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Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure:Stars of the Phoenix - Zillafire101

Sunset and the her friends come to gain new abilities and powers, called Stands, when a mysterious force arrives in town, and brings with it destruction and misery.

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Lunchroom Blitz Part 3

Sunset looked around herself, as she took up a fighting stance, and prepared both herself and her Stand for battle. She didn't know what Ivory could have in store for her, but so far away from her friends, she wouldn't make any sort of risk without making sure she had the complete advantage over Ivory. She steeled herself, as the shadows, from under the tables, windows, and behind Ivory seemed to bubble and shift, as though it was water playing host to some unknown creature.

Sunset was about to play her next move, when she jumped upwards, turning and craning her neck to see several long, tentacle-like limbs ending in hands trying to grab onto her ankles. She landed a fair distance away, as she tried to rethink her options.

'So her Stand moves in darkness?' She thought quickly, looking around for the next attack. 'This should be easy enough to deal with, with what Ice Phoenix can do, after all.'

The younger Stand user stepped backwards slightly, as several more hands latched out from the right and left of Sunset, trying to grab and wrap around her wrists and arms. Ice Phoenix sent out a barrage of punches all around, sending the flailing limbs away.

"SUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZA!" Ice Phoenix shouted, sending the limbs back into the shadows. Sunset narrowed her eyes, slightly confused.

'One Stand right? How does it attack from two different directions?' She thought, Ice Phoenix glaring at Ivory Charm, almost boring a hole into her face with the Stand's intense eyes.

Sunset set herself down once more, waiting for another attack, eyes darting back and forth from the various shadows for any sign of movement and attack against. She saw a limb of some sort moving along the ground to the left, almost behind her, reaching out towards her ankle, as Ice Phoenix turned, covering her back and slamming it's palms together, right fingers pointing up, left fingers pointing down, as light flashed outwards, dispelling any shadows near her, and causing the limb to burn away, link a newspaper throw into a fireplace.

She raised an eyebrow, as Ivory didn't even react. Sunset was confused as ever by this. A Stand that could appear in multiple areas, and the user wasn't effected when it dissipated? Surely, a difficult Stand, but not something she wasn't too afraid of facing. Still, Ivory was focused, a glare of such raw intensity, Sunset almost wanted to back down. Almost. She had another hypothesis on how to defeat this Stand. It would require putting herself at risk for a moment though.

'No risk, no reward.' She thought, as she started running straight towards Ivory, Ice Phoenix out and read to go.

She got within 8 feet of Ivory, before several more hands reached out from the shadows, a loud hiss, like escaped gas of some sort, being let loose from a valve. She jumped back, and sent Ice Phoenix forward, fists swinging outwards in a rush of furious fists, ice Phoenix's eyes blazing like twin sun cast in hellfire.

"SUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZAUSUSZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZA!" It roared at the top of it's lungs, fists swinging into the walls and floors where these "stand hands" were coming out.

Sunset looked closely at the areas her Stand was attacking, as the limbs snaked out to try and attack her, noticing that Ice Phoenix's fists were simply going through them, and hitting the walls and floor that were enclosed with shadow. She called back Ice Phoenix and jumped backwards, only to feel something wrap tightly around her left ankle. She looked behind her, eyes widening. She had forgotten the shadows behind her, from under a table, and walked right into those hands.

"You're marked Sunset!" Ivory declared, pointing at her.

Sunset waited, not worried at all. She couldn't harm it directly, it disappeared with light, and could appear in any direction from any shadows. This was dangerous now, being 'marked', whatever that meant, but it didn't bother her much. Whatever happened, it would give her the chance to learn Ivory's strengths and limitations. For a moment, she wondered if she should've waited for Twilight to heal, or waited for the group, but it was a little late for that now.

'Rushing ahead was dangerous.' She thought, raising her arms in a fighting stance. 'But I didn't expect for this one to pop up and be ready to fight so soon after fighting Rainbow and Twilight.'

She waited a moment, before the Stand's arms retreated from her ankle before running at Ivory again. The younger fighter appeared nonplussed, and merely crossed her arms in front of her.

"Stop." She said quietly and strongly.

Sunset gave her questioning look, before her left leg suddenly halted, bolting itself to the ground, and refusing to move, despite Sunset flexing and moving her muscles to try and attack. She looked down at her leg, her eyes widening, as she saw various green, glowing runes running along her leg, burning brightly, and yet she felt nothing.

"Soon, Sunset, I'm gonna use you to beat down all of your friends." Ivory warned darkly. "And send you to the Boss with your own two feet, walk you all the way there myself."

"Spoken threats are empty threats." Sunset said, tilting her head back slightly. "I don't take anyone seriously who tries to intimidate me with just words."

Ivory didn't show any sign of acknowledging her insult, only nodding slightly, before smiling slightly to herself, and snapping her fingers.

"Ice Phoenix, kick your master's legs out from under her." Ivory commanded.

Ice Phoenix appeared to Sunset's right, and immediately, with it's left leg, also marked it's masters own, swung out in a low sweeping roundhouse kick, hitting Sunset with a wet thwack and a horrible snapping of bones from her legs, as she was sent spinning away, landing hard on the ground face down some feet away from Ivory. She struggled to rise, unable to feel anything in her legs, as blood seeped out. She groaned and bite down hard on her lip, trying blood, as a tear began to run down her cheek.

Ice Phoenix barely rose from it's master, it's legs crumbling away, as it floated near her, both Stand and user now glaring and focused entirely on Ivory. The Skoutatoi Stand user laughed, raising both her hands to her face and beginning to cry herself, before holding her stomach as though in pain.

"This is wonderful! I don't think you can walk to my Boss anymore." Ivory taunted, whipping a tear away from her. "Perhaps you need to hit leg day a little more?"

Ivory laughed heartily, pointing at Sunset again, as more limbs from her stand appeared out from the shadows.

"I'll mark up your whole body, and use your own Stand to beat you to death." Ivory declared, glaring at with as a black fire appeared in her eyes. "I think that will be the best rout to taking you out. Sayonara Sunset."

The limbs rushed at Sunset, as Ice Phoenix pointed a finger, as though making a fake gun, and fired a thin beam of light of light from it's finger after a few seconds, the beam flying outwards, and burning through most of them, as Sunset swept her finger around, burning away the limbs and shadows within seconds. She then aimed it at Ivory, who tried to get away, only for the beam to hit her directly in the left shoulder. Ivory groaned in pain, grasping her shoulder in pain, as Sunset stopped the beam, as Sunset breathed in deeply.

"My legs may be out, but I'm not going down without a fight." Sunset declared, grinting her teeth still from the horrible pain in her legs.

Ivory felt panic rise in her chest, before clamping down on it, biting her lip and breathing in from her nose repeatedly. She might've panicked in the past, and let Sunset get in her mind, but that was then. She didn't have time to do that now, not with EB counting on her to win!

'I conquered my heart. I'll never panic again!' She declared to herself, stepping towards Sunset once more, still holding her injured shoulder. 'I'm going to claim my place in the organization with my own two hands, and make EB proud!'

She wouldn't let Sunset's light powers overtake her. She had to neutralize Ice Phoenix and keep Sunset from bringing her abilities to bear. She wasn't sure if she could, but she wouldn't let doubt take her down today, not after EB had placed her trust in her.

The shadows to Sunset's right bubbled and frothed slightly, as she snapped to attention, Ice Phoenix instantly turning and firing a searing beam of light at the shadows, dispelling them, and leaving a burned, scorch mark on the ground, before the shadow to her left moved as well. Ice Phoenix turned, slamming it's other fist into the ground, and creating a bright flash of pure light at her target, also dispelling those shadows. Sunset, knelt down, going flat on her right shoulder, as she glared up at Ivory, breathing hard. Sunset knew she couldn't keep up with this. The amount of energy to create and maintain these light blasts and beams was far too much, especially with her grievous injuries.

Ivory didn't say anything, merely glaring at her enemy intensely. Sunset had seen many Stand users now, and that look, was one she recognized quite well. Not just a murderous intent, but one of rage. Sunset was reminded of herself a few years back, but didn't worry about that. If Ivory wanted to walk this path, there was nothing Sunset could do but keep her friends from being harmed and make sure the school was safe, as Celestia had entrusted her with.

"Well, come on Ivory, aren't you gonna attack?" Sunset asked, motioning towards herself. "Come on, you want to beat me down? Indulge your obsession to the fullest and do it already."

"My plan is already in motion, and you." Ivory paused, as Sunset suddenly felt multiple limbs latch on and wrap around her arms and shoulders, as she struggled against them, before more also wrapped around her Stand as well. "Are already strung up."

Sunset glared at Ivory, struggling in vein against the iron grip the tendrils had on her, surprised by them. They didn't look that strong, but even her Ice Phoenix couldn't break free of their grip. Sunset cursed under her breath, shaking her head slightly. What a lousy way to go, beaten to death by her own Stand, by a overly pissed off little brat. Still, Sunset would not give her the satisfaction of hearing her beg for mercy or cry.

Ivory approached, rubbing her chin slightly, a hand on her hip as she looked Sunset over, the green runes from her Stand slowly spreading over her shoulders and arms. What was she to do with Sunset now that she had one. Of course, beating her to death with her own Stand would be satisfying, but she still needed to deal with the others. She'd use Sunset as bait, then, and let her beat her own friends to death with her own Stand. That would be a satisfying way to end these rogues once and for all, and finish what EB and the rest had started. Ivory pulled out her phone, and hit a button, bringing another teammate to speed dial.

"Hey, Hot Space, it's Ivory." She said into the phone it was picked up. "Half the team is out. I'm all that's left."

She waited, hearing him ask a dozen question, before calmly answering him, interrupting his rambling. "Listen, I've dealt with Sunset Shimmer. She'll be my doll that I use to beat down her teammates and friends and such. Just sit tight."

She waited as he began blabbering on again, sighing and grumbling under her breath before she interrupted him again. "Listen, I don't..."

She stopped as she heard the sharp shriek of a stool scrapping hard against the tiled floor, if just for a moment. She immediately hung up and turned around, ready to fight. Her eyes locked on Twilight, her foot having hit a stool cast aside, and sending it skidding away. Twilight's eyes were wide with shock at the sight of both Sunset held up by the hands of Physical Graffiti, and her legs splintered and shattered by some force that had hit them. Ivory glared directly at Twilight, the hatred for her foe not gone at all, now intensified to a further degree then before.

Twilight looked well now, her arm and legs reattached, with only a few thin scars where she had made the brutal, bloody cuts. So, it looked as though Twilight was ready for another round of fighting. Ivory would oblige her then. Twilight didn't react at first to any of this, looking to Sunset, then Ivory, with a blank expression on her face, before her expression became much angrier and focused, glaring out the tops of her classes. Deep Purple appeared behind from a miasma of purple haze, glaring at Ivory with eyes that looked like melting saucers, teeth bared.

"Limbs, remove or no?" Deep Purple asked it's master.

"Depends on how I feel in the next five seconds." Twilight answered crossing one arm across her shoulder, as she pointed to the ground in front of her. "And on how you decide to move Ivory."

"What do you...?" Ivory asked, stepping forward, her face confused as ever.

"Wrong move." Twilight said sternly, as Deep Purple jumped upwards, crawled along the ceiling, and landed within the span of only a few seconds in front of ivory, and swung an uppercut into Ivory's gut, knocking her away.

Deep Purple stood over Ivory, breathing deeply as violet mist escaped outwards with a hiss. The Stand raised it's fist once more, ready to deliver another punch to Ivory's face, before she cupped her hands in front of her, as though holding a small bird within, and as a whip-like creature snapped outwards. Deep Purple reared back, trying to grab or punch the thing, before backing away, as the tendril hit the Stand's pinky. Deep Purple tightened it's fist, and tried to swing it's arm back, to pull Ivory away, but only succeeded in getting the tendril to extend further and further out.

Twilight and her Stand grunted in shock and surprise, as she pulled away again, trying to get the thing away from it's master. Deep Purple turned to Twilight, shaking her head.

"This is going to shit. This one little arm thing is stretcher then gum or rubber!" Deep Purple yelled to it's master, as green runes burned themselves across it's pinky.

"Return to me, Deep Purple!" Twilight ordered, growing nervous, as Ivory stood up.

Ivory uncapped her hands, dispelling Physical Graffiti's small limb, as she glared at Twilight and her Stand, which was now side-by-side with it's master, looking over it's shoulder at Ivory. She didn't seem bothered by the Twilight or her Stand, studying the two intensely, but otherwise calm as could be. Twilight was taken aback by the abrupt change in Ivory's direction. Whatever happened between her fight with Twilight, and her standing here now, must have been serious.

'She is just as deadly as before, but much more patient and less murderous.' Twilight noted mentally, looking around for something to use to her advantage. 'And, despite being less outright bloodthirsty, it just makes her more dangerous then before.'

At least when Ivory was a psychotic mess, Twilight could use that to outsmart her, or rely on Ivory's tunnel vision to do the work for her. Now? She had a feeling Ivory wasn't going to lose her focus on winning or let anything distract her, be it a physical or mental distraction. Twilight, however, wasn't to bothered by this. It just meant she had to get creative, and she had no problem with that.

'Creativity is the essence of science.' She mentally declared, as she stepped towards Ivory, taking every step slowly and carefully to reach her foe, as Ivory merely crossed her arms, and took out her cell phone to look at.

Twilight furrowed her eyebrows, but kept moving, before Ivory looked up at her, looking at her for a moment, frowning slightly. "Sunset, use her Stand to deal with your friend here."

Twilight's eyes widened in surprise, as her jaw went slack. Sunset looked on in shock, as Ice Phoenix came out, fists raised in a fighting position, green runes burned all along it's surface, from finger tips to shoulders. Twilight turned, bringing Deep Purple in front of herself, as the Stand crossed it's arms in front of it's master. Twilight knew defense was the most important thing. Sunset's Stand was far more offensively capable then hers, and hesitating even once would be deadly.

As it turned out, she didn't have long to wait. Ice Phoenix rushed outwards, fists flying at lightning speeds, as Deep Purple blocked every one of it's punches, tanking blow after blow, despite the power behind them.

"SUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZA!" Ice Phoenix yelled, as it blasted away. Deep Purple and it's master grunted under the assault, before Deep Purple dipped down, and slammed it's shoulder into Ice Phoenix's chest, knocking the Stand away.

The Stand repositioned itself, and rushed forward again, swinging to punches, before swinging an uppercut into Deep Purple's chest. Twilight hacked and coughed, groaning from the impact, and backing away, as Deep Purple raised it's fists, glaring in determination at the enthralled stand.

"You would get into a punching match with your own friend?" Ivory taunted, not looking up from her phone. "What if you kill her? This doesn't seem very smart to me."

"Oh, don't think I don't have a plan." Twilight said with a grim smile, as Deep Purple floated towards Ice Phoenix. 'I just hope I can live to see this plan through.'

Ice Phoenix let out a yell, as it began swinging punch after punch after punch, as Deep Purple did the same. Their fists clashed, either missing each other, or slamming into one another and causing their knuckle braces to crack from the impact, energy flickering and sparking between the two as they clashed. Ivory had put away her phone, watching the two clash, as Deep Purple backed away slightly, leaning away, and dodging one of the punches, before swinging a punch into Ice Phoenix's face, the orange-yellow stand stopping slightly, it's face cracking and crumbling slightly.

A moment passed, as nothing happened, before Deep Purple broke off and backed away again. Ice Phoenix floated away from it's master, before stopping, focused on Ivory, as though she was the reason it couldn't get at the target.

"What the heck is going on?" Ivory demanded, before pointing at Twilight. "Attack her, right now!'"

"Out of range." Sunset said, half relieved, half tired. "Ice Phoenix can't touch her."

Ivory snarled to herself in anger for not seeing this coming. But she took a deep breathed, and stepped forward, back straight, as she readied herself for this. EB had placed her trust in Ivory, after all, and Ivory intended to show her Big Sister just how far she had come for the mission.

"I won't lose here. I've gone too far to fail now!" Ivory declared, snapping her right arm out to her side, as she approached. "Victory will be the greatest reward from here."

Ivory pointed out with her other arm, as numerous clawed hands snapped out towards Twilight, who back flipped away, them, Deep Purple in front of her as a quasi-shield of sorts. She landed a few feet away, as more the shadowy limbs broke out and began snaking and swirling around Twilight. Her eyes darted about as she took stock of the situation, before throwing Deep Purple forward. Ivory merely laughed.

"Ha! Is that it? There's no way your stand could....Hrrgk!!" She shouted, as a cataclysmic punch slammed into the side of her face, the impacting sounding off like a shotgun blast.

Ice Phoenix pressed it's fist into the side of Ivory's face, pushing her towards Deep Purple as she gagged and struggled against the Stand. Ivory looked on in shock and fear as Twilight stood up, a confident smile on her face even as Ivory's Physical Graffiti still kept moving and snaking towards her.

"Next you're probably going to say 'But how, I have control over Sunset!', am I right?" Twilight said, pointing at her downed friend. "But you remember what my Stand can do, with altering mental commands and installing orders and such?"

Ivory stepped away from Ice Phoenix, opening her mouth to speak, but shutting it once more, cringing with agony as she held the side of her face that had been hit with Ice Phoenix's punch. Her injuries were horrible, yes, but this was nothing she couldn't get through. She just needed Physical Graffiti to carry through and wrap up Twilight and Sunset, and finish this fight once and for all.

She straightened herself, as her Stand arms lashed out. No matter what, she would give it her all. Twilight and Sunset both smiled, as their stands cock backed their arms, and sent out a barrage of punches into Ivory's body.



After a solid minute of nothing but punching the two stopped, letting Ivory's broken and bleeding form slump to the ground, her stand fading away from view, the arms, inches away from Twilight's ankles, peeling away, as the runes covering Sunset's arms and legs disappeared, glowing brightly, before disappearing in full. Sunset smiled, as Twilight gave her a thumbs up.

"Hey Twilight thanks for the help and all." Sunset said, completely relaxed.

"That's what friends are for." Twilight said with a nod. "I know you'd do the same for me."

"Well, speaking of doing things for others, could you do one small thing."


"Get Fluttershy over here," Sunset said, forcing a smile, her voice surprisingly relaxed and cheerful still. "I think I'm bleeding everywhere now from the legs."

It took a quite a few minutes to mend the wounds Sunset had suffered, the bones, tendons and muscles needing to be healed, broke back together and set back into position. Overall, even the healing process was painful, even compared to the pain of getting hit. Sunset knew she was lucky the blow was generally harmless, and that, with the damage to her legs, she could've severed an artery and been in real trouble. She wondered if anyone could survive a hit to the legs from a Stand stronger then hers, but didn't dwell on those thoughts, slowly getting to her feet and getting her legs used to walking again.

"Now, we need to find the last Stand user." Sunset said, hobbling over to a wall, as the rest of her friends, including Vinyl Scratch, watched her carefully.

"If this last one wasn't here, where could he be?" Rarity asked, looking around the ruined lunchroom.

"She mentioned a guy named Hot Space." Sunset said, pointing around with one finger. "He's probably the one jacking up the heat."

"Where to begin looking for him though." Rainbow said, scratching her chin. "A jerk like that could be hiding anywhere."

"Heat particles tend to rise." Twilight said, gesturing upwards with her head for emphasis. "If he was smart, he'd be downstairs."

"I may have the answer to you question." Vinyl's Stand spoke up in it's usual booming tone. "If you will all leave this place, I can locate this troublemaker."

"Alright, let's see what you got." Rainbow said enthusiastically, sitting up from Radar Love with a grin.

"Sound waves, right?" Sunset asked, as she carefully and slowly stepped away from the walls to stand on her. "Can they travel throughout the school."

"Yes, my master uses them to listen to head phones, while looking out for incoming teachers and such that would take her headphones." The Stand explained. "I have never tried it, but sending waves of sound around the whole school shouldn't be too hard."

The group made their way to the cafeteria doors, leading to the rest of the school, and with a flash of energy, Ice Phoenix and Deep Purple appeared, and smashed down the doors with two well placed kicks into the center of each door, knocking away the doors, the chains and lock meant to keep them from moving. Sunset nodded slightly to herself. It made sense they wanted no to get out, but chains didn't seem the best way to go about it, especially with Stand users.

Not dwelling on that, Sunset stepped out of the way, as the whole group allowed Vinyl and her Stand to stand in the middle of the hall leading to the lunchroom, as it slammed both feet into the ground, like a sumo wrestler, and began sending out pulses of sound from it's body-speakers, a subtle hum sounding and emanating outwards. Sunset shuttered slightly, as she felt something that she could hardly describe crawling over her entire body, as the rest of the group made similar expressions and looks.

They waited a moment, as Vinyl continued her work, yellow sound lines dancing across the surface of her goggles like an erratic heart monitor, as the sound waves slowly spread outwards. For the next few minutes, the soundwaves spread across the school like an unseen wild fire, wrapping around, going through and spreading around every person, object and floor and wall, seeking out anything that stood out from the ordinary.

Finally, the Stand seemed to relax a bit, as they felt a rush of air blow past them, causing them to look around as the Stand sat for a moment, as though processing whatever it was it had done, before looking to Sunset.

"Basement levels, there is one single individual. Heart rate normal, no one else around." It reported, before shaking it's head. "And, for some reason, my sound waves detected water."

"Water?" Applejack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, water."

"Whatever he's doing with the water, we'll figure out when we get there." Sunset said, as she gestured for the group to follow her, before glancing at Vinyl. "You've done more then enough Vinyl. Just stay here, and let us handle it, please."

"My master would prefer to not run away."

"You won't be." Sunset said, with a reassuring nod. "If we don't come back, then you finish off the last one. Be careful up here."

"You be careful down there." The Stand replied.

"We'll try our best." Muttered Rainbow Dash, as she scutted off, and the rest of the group walked.

Sunset and the group stood outside the doors leading into the basement regions, all of them frozen in place, seeming none wishing to be the first to move. Sunset had tried to psych herself up for this several times, but found whatever was beyond that door to terrifying to imagine. If the rest of his team could almost put them into the ground, she didn't want to imagine what a stand that could effect the whole school could do. She hadn't even completely healed yet from the thrashing Ivory gave her. She took a deep breath to steady herself, before stepping towards the door.

She touched the door and immediately jumped back, yelling in pain. She held up her hand, seeing a horrific burn mark across the palm and fingers as she gasped in surprise, the others jumping to help, before she signaled for them to stay back. Everything had heated up like a sauna in the school, but now that she could look closely at the doors, she could've swore they were glowing.

She immediately summoned Ice Phoenix, and sent it forward, the Stand slamming a single kick into one of the doors, and sending it careening away, before spinning on it's heel and slamming a roundhouse kick into the other door, knocking it away, and tearing it off it's hinges. The Stand returned to it's master and disappeared, as Sunset began to take the first steps forward.

As she stepped through the entrance she almost stumbled in surprise and shock at just how oppressively hot it was. It was far worse then the rest of the school. The place felt like a nuclear reactor had gone off or something, and left the whole basement area heated like a small sun inside. The rest of her friends followed, unable to shake the horrific heat within. But, with no other choice in sight and little other options ahead of them, they traveled further down, into the darkness below.

The heat only seemed to get worse the further down they went, the entire group grunting and groaning with every step towards the area where the Stand user had to be at. Applejack took off her hat and fanned herself, breathing through her teeth in agitation. She was used to working out in heat, but nothing like this. She and Rainbow Dash exchanged looks with each other, as the rest trudged onwards. Applejack wondered if they were gonna fumble around in this dark, burning-hot basement for the rest of the day.

'Probably get a heat stroke before this is all over.' She thought sardonically, before everyone came to a stop. Applejack raised an eyebrow, looking at the group in confusion, before Ice Phoenix appeared, light flashing from it's raised fist, and revealing all across the floor where glasses of water.

"The heck is all this then?" Applejack asked, looking as confused as ever. "Shouldn't this have all vanished with the heat?"

"It looks fine actually." Twilight said, scratching her head. "Is this...part of the stand."

"I mean, if it's not effect by the heat..." Sunset began, crouching down in front of it, and carefully reaching towards it. She stopped a few inches from it a recoiled, eyes widening. "It's ice cold!"

"What, did you lose it?" Rainbow asked, raising an eyebrow, as she reclined on Radar Love.

Rarity and Twilight approached as well, also reaching towards and stopping, before pulling back. "She's right!"

"How is this possible?" Rarity asked.

"His Stand controls heat." Sunset explained. "It's probably just him effecting temperature."

"Still, why the water?" Rarity questioned, shaking her head slightly. "It seems rather odd to use."

"Then allow me to show you!" declared a nasally, high-pitched voice.

The group all turned as one towards one of the overhangs overlooking the area, to see a thin, glasses-wearing figure, dressed in a formal suit, much those of the other stand users, with the upper right part red, the opposite side blue, his right leg green, and the opposite leg yellow. He held two classes of water in his hands, and looked down on them with a haughty smile, as his Stand materialized behind him.

It resembled a humanoid mushroom, a still, unmoving mask of a face embedded in the large round top of the stand, as two long arms dangled down to it's knees. long and robotic, as thin pieces of cloth floated along it's waist, down to it's knees. it's body was a rusted brown, except for it's knees and elbows, and the cloth that were red. it gazed out at them with pure black eyes, unmoving, unreactive, like a corpse.

"You're talking with Hot Space himself. The myth, the man, the legend." He bragged, gesticulating with his filled hands like a drunkard at the tavern. "Prepare for a really horrific defeat. Like, horrifying to witness."

"You don't look like much of a man." Snarked Rarity. "And I doubt the deformed fungus with you is gonna be up to much."

"You're gonna regret those words, and what you did to my team." He said, suddenly deadly serious as he glared daggers at them. "I'm gonna melt your organs to soup."

"Quit talking and step up." Sunset said, grumpily, as she shook her head. "I'm sick of all the hot air coming out of you and your group's jaws."

"Well, everything I make is hot air, y'know?" He said a shrug. "It's in the name. Hot Space. Remember it well."

He threw both the two jars, directly at Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy threw her hands up, as Rainbow began to hit the gas on Radar Love, before they both shattered, water splashing into the air and soaking them both. Rainbow grunted in annoyance, before yelping in surprise. She looked up at one of her arms, to ice and frost rapidly spreading across her skin. She gasped as her body temperature dropped within seconds, before rapidly rising again. Fluttershy whimpered as her body went into shock from the rapid change.

Sunset looked at them in worry, before focusing in on the running form of Hot Space, who was running off to the right, towards something. She wouldn't let him reach wherever he was going, and ran after him, before summoning Ice Phoenix and using it to jump onto the overhanging walkway, causing it to shake from both it's own age and her impact, as she straightened herself in front of him, He recoiled in fear, before sending forth the Stand Hot Space to attack. It raised it's lanky arms, and swung them forward into multiple punches at her. ice Phoenix leaned back to avoid them, as she waited a moment. An opening presented itself, as she swung upwards, hitting the Stand in the chin and sending it and it's user tumbling backwards, stumbling away from her in pain.

Before he could recenter himself, three of Rarity's jewel bullets whistled towards him. Though he managed to dodge one of them, lodging itself in the ceiling, the other two hit his ribs and foot. He stumbled backwards, leaning on one of the railings, as he groaned in pain, breathing through his teeth, sweat rolling down his temples and forehead, as he glanced desperately at Sunset.

"Either give up now, or get ready for a long nap time." She warned, cracking her knuckles, as Ice Phoenix clenched a fist in front of itself.

"Alright, just let me...get a drink." He said, pulling out a canteen of water from his suit, before unscrewing the top.

Sunset looked on confused at first, before trying to send Ice Phoenix to get him. Hot Space, however activated his Stand, the heat-creating Stand jamming it's fingers into the water, as the heat rapidly built up and steam poured outwards, covering the area around in steam. Ice Phoenix began lashing out with a yell, striking blindly, trying to find where he had hidden himself in the steam, as it dissipated, revealing nothing of Hot Space. Sunset groaned in frustration, but didn't let it get her down. There was only so many places he could hide in here.

She looked around for any of sign of him darting off, but, not able to find him, she simply leapt down, using Ice Phoenix to take the brunt of the fall from her knees, as she approached Rainbow's quivering form, as she held her friend's arm. Rainbow looked up at her, before looking to Twilight.

"Guys, what the heck is wrong with me?" She asked, terrified. "Why the heck is water doing this?"

"The rapid change in temperature has put your body into shock." Sunset said, nodding slightly to herself. "Without time to adapt to the change, it's put you into a state of shock. You know, from hot to cold and back to hot again."

"Can I be fixed or something?" She asked desperately.

"I'll beat Hot Space up, return the temperature to normal, and fix this whole situation." Sunset said.

"I'll stay with the two, and try and help them." Twilight said, the rest of you can find Hot Space and finish this whole mess."

"We won't be long." Sunset promised, as she and the rest ran into the labyrinth that was the school basement.

The area was massive. Sunset wasn't sure why the school's underbelly was so massive, in fact, no one really knew. Most simply ignored the question, or didn't know themselves. Ever since seeing the magical abilities this town and area had, even if it was limited compared to back home, Sunset came to conclusion the area must've stored some important magical items. She never bothered to look into it much, never having the time between classes and magical fights.

Adding Stand fights to the mix made things a tad more complicated. The group turned a corner, looking for any signs of Hot Space and his Stand, before noticing they were surrounded by cups of water. Sunset recoiled in shock, as Pinkie, Applejack, Rarity and her formed a circle, standing activating, as the water rapidly vanished into steam, surrounding the area around them. The four looked for any sign of Hot Space, trying to catch any shape moving through the steam and fog. Ice Phoenix, slammed it's hand together, creating a beam of light to try and cut through the miasma, to no avail.

"There, that way!" Applejack shouted, pointed in front of her, the other three turning to see what she was looking at.

"We'll follow you." Sunset shouted, as the four raced ahead, Applejack in the lead.

"I can see him clear as day." Applejack said confidently, as she kept on his trail.

They raced along, Applejack and her group never far away from him, as they raced him right into a deadend. Applejack did not waste a second, running towards him at full speed, and swinging her leg up, and slamming it right into his head. Instead of a satisfying crunch of boot-on-skull, she instead felt her boot hit nothing but air, and slam into the wall that was behind him. The wall cratered and broke apart from her attack, as she removed her boot, confused as ever. She looked around, looking for him for a second, before turning back to her friends.

Only to see nothing there. Applejack shook her head in confusion, looking around for any sign of them, as a figure rose out of the shadows behind her. Applejack was about to turn, before a vice-like grip latched onto her shoulder, stopping her, as two fingers pressed into the side of her temple.

"Never forget Applejack, large amounts of heat can produce hallucinations." the voice whispered behind her. "They can look and sound very really."

He increased the heat going into the blood vessel, causing her to gasp in shock, before passing out. He nodded once in satisfaction, before looking around. That was one down, three to go. Next would be Rarity most likely. She was not a fight like the rest. Taking her out would be easier then dealing with the one with the canon or the bacon-head that could punch like a heavy weight boxer.

Hot Space disappeared around a corner, ready to eliminate the rest of the opponents in here, before he reported back to the Secret Emperor.

Rarity looked around in confusion. She was certain she had seen that ruffian run back here, but now he was not only not here, but neither where any of her friends. She was certain she had seen and heard them follow, but now she was uncertain and slightly terrified. Down here, in the horrible heat, lost and turned around. She took a deep breath, as she tried to center herself, and clear her mind.

She heard a scraping sound behind, like something dragging along the cold, metallic floor, as she turned, Blue Ruby popping up behind her, hands pressed together, energy building up. There, was Hot Space and his Stand, ready to fight, reaching out to her with one hand. She immediately reacted, activating her stand and firing 3 jewels right at him, hitting Hot Space in the chest, and sending him away into a barrel. The large barrel cracked and splintered apart on impact, as he groaned in pain, now out of the fight.

Rarity squealed slightly in excitement, having taken out the Stand user on her own. After everything these thugs had put her through, beating one up was truly cathartic. She was about to give him a good kick in the leg, to make sure he was done, when she noticed something odd. Despite the three jewels being stuck in his chest, there were three marks on the wall that was right behind him, as though the jewels had hit there instead.

Rarity stopped for a moment frozen in thought. She had of course seen people in deserts and heat waves and such begin to hallucinate and see and hear things that weren't really there. The heat hadn't died down, even after the whooping she gave him. Perhaps, this was just an illusion. She looked around for a moment, looking to her right, as she saw movement out of the corner of her right eye. She jumped away, just as a few robotic fingers brushed against her hair, and fired a jewel around. Hot Space's stand raised it's other arm, deflecting it away with it's forearm.

"Very perceptive, to see through my mirage." Hot Space said, impressed, as he tilted his head slightly.

"I'm a very perceptive lady." Rarity said nonchalantly. "Darling, I highly suggest you stand down. This sort of thing isn't for one as delicate as you."

"Ha! Coming from you!" He said with a good natured smile. "Fine, but my Stand's generally close range. While not your Ice Phoenix or whatever Sunset has, it can still overpower you."

"Let's see if you can get close, before I tan your hide with several crystal bullets." She said, Blue Ruby preparing itself for battle.

Hot Space waited, the Stand taking a fighting stance as the two waited. A tense minute followed, as the two glared each other down, before Rarity fired off five jewel shards at Hot Space. The heat-creating Stand user smiled confidently, as his Stand rushed swinging it's arms to flick away the shards from it's master. 2 went off into the floor and wall, while the other three flew towards Rarity, hitting her in the chest and stomach, and sending her flying to the ground. She gave a pained cough and groaned as she tried to sit up. Hot Space, however, ran over immediately, standing over her, as the Hot Space Stand stood over her, one hand inches from her temple.

"Before I heat up your vein in there and knock you out," He said, a hand on his chin. "I want to congratulate you on fighting well."

"I don't think the fight is over just yet." Rarity said with a weak smile.

"Such courage. Nice try, but you're done." He said with a chuckle.

"I think not." Rarity said, as her stand appeared beside her, on it's feet, but low to the ground, and swiped the crystals up in one hand.

「 Hot Space 」moved to grab it's wrists, as Blue Ruby swung forward, hitting it in the forehead with a crystal round, and knocking him backwards, before throwing the second. 「 Hot Space 」deflected this one, and reached forward, grabbing Blue Ruby by the wrist, as the Stand tossed the other crystal into it's other hand. 「 Hot Space 」kept it's iron grip on Blue Ruby's wrist, as heat began to build up.

"Let it go, or I'll melt your wrist." Hot Space warned, his stand's hold tightening.

"Can you heat that up fast enough darling?" Rarity taunted with a half smile.

"You want to see?" Hot Space demanded, growing angry.

Rarity smiled as she gave him a sideways glance. The ball was in her court now, and he knew it. "Yes, I do."

「 Hot Space 」began to heat up it's hand across her wrist. Though uncomfortable, she realized a while ago he needed time to warm up, so to speak. Blue Ruby pulled back and snapped forward, the shard hitting 「 Hot Space 」right in the middle of it's mask-like forehead, the face cracking, as it released her, and stumbled backwards. Spinning in midair, Blue Ruby landed in front of Rarity, as she sat up, crossing her legs, one hand on the side of her face, the other pointed out at him.

"Got any hot air to blow off now, deary?" She asked sarcastically, as Blue Ruby readied a volley of crystals.

Hot Space looked on in terror. He had expected Rarity to be an easy one to beat. She was not a fighter! All of the Secret Emperor's data said so! How could she hope to stand up to any Stand in an open fight? To be beat by her, was too surreal to believe. He closed his eyes, as he heard the crystals fire outwards, slamming into him and his Stand, sending them into a wall, Hot Space Unconscious, his stand fading away.

Rarity breathed a sigh of relief, as she felt the heat vanish and go away instantly, the temperature beginning to lower.

"Such high temperature wasn't good for my health or makeup anyway." She said, standing up, as Blue Ruby disappeared behind her. "But at least one irritation is done for. Now to find Sunset and the group."

It took a while to find Applejack, get her back up, and then the rest of the group, but by time they were all together again, the room temperature was normal again, and not stifling hot. Sunset looked over the group, as Fluttershy saw to any injuries they might have taken during the scuffles.

"Alright, one team is done." Sunset said, turning her wrist about. "This shows this Emperor is getting desperate. These guys were much more dangerous then any previous Stand users."

"So, since we're getting close..." Rainbow began.

"It means we're closer to whoever is behind all these Stand users." Sunset finished. "And we can finally see what's threatening the town and the school."

"First I think we gotta explain everything to the Principle first." Applejack said, leaning back against a wall. "That's gonna be mighty difficult."

"Ah yes, Werewolves, swordsmen, shadow hands and heat-creating fungus." Rarity said with a sigh. "Completely normal for us."

"I'm sure she'll understand." Sunset said, slightly weary. "Not sure she'll be happy though."

Blade Strike, Ebony Moon, Ivory Charm and Hot Space all sustain critical injuries, forcing them to retire out of the fight.


Author's Note:

The decision to name Hot Space and his Stand after each other was done, not only because I forgot his real name in the writing process, but also because Doctor Wu was active while I was writing this, and combined with Weather Report and Foo Fighters being some of my favorite characters, I decided to take a page from them, and give the Stand and user the same name.

Hot Space's color comes from the album cover of the same name, while the Stand itself is based on a Mushroom or fungus. The mask worn as it's face was based on opera masks, like those worn by Micheal Myers.

Anyway, with finals and all, it was difficult to finish this, but I'm glade I did. Consider this a late holiday gift.