'll attract attention before our mission can even start."

"I'm trying to keep this urchin from failing and being a dropout piece of trash!" The second snapped, eyes going bloodshot. "Since it seems I'm the only one that cares if this idiot fucks up."

"I'm sorry!" The girl said, covering her head. "It's just that, I try to concentrate, and then if it goes on too long, I get bored, and my brain will start to wander and..."

"It's fine Ivory Charm." The second said with a sigh, patting her on the shoulder, breathing deeply to try and calm herself down. "It's the heat, and the stress of the mission. Since we're about to start, you can read your little story as much as you want. Have fun."

"Before that, you have everything right?" The man asked, turning to look at them over his shoulder. "You've set your Physical Graffiti up, right Ivory?"

"Yes Blade." Ivory replied, nodding quickly. "Just say the word."

Blade gestured for her to remain. "Are you close to finished with your story?"

"Umm, yeah?" Ivory said uncertainly.

"Finish it, enjoy it, be fulfilled in it, then begin the operation." Blade said, looking across the lunch room at Sunset. "We must be relaxed, stress-free and fluid, as we go for the heart. An assassin never leaves him or herself unfulfilled."

Sunset looked around, eyes darting around, as she tried to see through the crowds of people and pick out any out of the ordinary. Twilight leaned in, as Deep Purple appeared beside her.

"You want me to send Deep Purple out to look around?" Twilight asked, gesturing with her head towards the Stand.

"No, let's just wait." Sunset said, holding out a hand. "It's better we stay together."

"But waiting?" Rainbow piped up. "Just, let them get ready? Come on, we all know there's some Stand users around. I can't be the only one that can feel it."

"Yeah, we should be ready in case there is a fight brewin'." Applejack said.

"If there is anything." Sunset said with a sigh, looking around once more. "A bad feeling doesn't mean there are Stands nearby."

Across the room, the three enemy stand users chuckled amongst themselves, as Blade turned to Ivory.

"Charms, time to prove her wrong." Blade said. "Let's start a little scuffle."

Ivory Charms smiled as she eyed her leader, and snapped her fingers. Her arms glowed with green runes, curving and edging around her arms all the way to her elbows, as two green eyes glowed out from her shadow, before disappearing in a flash. Blade smiled, as he brought up two fingers and signaled to the Purple-dressed young women.

"Ebony Moon, get ready. The moment punches start getting thrown," He said, bring a closed fist into the palm of his hand. "We smash them with no mercy. Like a Blitz."

"With pleasure." Ebony said with a wide, toothy grin. "Any you want done in first."

"Take off the head, the serpent dies." He said simply.

Ebony nodded, cracking her knuckles, as the two began to trace their way along the edge of the crowds and tables of the lunchroom. The two focused in on Sunset and her group, across the room, right as a series of green runes glowed across someone's hand. The person's hand clenched into a fist and swung into the next person. Blade smiled coldly, as he watched various other members of the cafeteria begin to develop the glowing runes and strange tattoos, before attacking each other. Soon, the whole cafeteria was a whole mess of students and even factuality fighting it out.

Sunset looked around in total shock, turning to her friends as they all stood up, Stands manifesting and ready.

"What in the world is wrong with everyone?" Rarity said, Blue Ruby preparing to fire a crystal round.

"Could this be the Stand?" Fluttershy asked, hiding behind Pinkie slightly, as Fun prepared it's arm canon.

"Maybe." Said Sunset. "I...I can't be to sure."

"If I may speak up." Deep Purple spoke suddenly.

"You were going to anyway." Sunset muttered.

"We observed a green substance spreading along the arms of certain peoples, right before the fighting broke out." Deep Purple reported.

"So, green stuff making them fight." Sunset said, as she and her group tried to wade past the growing chaos in the lunchroom.

"I don't think that's entirely it." Twilight said, as Deep Purple pushed two fighters "gently" out of her way, and into a wall. "I have another idea."

"What is it, Twi?" Sunset asked, as Ice Phoenix punched a flying tray into the ground, shattering it before it could touch Sunset.

"If the Green runes are controlling them, they should still be active, right?" Twilight pointed out to the crowd of fighters, all of them completely normal. "Yet, they're still fighting without being mind-controlled, as far as we can see."

"What does that mean?" Rainbow asked.

"In areas prone to heat waves and extremely high summers, crime and violence is much more common." Twilight explained. "And it's hotter then anything in here, right?"

"I think I getcha." Applejack said, her Stand boots activating. "Whoever is doing this, just built up the heat, and let the crowd do the rest."

"Very astute of you lot." Said a voice behind them in mock praise, clapping his hands. "Very, very astute."

They turned to see a man in a red suit, with long red hair and black tips, a women slightly shorter beside him, dressed in purple business attire, glaring daggers at them. He looked at them emotionlessly, eyes slightly narrowed.

"Let's not waste time with formalities." The man said, adjusting his suit. "I am Blade Strike, my partner here is Ebony Moon. My team was sent to remove you. Prepare to fight."

"You two against all seven of us?" Sunset asked, giving him a skeptical, sideways glance. "How does that work?"

"One of your Stands is highly situational, two are long distance, one is not meant for any combat." He explained, as a figure began to materialize behind him. "Three is still difficult. But nothing we can't handle."

Applejack, during this conversation, had angled herself just enough to launch an attack on his left. She charged forward, and jumped up, angling just enough to come down right on his head. He did not react, but something flashed outwards, intercepting her kick, as a sword materialized between his head and her foot, before pushing her away. Applejack landed on her side, rolled away and came back up, as Blade Strike's Stand fully revealed itself.

It was a tall figure, dressed in what appeared to be a red tunic, with chainmail going down it's body like a long trenchcoat, and mailed armor going over it's arms up to the elbow. It had a long scimitar-like weapon in it's right hand, held up to it's face, the glowing yellow eyes in it's masked face casting an eerie reflection on it's sword. The figure twirled it's blade, as it stepped apart from it's master, and raised it's blade to ready.

"Agharta, is what I have named it." Blade Strike explained. "It is has several advantages. Speed, strength, durability, and a strong sword to cut you all to ribbons."

"How over confident." Rarity scoffed, as her Stand activated, pressing it's hands together. "You can't win with a sword, if I hit you from afar."

"Try it then." Blade Strike muttered, looking at the back of his knuckles. "I will let you fire away."

Rarity did not notice it, not fast enough anyway, as green runes began to spread across her fingers and much of her arms. Twilight's eyes widened as she saw this, holding out a hand. She wanted to speak, but Deep Purple shouted before she could.

"Hold it, you idiot peon!" It snarled, eyes widening.

Rarity looked up in shock, as Blue Ruby materialized and fired, the green runes across it's arms as well, as it's arms turned at the last second and fired at Twilight. Deep Purple crossed it's arms in front of itself, and allowing the jewels to embed themselves into it's arms, before flexing it's arms outwards, and shattering the jewel projectiles. The figure shook it's head.

"I warned you, did I not Master?" Deep Purple said, turning to Twilight. "I warned her!"

"Not now, Deep Purple." Twilight muttered.

"Ivory works her magic, as always." Blade Strike said with a smile. "So, you were going to hit me at range? Please, hold your fearsome onslaught, I cannot at all handle it!"

Fun leveled it's arm canon at him, energy building up, as the lady named Ebony next to him, jumped into the air, her skin peeling and flying off, as her arms suddenly became much more muscular, and very hairy. The fur across her arms matched the purple color of her suit, as she swung a clawed hand at Pinkie. Fun barely brought up it's canon to block, before Ebony was on, swinging claw strike after claw strike at Pinkie and Fun, cutting deep cuts into the Stand with a feral cry.

"OH MY GAWD!" Pinkie yelled, as she narrowly dodged the deep gauging cuts into her body.

Sunset jumped over, and manifested Ice Phoenix not far from Pinkie, swinging a punch into the side of Ebony's face, and knocking her away. She immediately jumped up, getting on top of a table, as her teeth lengthened into fangs.

"The heck is wrong with you?" Sunset asked, half worried, half taunting.

"Absolutely nothing." Ebony declared. "Just my Stand coming into effect."

"That's...a really weird Stand ability." Sunset said, raising an eyebrow, as Ice Phoenix appeared in front of her, arms raised in preparation for a fight.

"How brave of you. Still willing to fight us even after the defeat of two of your members are out." Blade Strike said coldly, clapping his hands sarcastically again. "Such spirit! My cousin would adore you for your unbreakable will!"

"What do you mean two?" Applejack asked, as she prepared her boots for kicking. "I'm still in this here fight!"

"What about those green runes all over your ugly feet, dumbass?" Ebony said with a laugh, pointing. "Watch where you step, moron!"

Applejack looked down at her feet in surprise, and tried to take a deep a step forward, only for her feet to seemingly bolt themselves to the ground, not moving, as though her feet were encased in concrete.

'You gotta be kidding me!' She thought in agitation, as she glared at the unfeeling face of Blade Strike.

"Don't glare at me. That was one of my partners." He remarked, as he turned Agharta towards Twilight, Sunset, and the remaining members. "Blame yourselves for getting in the way of our purpose."

He turned, his glare as cold as a blizzard storm in Antarctica, looking at Sunset unblinking, as he slowly approached. Twilight positioned herself to Twilight's left, as Pinkie re-aimed Fun's arm canon at Blade Strike. Rainbow slowly made her way behind Sunset, leaning into whisper.

"I'm gonna find that Stand user, and punch her lights out." Rainbow whispered quickly.

"Twilight, go with." Sunset said, Ice Phoenix cracking it's knuckles. "We have no clue what this Stand can do."

"And leave you and Pinkie alone with these two?" Twilight asked, uncertain, as Agharta swiped it's blade along menacingly.

"We know what these Stands can do." Sunset said, stepping back into a fighting stance. "We just have to win."

"If you are quite done with saying your good-byes," Blade strike said, as Agharta twirled it's blade. "My Sword arm grows restless."

"Bring it then, Blade Strike!" Sunset declared, Ice Phoenix rushing forward, fists ready.

"You wish to compare the strength of our attacks then?" Blade Strike asked, as Agharta rushed forward, sword raised to the front of it's face, before rushing out.

Agharta's sword and Ice Phoenix's fist disappeared in a blur as they threw everything they had at each other, the air between the two flashing and sparking with energy as the two Stands truck at each other at blinding speeds.

"SUZUSUZSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZUSUZU!" Ice Phoenix yelled at the top o it's lungs, as it's struck out faster then light at Agharta.

"HAYDI! HAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDIHAYDI!" Agharta roared back, sword slashing and stabbing at it's foe.

The two's fists and sword disappeared in a blinding flash of light and color, a tornado of pure power as they both tried to gain the upper hand over the other, and sparking flashing whenever Ice Phoenix's hand connected with a part of Agharta's sword. Finally, after several minutes, Agharta withdrew from the clash of fists and swords, jumped over Ice Phoenix's attacks, and slashed outwards, cutting the arms just below the elbow, and slamming it's pummel into Ice Phoenix's face, sending the Stand and user sprawling on the ground.

Sunset struggled to her feet, as Agharta returned to Blade Strike's side. She wiped away the blood from her nose, now bent at an odd angle, as Ice Phoenix crossed it's arms in front of itself, and stood in front of it's master. Fluttershy sent out some of her Stands, the small little beings flying up, and healing and binding her wounds. Blade Strike laughed confidently, as he pointed out with two fingers.

"Don't you know? In the Hierarchy of weapons, the sword defeats any fist." He boasted, before counting down with his fingers. "It goes fist, sword, then gun. This hierarchy cannot be broken!"

Pinkie was suddenly at Sunset's side, Fun manifesting by her, it's arm canon raised, as Sunset smiled slightly.

"Is that so?" She said, as Ice Phoenix lowered it's fists, to a fighting position, as she looked to Pinkie. "I think then, I have the advantage, with my friend here."

"Oh?" Blade Strike said, scratching his chin.

"Yeah, sayonara bucko!" Pinkie declared confidently. "Now we fire away!"

"Leave it to you two to forget my team." He said with a confident smirk, as he flicked a finger to Pinkie's left.

Rarity, struggling against her own arms, tried to stop herself and her Stand, but to no avail. She slammed her hands together, as Blue Ruby did the same, a large crystal round screaming through the air. Fun barely brought it's free hand up into a fist, the Crystal embedding itself into the back of it's hand, before exploding out of Fun's palm and into it's shoulder. Pinkie yelled in pain, as she held her bleeding hand. Pinkie barely had anytime to react, before Blue Ruby fired off three more, though smaller, crystals.

Sunset jumped in front of Pinkie, Ice Phoenix crossing sending a barrage of punches at the crystal bullets.

"SUZU! SUZU! SUZUKU!" It shouted, punching everyone of the crystal bullets away, as they veered off course, and crashed into the tiles, leaving three small holes there.

Sunset's eyes widened slightly, as Rarity bite her lip nervously, giving Sunset an apologetic look, before Sunset lifted up a hand.

"Don't worry about a thing." Sunset said. "It's not your fault, we'll get this all fixed up."

"You wish, ass-bite!" Ebony Moon yelled, leaping over her table, and lunging at Sunset. Ice Phoenix materialized in front of it's master, holding up it's arms.

Ebony Moon swiped out with one clawed hand, slashing and cutting through Ice Phoenix's arm, as Sunset's own bleed in response.

"What, but only a Stand...!" Sunset yelled, confused.

"Yes, indeed, only a Stand can touch another." Ebony said, coming down on pad-like feet, a feral, sadistic gleam in her eyes. "But my stand is bound directly into my body."

She swiped out with her claws again, much faster then before, as Ice Phoenix and Sunset dodged and weaved, the claws coming inches from grazing the skin of the Stand and user. Sunset's eyes widened, as she popped her hips to one side, barely avoiding a swiping claw, lashing out with Ice Phoenix's left knee, striking Ebony Moon in the side of the head, and sending her sprawling on the floor.

'Those claws. I can't let those claws make contact with me.' Sunset thought, taking a nervous step back. 'I can't shake the feeling something bad would happen otherwise.'

"I'll cleave you in two for this!" Ebony Moon shouted, holding her bleeding face, and rising to her feet. "No mercy for the weak!"

"Calm yourself Ebony." Said Blade simply, arms crossed in front of him. "Use your head. That is what makes Stand users vicious. Not your destructive power."

"Attack as I attack. Overwhelm them." Blade said, stepping forward, as Agharta shimmered into existence beside him. "Give them no chance to defend against our strikes."

"Pinkie, Fluttershy, let me handle this." Sunset said, gesturing slightly for her companions to step back. "Let me handle these two."

"You could hardly survive my attack, without my ally," Blade Strike said with a chuckle, as he and Ebony began moving towards Sunset. "I think you are out of your depth."

Sunset looked at the two of them, sweat running down her face, as she began to try and gauge which one to attack first.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash looked around at the ensuring chaos of the lunchroom, students and facility alike caught in brawl, scuffles and battles all across the room. Twilight looked around, trying to find a clear path through.

"Where the heck is Principle Celestia and Luna in all of this?" She said aloud, as she jumped out of the way of two football players in a scuffle, landing in the way and almost crushing her leg.

"Someone locked the doors coming in." Rainbow said, pointing towards one of the doors that lead to the parking lots, with chains wrapped around the doorknob. "Heavy duty stuff."

"Well, finding the culprit should be easy." Twilight said, looking around the chaotic lunchroom. "We just find the person who isn't fighting."

"Or find the way that looks like a fashion reject." Muttered Deep Purple.

"That too." Twilight replied softly.

"Why do so many Stand users dress weird?" Rainbow asked, looking at Deep Purple, as though the Stand would know why.

"No time to ask that, let's keep moving." Twilight said, grabbing her friend's shoulder and steering them towards the back of the lunchroom.

The two looked around, trying to pick out any who were staying out of the fight, and hanging back and away from any throngs and gangs of other students. It got very difficult, as there just seemed to be no end to the lunchroom chaos going on. Chairs and tables flipped over, blood droplets splattered across the floor, and unconscious students sprawled out in random areas against the walls, on the floors, and even in the tray areas.

"I have feeling whatever Stand user did this, isn't going to get involved." Twilight said.

"You figure?"

"Strikes me as a troublemaker." Twilight said, scratching her chin. "Someone who wants to laugh as others do all the fighting for their amusement."

As she said this a voice rang out from the across the cafeteria. "Do you have to make it so hot in here? Beating the snot out of these idiots is hard enough without sweating my eyes out!"

The two turned to the sound of the voice, seeing a slightly shorter girl, standing over an unconscious man, her foot planted on her face as she talked over a phone. She wore a checker pattern shirt, and jeans, with three cuts across the thighs on the front and back of her pants. She held a cellphone to her ears, before stopping, her body stiffening as though she had been hit in the gut.

"Hold on." She said on the phone, turning her head slightly. "I have two idiots to beat up."

Rainbow raised her fists, as Deep Purple fully materialized behind Twilight, hands extended outwards for battle, it's eyes narrowed in anger at the enemy Stand user.

"So you two are like, Sunset's besties or somethin'?" Asked the girl, turning to them, as she readjusted the sunglasses on the top of her head.

"Yes, and we are here to stop you and your team from whatever evil plan you have in motion." Twilight declared, as Deep Purple stepped in front of her. "Now bring out your Stand, or surrender."

"Or don't." Rainbow said, cracking her knuckles with a grin. "We don't mind either option."

"Master, Peon, I am detecting a large amount of Stand energies heading towards us." Deep Purple reported, looking around slightly. "Like, a crap-ton of Stand energy. Holy shit, is it a lot."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked, before she saw a strange black and grey hand fly out the corner of her eye, and towards Rainbow's ankle.

Without thinking, she immediately had Deep Purple grab Rainbow by the waist, and jump up and away from the grey, shadowy hand. She looked around, to see that it was not only one hand she had dodged, but nearly a dozen or so reaching out and narrowly missing her and Deep Purple's ankles. She gasped, as the Stand hands withdrew and disappeared into the ground again. The two slammed down onto a nearby lunchroom table, looking around.

"How does she have so many Stands?" Shouted Rainbow, looking around erratically.

"It's just one massive Stand, just lot's of hands." Twilight explained. "Don't panic so easiely."

"I'm not panicking, just a little nervous." Rainbow said defensively.

"That's very astu....ascute...smart on your part Twilight Sparkle." The girl said, tapping her chin. "I like a smart opponent, makes things more fun and interesting."

"What the secret of your Stand? Bring it out and let's do this!" Rainbow demanded.

"Dude, I just don't go throwing out my Stand everywhere I go!" The girl said defensively. "Would you go telling people your kinks? Stand's are too important to just throw around in public!"

"Then we'll have to beat the information out of you." Twilight declared, jumping off the table, as Deep Purple and her glared at the challenger.

"Then go ahead." The girl said with a shrug. "I won't do a thing to stop you."

Twilight and Deep Purple quickly approached, focused on her as she gave a smug, arrogant smile, giving Twilight a sideways glance. Deep Purple reached back, and swung forward at her face. A multitude of grey hands flew out to intercept her fist, before suddenly retracting it's hand to it's chest, and swinging the other fist into Ivory Charm's stomach. The girl grunted in pain, doubling over and backing away, as Twilight and Deep Purple stood ready, the hands retreating from view once more as quickly as they came.

"I heard your Stand is unusually strong for it's type." Ivory Charm grunted. "Never thought it could be true."

"Who told you?" Twilight asked.

"Doctor Pezuna, of course." She said with a shrug, straightening now, despite the nasty bruise forming in her stomach now. "The other teams and the Emperor developed all their strategies around what Doc P told us about ya."

"He's still alive?" Twilight asked, a little surprised by the development.

"You won't meet him though." Ivory Charm said, readjusting her shades again. "Or any of the other new teams."

Twilight raised an eyebrow, as she moved to Ivory's left, as the user readjusted herself accordingly with her opponent's movements, the two circling each other. She had to figure out the details of this group, and most importantly, figure out who these new teams were.

Deep Purple swung forward, it's right hand heading towards Ivory's face, glowing with lavender energy. Ivory merely smiled, as six hands shot out form around her and latched onto Deep Purple's hand. Deep Purple struggled, trying to pry it's hand and arm free of the hands fist closed tightly as the Stand struggled against it's grip.

"Nice try, Twilight, but your desperation is your weakness." Ivory declared. "My Stand has marked you and your Stand's arm. You're now at my mercy."

"Not quite." Twilight said, despite the pain in her arm, and the visible hand prints on her own arm, nearly crushing her wrist. "I now know how your Stand works. The attack revealed everything."

"Eh?" Ivory said, smiling smugly at her.

"Those hands come form the shadows." Twilight said. "It's difficult to see at first, given how fast they are, but I saw them. You can only attack from the shadows."

"Nice, very nice, nice nice nice!" Said Ivory, clapping sarcastically. "But you still can't win. The grip my Stand has is unbreakable. Even the Secret Emperor's Stand would have trouble breaking such a grip."

"Fine then." Twilight said, unusually calm, before gesturing towards herself with her free hand. "Do your worst."

"Yeah, come on shit-breath!" Her Stand yelled at Ivory Charm.

"Jeez Twilight, does your Stand have a foul mouth." Rainbow muttered to herself, shaking her head, as she moved behind Ivory Charm, grabbing a tray in one hand, and preparing to throw it.

"I think your friends are rubbing off on you." Ivory Charm said. "That's good. Fighting an egg head would be so bo~oring!"

"I'm glad you're entertained." Twilight muttered, smiling as Rainbow stepped forward and threw the tray right at the back of Ivory's head.

The enemy Stand user didn't react, merely placing her hands behind her head, and leaning back slightly, as the tray sailed towards her. Suddenly, from the shadows, five more shadowy hands swung outwards and grabbed the tray in midair, suspending it and then tearing it apart in seconds.

"Very tricky of you two." Ivory said, waging a finger at Twilight. "Especially since I don't have eyes in the back of my head. Of course, does anyone?"

Ivory snapped her fingers, as her Stand's numerous hands released Deep Purple, revealing countless green runes burned into the Stand's arm, and Twilight's own. Twilight looked at the runes uncertainly, as Deep Purple returned to it's master, hanging by her protectively.

"Master, what do we..." Deep Purple began, sounding for the first apprehensive, before Ivory cleared her throat.

"Punch Twilight in the stomach." Ivory commanded, arms crossed in front of her. Deep Purple's eyes widened, as it's tattooed arm swung forward and hit it's own master in the stomach.

"What the heck Purple?!" Shouted Twilight as she doubled over, falling to her knees and gasping in pain.

"I have no control!" The Stand yelled back, seemingly just as terrified.

"I do though!" Ivory said, snapping her fingers. "Any limb marked by my Physical Graffiti becomes mine to command."

"Twilight, you alright?" Rainbow asked, running to her side. "That looked like a solid hit!"

"Yeah, fine." Twilight grunted, getting to her feet unsteadily. "Just, keep your distance."

"Deep Purple, grab Rainbow Dash and throw her out the window." Ivory commanded.

"Wait what?!" Shouted Rainbow as Deep Purple instantly turned, grabbed her by the collar and gave a mighty throw, Rainbow flying through the window and into the backlot of the school.

"Rainbow!" Twilight yelled running to the window. "Rainbow, are you alright?"

"Yeah, just hurting all over and wishing I was dead." Rainbow said, still facedown in the parking lot, but throwing up a thumbs up to Twilight. "Give me a second to not die."

"Your friend is gone, you are at my mercy, and my team's gonna win this." Ivory Charm said, pulling up a chair that had been thrown at someone in the lunchroom scuffle, and sitting down. "You could always surrender. I won't beat you as badly if you do."

Sunset looked at the two approaching Stand users carefully, as they both approached. Ebony bore a vicious, toothy smile as she flexed her claws, Blade's face, as always, unusually calm and unfeeling.

"Come now Sunset, we both know your weakness." Blade said, bringing a "V" gesture up to his right eye. "Your own friends. Would you care to hear what that weakness is?"

"Whether I say no or not won't stop you from talking." Sunset said with a shrug.

"This 'love', this 'friendship', you feel, blinds you, much like a drug." Blade said, shaking his head with a chuckle. "Indeed, you are just like many of the Stand users in this organization, before the Emperor saved them. Just on an emotional high, rather then from a needle in the arm."

"Oh, is that so?" Sunset said, cocking her head to one side, as she gave Blade a wry smile.

"That is why you lose, in the end, we have no such feelings, we assassins." He declared, Agharta leveling it's blade to strike. "Our victory is set in stone the moment we take the field."

"Well, maybe, maybe." Sunset said, as Ice Phoenix crossed it's wrists in front of itself. "But, there is something you didn't take into account."

"Hmmm?" Asked Blade, stopping for a moment, as Sunset smiled.

'Perfecto!' She thought, before speaking. "You may not feel emotion, but your sense of sight is all too important."

Light blazed from Ice Phoenix's hands, blasting outwards like flash of lightning, and turning into a slight beam of energy, hitting Agharta's blade, angling off, and striking Ebony in the eyes. Ebony yelped in surprise, bringing her claws up to her eyes to shield herself, as Sunset rushed at her, swinging a barrage of punches, before sending her flying away with one climatic punch. Sunset turned, Blade now looking in her direction in shock, the two only a few meters away. Sunset fixed him with a determined, confident glare, as she smirked.

"I recall you saying something about love being a drug." She said, pointing directly at him. "Well, looks like you underestimate just what drugs can do to somebody in a fight."

Blade's eyes burned with fury, but he said nothing. He couldn't give her the satisfaction of knowing she had hit him in a soft spot, emotionally. He would slice apart from this.

"What's with that expression?" Sunset taunted further. "I thought you said friendship was a weakness. Dare I say, it looks like you have a bit of friendship in you too."

"No, I'm just agitated you've made this fight harder then it has to be." Blade Strike muttered, with a sigh. "This does very little to stop your defeat."

Agharta swiped at ice Phoenix's neck, as the orange Stand leaned over to the left, until one hand touched the ground, before lashing out with both it's feet at Agharta's robotic knees. The Stand and user's eyes widened in shock, as he fell to the ground. Ice Phoenix jumped to it's feet instantly, leapt forward, and began pile-driving it's right foot multiple times into Blade Strike and Agharta's body with a long shout. Hitting the ground with one, final kick, Blade Strike grunted and groaned from the pain, holding his chest in pain, as he looked up at Sunset and her Stand with a glazed-over expression.

"You should probably give up." Sunset advised, looking concerned. "That injury can't be good."

"Now that you mention it, I think I'm bleeding inside my chest." Blade muttered, rocking to the left and right slightly, as he struggled to get up.

"Stay down. Fluttershy will you heal you enough to stop the bleeding." Sunset ordered, eyeing him coldly. "But only enough to heal that."

"Looks like I won't be the only one with serious injuries then." Blade said, a cold smile cracking acorss his face, despite the blood dripping from his split lip.

"Sunset, big problem behind you!" Pinkie shouted,

Sunset turned, as 2 Steppenwolf creatures leapt at her, clawed hands raised to strike, and saliva and drool dripping from their fangs as they rushed at her. Sunset grimaced, eyes widening in shock, as she quickly delivered an uppercut with Ice Phoenix to one, sending it flying backwards, as swung it's hand forward, before being shot by Pinkie, a blast of pink and blue energy sending the creature flying off towards one of the food carts.

"Thanks Pinkie." Sunset said over her shoulder, as her pink-haired friend gave a big thumbs up, before drawing a little closer. 'But how did Ebony replicate herself? Is that part of Steppenwolf's ability?'

She looked closely at the two downed Werewolves before her, and saw that neither had Ebony Moon's trademark purple fur. One was blue with black highlights, the other red in color. Were they frauds? Illusions? Sunset began looked around, before noticing Ebony Moon herself, standing among a host of other Werwolves, she herself now with gold letters across her arms and the sides of her body spelling "MOON" repeatedly. Sunset narrowed her eyes slightly as she stepped backwards, jumping over Blade's body.

"I noticed you grew intensely terrified of my claws in our first melee." Ebony admitted, scratching her chin with a clawed hand as a twisted smile spread across her animalistic features. "For good reasons. The toxin within them would've effected you like the rest of my pack."

"Your pack?" Sunset asked, Ice Phoenix raising it's fists.

"Yes, the moment these claws touch skin, you are already mine." Ebony said, chuckling as the rest of her pack starred at her expecting orders.

"So, you must be the Alpha, right?" Sunset asked. "Like, most wolf packs."

"Actually, that's a common error among braindead shitheads like you." Ebony said confidently. "Wolves usually follow the oldest male and female in hunts and such. It's because those two are the parents of the pack. But yes, I am the leader of this pack."

"Alright, I beat you down, and that's all that will need to be done." Sunset said, glaring at Ebony determinedly. "And trust me, Ice Phoenix and I are ready to put you down like a dog."

"Well, since you're a feisty little bird, I plan to pluck every feather and piece of skin off your body." Ebony Moon said with a confident grin. "If my pack leaves anything left of you."

Pinkie Pie was suddenly at Sunset's side, Fun manifested fully, and arm canon raised and readied for battle, as Fluttershy got back-to-back with them, forming a triangle. Sunset wasn't sure of how Pinkie got to her so quickly, but chalked it up to Pinkie being Pinkie, and was just grateful her friends was at her side to fight. Blade, meanwhile rose, and stepped to their left, as though to let the savage horde of Werewolves past, as he leveled Agharta's blade at them, as though aiming a rifle at a target.

"There are too many of them." He said calmly. "You will fall, either by her claws, or my Stand's sword."

"All I need is my fists, Pinkie's canon, and Fluttershy's healing powers, to put you all down." Sunset declared, bringing her finger up and jabbing it in their direction. "Now either quit talking, or come and see what the power of our bonds of friendship can accomplish."

Blade Strike gave a feint, confident smile, as he stepped forward, Agharta's sword readied, while the numerous Werewolves growled and snapped their jaws in excitement. Sunset merely took a deep breath as she prepared for the coming battle ahead of her.


Author's Note:

Sorry I'm a bit late. I intended to publish this yesterday, but I was so hyped for Vento Aureo yesterday, it slipped my mind completely. Anyway, here's the latest part, and one of the two last parts before the group leaves the high school. For those who designed Stands for the story, yours will be used after the Human 7 leave, so don't worry about being forgotten or anything.

For this chapter, I decided to change things up a little with the battle. The four I developed for this was based on the Bucceleratii's Gang, or La Squadron, with the four acting like a bunch of brothers/siblings, and having that sort of dynamic. It was fun developing and creating a group that seems so opposed, yet are tightly connected with one another. However, I ran into some problems writing it, and originally wanted to include a shout out of sorts to the Bridge, a far superior fic by Tarbanto, but decided to rewrite the scene, with Ivory reading it on her computer, before Ebony catches her and severely berates her. Instead, Ivory is merely reading about Vezon, a character form Bionicle. If you haven't read the Bridge yet, I highly recommend it. A must read for anyone, Godzilla fan or not. You can read it her

Still, I didn't want to forget The Bridge, as it was the main influence for me writing this, so I rewrote Blade Strike as a Rule 63/male foil to the character of Blade Dancer, being stoic, passionless and professional in everything. His Stand, likewise, went through a number of rewrites. Originally, it was to be a close combat punch ghost, but I decided there were too many, before going to something like Bad Company, but with a Middle Ottoman Army of Janissaries, Siphais, Bombards and the like. Then I wanted to make it a goo that could spread across the school and suck in any Stand users. Finally, I settled on something like Silver Chariot. The Ottoman/Mameluke influence never left, and his armor and weapons are meant to resemble Mirror Armor and a Scimitar. His Stand cry "Haydi!" is derived from the Turkish word for "Come on". His Stand is named after the Sami Davis Album https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agharta_(album).

Ebony Moon is worked to be a foil to him, being easily pissed, has a hair-trigger temper, and a savage disposition beneath her professional appearance. As such, Steppenwolf was designed to reflect this. It was based on a nightmare I had once, combined with aspects of Scary Monsters. Likewise, Moon was supposed to have another type of Stand, a close-combat Punch ghost, but based on Destoroyah from Godzilla, Tyranid Warriors from Warhammer, and Xenomorph drones. It would create an acid from it's hands that could melt even oxygen particles, but I decided for something a little more grounded, and less OP. Steppenwolf is named after the band of the same name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steppenwolf_(band).

Ivory Charm was created with Narancia in mind, just a goof struggling to do her own thing and get through life. Her Stand was designed to reflect this easy-going, yet potnetially dangerous ideal, with Physical Graffiti being an actor in the shadows, and based on Native American Shadow Walkers/Shadow People and such. The runes it leaves behind are based on Native American and Celtic warpaint their warriors would apply before battle. It is named after the Led Zeppelin album of the same name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Graffiti