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Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure:Stars of the Phoenix - Zillafire101

Sunset and the her friends come to gain new abilities and powers, called Stands, when a mysterious force arrives in town, and brings with it destruction and misery.

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Mirror Mirror

At the same time Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are fighting Onyx Buster...

Pinkie was not new to dangers during her adventures. Dealing with Sunset when she was a less then stellar classmate, facing the very dangerous and power-hungry Dazzlings, and a variety of other strange ordeals, had made her attuned to certain things. She looked around the bathroom, rubbing her ears slightly as she prepared for something to happen. Ever since she had pricked her fingers on the arrow, she had also gained a new sense to her Pinkie Senses. Her ears would vibrate like cell phones when near another Stand user. And her ears now were shaking in her head like two honey bees.

She looked around the bathroom, seeing nothing. But her ears didn't lie. She knew there was someone dangerous nearby. Someone connected with this Emperor guy she and her friends were worried about. Indeed, watching her, from the windows, was a shadowy figure, hanging onto the window ledge and high on the school's outer walls, like a Monkey on a tree branch. The figure held a phone to her ear and spoke.

"Alright team, I have eyes on the pink one." She reported. "I think she's aware of my presence. Should I activate my Stand abilities?"

"Negative. Remain in observation." The Team Leader reported back. "We haven't gotten the order to move in, and Onyx hasn't shown up yet."

"Something is definitely happening." The Watcher said. "The lights in the bathroom are going dimmer and dimmer."

"Probably just her Stand ability trying to cover up." The Team Leader said with a bored sigh. "Just keep an eye on her, it's not that hard."

The figure herself sighed and nodded to herself, as she focused in on Pinkie Pie. By now, the absent minded, silly Stand user had indeed brought out her Stand. The multi-colored, skeletal harlequin-like figure appeared in a flash of blue and yellow light, it's smiling face at odds with rather serious look in it's eyes as it focused and looked around the room, large, ponderous arm canon at the ready. However, both she and Fun noticed something strange, that also caught her spy's eye.

The mirror in front of Pinkie and her Stand was a swirling black, similar to a storm cloud, with flashes of green, before the clouds billowed out, causing Pinkie's eyes to bulge in her head, as the spy gasped.

"What is it?! Report!" Her Leader demanded, shouting over the phone.

"The mirror went crazy!" The spy reported in shock. "The mirror went crazy!"

"What do you mean it went crazy?" The leader demanded, but got no answer as the spy looked on in shock.

A long, grey and black muscular arm reached out of the mirror, and slammed into the sink. Slowly, another reached out, and hit the other side of the sink. Finally, as the smoke gathered in a thick "puddle" around Pinkie's ankles, a ghoulish face pulled itself out of the mirror, along with much of it's upper body. The face was mostly metallic from what Pinkie could see, with bloody red eyes, and white irises, and black sclera. The rest of his face was covered in wrappings and a small leather belt over one of the top of his head.

The figure slowly pulled itself out of the mirror, pulling out the rest of it's highly muscled body from the mirror, and resting on the sink, crouched like a cat and watching Pinkie pie. Pinkie, naturally as a strong, powerful Stand user, did what any would do. She started screaming like a mad women.

"OHH MY GOD!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, her Stand covering's smiling mouth as it's eyes went wide.

"This one holds much power." The figure said, tilting it's head to one side. "Very, very interesting. I need such power for myself."

It slowly and carefully stepped off the sink, and approached Pinkie, measuring each and every step, as though afraid it might break the tiles beneath it, or it might fall off a building somehow. The figure pointed at her, as she ended her screaming.

"Fall silent, or join me in the abyss of death!" It ordered.

"How about you say hello to my little friend!" Pinkie shouted, Fun lowering it's arm canon and pointing it directly at the figure's head.

"Cease!"The being boomed, before the Arm canon itself boomed to life, firing a shot of pink-purple energy that hit him right in the face,

The figure staggered, before the smoke cleared, revealing no damage taken. "Cease!" It repeated in irritation.

Pinkie fired a second time, as the figure slowly approached her. "Cease!"

Pinkie fired a third shot, right at it's chest, before it grabbed her Stand by the neck and it's normal wrist. The Stand struggled, but Pinkie and Fun were surprise by the iron grip of the figure before them, almost unnaturally strong.

"I said cease!" The figure roared.

"No, you said 'Cease', with a capital C, not lower case." Pinkie corrected, a wry smile on her face despite the stranglehold the figure kept on her and Fun. "I can show you in the fan fic where your letters change."

It recoiled slightly, shaking it's head and narrowing it's inhuman eyes, before leaning in, inches from her face. "Do not correct my grammar, Pink-haired foe! You are my prisoner now!"

The figure marched up to the large mirror stepping onto the sink, Pinkie Pie dragged behind him. he stepped leg first into the mirror, before grabbing Pinkie and hefting her over his shoulder, and stepping into the mirror with his victim. The spy outside, meanwhile, nearly lost her grip on the side of the building, before readjusting and looking back inside. The room was completely empty, not any sign of the figure, the smoke, or the strange mirror.

"Guys, I lost Pinkie Pie." She reported, face pale and voice muted.

"What do you mean you lost her?" The leader demanded over the phone.

"She went inside a mirror!" The spy shouted on the phone. "Like, stepping into a door inside!"

There was a long moment of silence, before the leader replied simply. "Wait...whaaat?"

Pinkie was silent for a while after being dragged into the mirror, eyes wide as she looked around uncertain. It wasn't that she didn't have questions or anything to say. Of course, she had many things to ask the strange figure, and even more things to say about the situation, but even she recognized right now was probably for the best to remain silent, for now. She looked around, looking for any sign of an escape route or passage that could lead out of this strange realm, bu8t couldn't find anything. Her surroundings where a strange mixture of halls and rooms around Canterlot High, but strangely glossy, shiny and, most important of all, turned to face opposite directions of their original counterparts.

She knew the rooms and areas of the High School like the back of her hand, and immediately knew things were wrong here. She frowned slightly, as she scanned the area, quickly deducing a way to break free of this creature's grip, and get back to her friends before anyone noticed she was gone. The creature's grip loosened, as he dropped her. He took exactly six steps, turned in a robotic fashion, and crouched down, placing somewhat on his hands like a runner ready to go. He looked right at her with his piercing, inhuman eyes.

"I am Bodhisattva Khashoggi, pay your respects to me, peasant!" The being boomed.

"Uh, how about no?" Pinkie said, raising an eyebrow. "Besides, there's no way that's a real name. Sounds like song titles mashed together to make a name by some dumpy who can't make a good name!"

"I was one of the first Stand users in this world." The being growled. "I lived for years, before death clawed it's way to my heart."

"Aaaaahh ok?" Pinkie said, looking to her Stand in confusion. Fun merely shrugged, shaking it's round head. The Stand was just as confused as it's user.

"But that is about to change, for you have come into my lap, like a gift from the Gods!" He declared, rising up to his full height.

"Time out here Buddy." Pinkie interrupted, making a "time out" sign with her hands.

"Bodhisattva!" The being piped up in annoyance.
"How are you alive if you're dead." Pinkie asked, shaking her head slightly. "You can't explain that."

"My power is tied to mirrors, and Mirrors are said to be tied directly to the living and dead worlds as bridges to the other." Bodhisattva explained. "It is through this power I walk both

"Why not just crossover then?" Pinkie asked innocently. "There's got to be family waiting for you on the other side?"

He snapped, a sound like dry, cracking bones emanating from his mouth, or where it should be, as he slammed a fist into the ground.

"I have tried to see what is on the other side!" He snapped. "There is nothing! Nothing but a void!"

He rose up, pointing down at her. "This is why, I choose you! I knew I sense Stand powers here. Other energies yes, but other Stands can get the energy I need to escape this realm of undeath, and get back to the land of the living!"

Pinkie lowered her eyebrows, aboslutely taken aback by this strange being's mannerisms, speech, and...well just about everything really. There was no doubt he was insane, but undead? She couldn't be certain of that either.

'Magic, Stands, it's all weird.' She thought. 'I mean, I didn't really believe in magic, not in the way Sunset used it at least, more in the fun, bunnies form hats sort of way, not in the magic blasts and flying demons sort of way, so I guess nothing is out of the question.'

He was busy muttering and speaking to himself, back now turned to her. Luckily, Pinkie was ever the pragmatist. She had been testing and experimenting with her powers ever since she first got a Stand. And she didn't leave the house unprepared for a Stand battle. She reached into one of her pockets, and pulled out a perfectly frosted cupcake, somehow maintaining it's perfect shape despite being inside her pocket. Fun gently took it from her, and closed it's eyes briefly, the cupcake flashing briefly, before it turned completely grey. She took it back, and tentatively bite down, before making a face.

It had lost all taste, as expected. Fun lifted it's arm canon and fired, a much stronger blast then the last time booming out, the bright fizzling pink and blue energy roaring out, and slamming into Bodhisattva's back. He staggered, cursing in some strange language, before turning to Pinkie pie again, eyes focused in anger. He was about to say something else, before Fun fired again, hitting him in the chest. Smoke rose from his latest wound, but otherwise bore no sign of damage. He ran to the left, and leapt outwards.

Pinkie was about to celebrate, before stopping. Did he just leave her here, in mirrorland, with no way out?

"Great, I'm stuck here." She muttered.

"Not quite." Bodhisattva growled into her left ear, before lifting his fist up and slamming it into the side of her face.

She flew away, blood spurting from her lip, as she rubbed it away. "I thought you were trapped in here?!"

"My Stand, Smoke and Mirrors, allows me to leave so long as I have a tether, another Stand user, or one of great mental fortitude." He explained, cracking his knuckles, energy sparking from them. "You are my tether. I can jump out, and come back in another direction, or send you out, and then follow you anywhere from a reflective surface. Either submit to the ritual I plan, or this will get much worse."

"Well, poop." Pinkie Pie cursed, having tuned out most of his long explanation to look around and try and find a way around him, or to some entrap him.

Unfortunately, the mirror dimension she had been sucked into, or at least this room of it, was blank. Her eyes darted about, before focusing on Khashoggi. If there was anyway out of here, it was through the Smoke and Mirrors Stand. But how could she get through this guy, and out the mirror.

"Why have you fallen silent?" Snarled Smoke and Mirrors, eyeing carefully. "You are the talkative one of your group, correct?"

"Well, yeah, I mean if I don't talk, I'm thinking, but it sounds so weird in my head, so I have to say a lot out loud, or else I might go crazy." Pinkie Pie began to blabber. "Like, really crazy, like talking to rocks and stuff and then..."

"Nevermind! Nevermind!" Smoke and Mirrors growled, pinching the area where the bridge of his nose should've been, groaning in irritation. "Perhaps I should've picked another Stand user."

"And wait, how do you know about my friends having Stands to?" Pinkie asked, suddenly narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

"I sensed the birth of every Stand user in this town. I can pinpoint their location to." Smoke and Mirrors explained. "Fortunately, I only need you, then I can leave this purgatory and continue with my life."

"Not so fast bucko!" Pinkie yelled, pointing at him with a finger, as Fun pointed it's arm canon. "You haven't won yet!"

"I doubt I need to." He replied, grabbing and flexing his wrist. "You haven't done any real damage to my Stand yet."

"Yet!" Pinkie pointed out. "Just give me some time, and I'll unleash my bazooka of fun on ya!"

"I grow increasingly tired of this nonsense of yo...." He began, as Fun quickly fired two shots at his face and chest. Smoke and Mirrors staggered back, surprised, actual smoke rising form his body, but unharmed.

As he narrowed his red eyes, Pinkie turned her canon and fired at his legs, energy blasts hitting his shins, thighs and feet, before charged forward. As he straightened himself again, Pinkie and Fun slammed their right foot into his chest ina jumping side kick, sending him backwards, straight into the Mirror.

"HIYA!" Pinkie shouted at the top of her lungs, as Smoke and Mirrors' back hit the mirror, energy sparking as he made contact, a clear image of the real world, outside of the mirror dimension, flicked to life.

Smoke and Mirrors growled, as he tried to pull himself away, only for Fun to aim it's canon again right at his face and fire, knocking him back, and allowing PInkie to once again get free of the Mirror Dimension. The two landed, far apart from each other, and slammed hard into a series of red tiles. Pinkie rose up slowly, to see herself in the...cafeteria. Her eyes widened as her mouth dropped. How the heck did they get here? She turned to her back, to see a mirror hanging above one of the stoves. She frowned, as even more questions came to mind.

"I prepared for this." Smoke and Mirrors explained, as he slowly rose to his feet, keeping low like a cat on the hunt. "Like I said, you, and many Stand users, are my tether. I timed my incursion into this world, and set up mirrors for my eventual confrontation. I had many opportunities to set up mirrors all over the school, in many strange places."

"Well, you messed up really badly Mister bringing me here." Pinkie said, grabbing a handful of sprinkles from a nearby bag, weighing it in her hand. "You see, when I touch something, it will glow, or is it glew, is it spelled G-L-E-W even? Glue? Glowed? Glowie-glowed...?"

"Stop talking and hit me!" Smoke and Mirrors snarled, pulling the "Skin" below his eyes, and snapping it back to normal. He just wanted to complete his ritual, and now he just wanted to pull his ears off. 'This was the worst stand user I could attack.'

"Alright then, one hit coming right up!" Pinkie said, beaming with a smile, as sprinkles in her palm glowed, and she threw them hard.

Smoke and Mirror's cat-like eyes widened in shock, sputtering out a few words before impact."That is no Stand power!"

Right as he finished the sprinkles hit, and exploded with amazing force, knocking him off his feet, and into a refrigerator, crushing the door and knocking it off it's hinges. He was about to get up, when Fun reached into the bag as well, and drained a number of the sprinkles of energy, before pointing the canon and opening fire. Several blasts of Pink-Blue-yellow energy exploded and mushroomed around Smoke and Mirrors' form, obscuring the area in ashes and smoke. He rose up slowly, taking a lot around, as he got low to the ground.

'Smoke and heat rise, so the bottom of the floor will be unobscured of her crazed fire power.' He thought, as he scuttled along the floor like a crab. 'But where did the ability to touch things and turn them into a bomb come from? I must seek out further answers to this!'

He studied her closely, her eyes still focused ahead, her Stand's Arm Canon pointed at the smoke, expecting him to come straight at her again. While it would be easier to brute force it and overpower her, he knew he couldn't underestimate this foe. Her goofy, light-hearted façade hide a cunning mind and fighter ready to win through any means needed. He studied her for a long while, even as the smoke began to dissipate, not willing to risk it, before rising into a crouched, hunting hound position. He crept close, coming within a few feet of her, and Pinkie still didn't seem aware of him.

'Heh, this scatter brained Stand user is obnoxious, but her own hyper-active mind can't possibly counter my ancient, profound intellect.' He though, his face bending into a slight smile, despite his lack of a mouth. 'I will win this!'

He reached out with one hand a few inches from Pinkie and stopped, eyes widening as he saw it. A circle of sprinkles and sugar made in a circle around her, like a protective circle used to defend against demons and such by a coven of witches. He almost recoiled away, before they shined with an unnatural pink energy, and exploded, sending him flying back again. He hit a nearby wall, grunting in pain, as Pink coughed and groaned from the attack.

"Man o-man. That certainly was a 'heated' situation." She said, with a giggle, now comically smoked and ashened by her own attack, but never the less unharmed. "I guess that attack didn't set off any smoke alarms with you."

"Quite the puns!" Shouted Smoke and Mirrors. "This is a battle! Not a poor stand up comedy routine!"

"Why can't it be both?" Pinkie asked with a shrug, Fun mimicking her movements in an exaggerated fashion. "No need to be such a Sour-plum."

"Sour-Plum...?" Smoke and Mirrors muttered, before shaking his head. There was no point in trying to understand or make sense of her. He just had to win, and get out of his mirror world of purgatory.

He stood up and began to run towards her, snatching a few knives from a nearby holding tray, as Fun aimed it's canon at him, and opened fire. A shot hit him in the chest, staggering him, but not stopping him. He threw back his hand, and snapped his wrist forward, a set of 12 knives flying at Pinkie at high speed. She yelped, firing round after round and destroying every knife heading towards her, as Smoke and Mirrors kept running towards her.

Finally, closing in on his target, he grabbed her by the throat, and jumped forward, the mirror shimmering and flashing with energy again, as the two sailed through the air, and hit the mirror, going through it and landing back in the mirror universe. Pinkie scrambled to her feet quickly, and re-summoned Fun to her side, the multi-colored Stand pointing it's arm canon directly at the towering form of Smoke and mirrors. The enemy Stand user, however, merely took his time rising to his feet, examining his body for injuries, before turning to regard Pinkie with a cold, malice-filled glare.

The assassin-like Stand leaned back slightly, striking quite the curious pose, as it pointed at Pinkie Pie.

"I see. Fighting with surgary treats and such is quite the mistake." He said slowly, one eye twitching slightly. "But I see now I will not make that mistake. You will stay here. I will defeat you. Your stand will help me break free of this prison."

"I don't really like the sound of this "Ritual" thing." Pinkie replied, raising an eyebrow. "Unless it's just me using my stand to give you a nice, strong kick in the backside."

"Since your curiosity is piqued." He began, as he walked towards her.

"Well, not really."

"I will explain the ritual." He continued, gesturing around. "All I require, is some of your blood upon my hands, and to completely shatter your Stand. It will not end well for you, but all power demands sacrifice. I should thank you for yours."

"Nope, no, nope!" Said Pinkie, shaking her head quickly. "I do not at all agree to help out with this."

"I do not particularly care what you agree to." growled the Undead Stand user, flexing his fingers with anticipation. "You have no new projectiles to toss at me. Your stand lacks the strength to break and shatter my form. You've lost."

"Are you sure of that?" Pinkie asked, a grin spreading across her face.

Smoke and Mirrors stopped his approach, lingering for a moment, as he studied her with a cold expression, before replying in a flat, almost robotic voice. "What?"

"You claim I have no new projectiles to throw at you, but I think you're mistaken, bucko!" She said as she reached into her hair.

Smoke and Mirrors did not react, merely waiting with a deadpan expression, his body frozen like a statue, one hand lingering near his face as he looked at his foe. He wasn't exactly sure what she was rummaging around in, in her hair of all
places, but he expected that, perhaps, things had turned in his favor.

'The shock and horror of what is about to happen will has broken my foe.' He thought with a slight grin, of sorts. 'She's absolutely broken now.'

But to his surprise, she indeed, pulled out a perfectly glazed and frosted chocolate cake, with candles still burning on it and everything. He recoiled in shock, almost back-peddling away, he brought his hands to his face.

"HOW? HOW?!" He yelled in absolute, unbelieving shock and horror. "How have you committed such witchcraft?!"

"I never go into a Stand battle without a cake ready, you silly goose." Pinkie giggled, as Fun dug it's fingers into the top of the cake, grey slowly spreading from the points of entry and it seemed to glow brighter and brighter. "It would be kinda dumb to not bring a cake for this sort of occasion! Or any occasion really! I can't think of one time when you would go wrong with cake!"

Smoke and Mirrors quickly got control of himself, and began charging at Pinkie once more. Her stand was a long range Stand, and it specialized in using that canon to overwhelm others. At close, range, he could overwhelm it, begin the parts of the ritual he needed, and finish this fight and move on with a new life. Pinkie, though unfinished with charging the blast, fired, a focused energy blast of energy zooming outwards, like a tornado placed on it's side, and hitting Smoke and Mirrors head on. The force of the blast pushed him backwards, feet scrapping across the ground as he tried to stop himself, placing his arms in an "X" in front of himself, before the blast finally exploded. Smoke and Mirrors gasped, as the blast hit him from every side, the force too much, as he crumbled to his knees, and fell.

Pinkie stood for a moment, a small, triumphant smile on her face, as she set the half-greyed cake down, and began to approach the rogue Stand user. She didn't enjoy fighting too much. Not as much as say, Rainbow Dash at least. But putting a villain in their place was always enjoyable, and after her first win, she was quite certain a great victory party would be just the thing to whip up.

'A Spectacularly Splendid Stand....Huh, that's a hard one.' She thought, as she scratched her chin. 'Something with an "S", to fit the theme. I mean, it has to fit the theme, or else It would make sense. Spectacularly Splendid Stand Victory is just....wrong on every level.'

"Do you have any ideas?" She asked Fun. The Stand seemed to consider the question for a moment, tapping it's chin twice with it's pointer finger, before raising and looking like it had something to say. After a dramatic moment, the Stand relaxed and simply shook it's head 'no'.

She finally got up to Smoke and Mirrors. The Stand, by now, from the massive attack, was cracked in several places, red energy slithering and sparking outwards, as it's looked up, now white and empty. Fun helpfully walked forward, and gave the downed Stand-Revenant three strong kicks in the ribs and head, before saluting it's master and giving a thumbs up. Pinkie gave her Stand an affectionate pat on the head.

"Very good! Though did you have to kick him so much?" Pinkie asked, gesturing to Smoke and Mirrors. "No need to hurt him anymore then what we need. Why do I keep you around?"

The Stand held it's hand up to it's mouth like it was visibly hurt by her remarks, shaking it's head in disappointment. Pinkie gave a bright smile as she walked away, patting him on the head again.

"Ah, I'm messing with you, you're the bestest Stand ever!" She said with a giggle. "Now, let's start planning our celebration."

"I will gladly help." A voice croaked behind them. "In fact, I will hold a massive celebration after this, to celebrate my victory, and for being such a strong foe in the face of everything."

She turned, as Smoke and Mirrors rose up, body cracked and damaged, but still moving, as it tested it's limbs and body around, like a runner stretching and preparing himself for a long marathon, as his cold eyes stayed focused on Pinkie and her Stand, who immediately turned around, and aimed their weapon at him. He didn't react, instead, tilting his head slightly as he watched her.

"I must thank you for this. It has been thousands of years since I've had a battle, Stand or otherwise, that tested my will and resolve as much as yours." He said, bowing his head slightly. "You have truly put me through the wringer, so to speak, and I must thank you. I know that I must fight all the harder to win, so that I may come back to the world of the living."

He slowly rose his head back up to gaze at Pinkie, the usually bubbly high school student now in a rare expression of seriousness and determination. He snapped his fingers and pointed at her.

"I WILL win. No matter what honor I have to dispense with to do it!" He exclaimed, before jumping at her, hands extended out in front of him like a cat ready to pounce on a mouse.

Pinkie waited, as he closed in, the time seeming to slow as he got closer, before jumping out of the way at the last second. Smoke and Mirrors crashed down, as Fun fired a blast at his right shoulder. Smoke and Mirrors flinched slightly, but this did not stop his attack, swinging his left hand to the side and stabbing Pinkie in the stomach. She gasped in shock, as she looked, mouth a gap at his hand. He pulled out his hand, as she clasped her wound, falling on one knee. Fun's image flickered and shimmered as it began to fade out. Smoke and Mirrors lifting his glistening red palm to the air, examining it like a curious child, before reaching his other hand up, and smearing blood upon that as well.

"One part done, now, I will shatter you Stand, the dying energies of it will power me like a star." He explained coldly, lifting up his hand in a perfect knife hand.

Pinkie weakly reached up into her hair, and pulled out three cookies. Smoke and Mirrors leapt backwards, as the three cookies lite up with pink energy, and she threw all three of them. They spun in the hair, and exploded in front of him. Smoke and Mirrors raised his arms, but to his surprise, nothing followed.

'Perhaps a final, failed desperate attack?' he thought, as he tried to peer through the smoke, arms still readied and raised. 'No, she is absent minded, and silly in behavior, but she is a dangerous foe all the same. This is something else. A distraction.'

He waited, as the smoke began to clear, but found no sign of his foe. He recoiled slightly, but clamped down on the panic rising in his chest. He could still win this. He just had to find her and overwhelm her Stand's abilities. He looked over to his right, and saw her leaning over the cake, her Stand's fingers pressed down on the cake, as grey began to spread throughout it. He let out a yell, as he ran towards her. Pinkie looked over her shoulder, and Fun released his hold on the cake, and fire another blast. Though not as strong as she had hoped, it hit him square in the chest, and sent him flying back a few inches. He flipped through the air, and landed on his feet, groaning slightly.

She narrowed her eyes in slight in annoyance, before rising to her feet. She was not a fighter by any means, despite what Smoke and Mirrors had stated, but she knew one thing. If she could leave this mirror dimension, and get back in the real world, then she could turn the advantage back to her side. She glared darkly at predatory form of Smoke and Mirrors, as the figure raised it's bloodied hands for battle.

"oh ho? What's that expression, not so fun-loving and all now, are we?" He taunted. "Are you, perhaps, thinking you could somehow escape into the real world and get away with more of your bomb chucking?"

She didn't answer, as he began to move forward, pointing at her. "Come on, crack at least a smile, a stupid joke. What happened to all of your dumb humor from before?"

"Oh, nothing, it's still there, just hiding like a scary Ninja!" Pinkie said suddenly, her face cracking into a smile, even as her eyes remained determined and laser-focused. "But, speaking of Ninjas, I've been planning something with you."


He walked to the side a bit, now directly in front of her, as her smile widened. "There, that's perfect."

He tilted his head, eyes widening slightly as he studied here. "What's perfect?"

"You are. The angle you're at least." Pinkie said, standing, as she threw another cookie, directly at his face.

He snapped his arm upwards, yelling in fear, as the cookie simply crumbled to pieces, He look at the pieces, expecting a reaction, before seeing a second object flying at him out of the corner of his eye. He turned upwards once more, only to see a second cookie flying at his face, glowing pink.

"Oooooh NOOOOO…!" He began to shout, before it exploded right next to his face, blinding and burning the entire left side of his face.

He staggered slightly, before shaking his head. Half of his face, was indeed, burned and heavily damaged by the attack, but he was not finished yet. Not at all! He stamped his foot, the ground cracking under him, as the Pink-haired human charged straight at him, Fun, floating beside her, eyes glaring darkly despite it's smiling face.

"Fool! Your stand is weak in close range, would you really...?!" He began to shout, before she jumped up, Fun leveling his arm canon and firing away.

Three weak energy blasts exploded against his form, before she and Fun delivered a powerful kick into his chest, and tackled him, sending him backwards, and straight through the mirror. The two landed hard and rolled away, the two popping up, and ready, Smoke and Mirror's clawed hands readied, Pinkie's Party Arm Canon aimed and primed. She breathed hard, as she held her wound, before her eyes began to dart around the room, looking for any mirrors that he could use to ambush her from. She spotted one to her right, but stayed focused on Smoke and Mirrors, her quickly darting back to him, as he glared at her. Without a word, he turned on his heel, and race for the mirror they had just come out of. He jumped in, disappearing into the mirror like a diver going into water.

She turned her canon, and immediately fired at the mirror, shattering it, as the tips of his fingers began to break through, his four finger tips falling to the ground, as the shards broke against the tiled floor. Pinkie grinned slightly, as she began making her way to another room, to prepare herself, as Smoke and Mirrors stood within his mirror dimension, screaming and cursing as he held his damaged hand.

"Damnations upon her blood, that hurts!" He yelled. She had only shaved off a few inches form his fingers, but he couldn't afford to lose his fingers or hand. One, because of the ritual. Two, because he wasn't fond of being in pain. "I need to focus. Turn this rage and hatred into results! Only the results matter!"

He walked away from the broken mirror, and began running along the mirror dimension. There were only so many places to hide, and he had prepared for this for many weeks.

'For one so injured, she moves incredibly fast.' He thought, as he caught sight of her in one of his mirrors, setting down and sitting behind one of the mirrors. 'How did she get upstairs so quickly?'

He ran forward, jumped into the mirror, and leapt out, landing, once more, behind his foe. The area was an old, musty basement area, where numerous abandoned sports gear, trophies and other forgotten, dusty items were stored. Pinkie turned to look over her shoulder, a small smile on her face.

"What have you done?" He growled, ready for anything.

"Nothing." She said simply.

"Why do I not believe you?" He snarled, as he approached.

"You see, I did plan on something fun that was really gonna "Pop", but I got tired, because of someone not being able to keep their hands to themselves, and took a break." She explained quickly, shrugging slightly. "I would to throw a bunch of cupcakes or sugary treats at you, but I decided one something less complicated."

He would've raised an eyebrow, had his Stand been able to, and had half his face not been burnt off, but, instead, Smoke and Mirrors approached slowly, cracking his knuckles as he prepared to deliver the death blow.

"So, is this an admission of defeat?" He asked, still uncertain.

"Yep, go ahead. I have no choice but to admit I never stood a chance against your superior Stand ability." She said, shrugging again. "I guess you finally got your wish. Just make it quick, big guy."

Her Stand appeared, kneeling beside, as though ready to accept death. He scratched his chin slightly, narrowing his eyes. He was absolutely certain this was to good to be true. He stepped forward, raising hand to cleave her apart. But stopped as he felt his legs tangle on something. He looked down in shock and irritation, to see a barely visible string. He looked to her, to see Pinkie roll backwards slightly, and touch her hand to the string. A surge of pink energy rode along the string, as it exploded. Pinkie rose up, shaking the smoke and ash from her face and body, as her fell to the ground, legs weakened and cracking from injury.

"I thought you said you gave up." He groaned.

"I said I decided something less complicated, you silly dumpy." Pinkie said with a giggle. "This was way less complicated in my mind."

"How many minutes did it take to set up this trap?!" He demanded, struggling to rise with his damaged legs. "How did you even get sugar to coat the string?"

"I stopped by the kitchen before I got up here." She said simply.

"This room is hours away from the kitchen!" He snarled. "There's no way you could've gotten there, gotten here, set up your trap and still had time to prepare for me!"

"Shh! It's a kind of magic." She said tauntingly, as she held up a finger to her lips. "I can't tell you how I did it, it's confidential."

"You are lying!"

"And you are tearing me apart, Khashoggi!" She yelled in a strange accent, pumping both fists, as Fun shock it's head in seeming disappointment at Smoke and Mirrors.

He leapt upwards with his arms, flying at her, and slashing with his hands, trying to cleave her to pieces. Pinkie dodged every attack, before back-flipping away from Smoke and Mirror's clumsy attacks. The Revenant Stand landed hard on his chest, but kept moving, utterly focused now. Pinkie, however, didn't seem bothered, giving a smug smile that would've made Khashoggi's blood boil, had he any left in his body, or had a body period.

He rose up, before stopping. His head hit another string. He turned his eyes upwards, before Pinkie squatted down, and gave the string a small poke.

"Boop!" She announced, as the string lit up pink. Smoke and Mirrors focused every last bit of rage into it's glare, an animalistic growl building in the back of it's throat, before the explosion tore through the string, and eclipsed his face.

She covered her face with her hands, as Fun turned away as well, the force the explosion pushing them back a few feet. As the dust cleared, she looked down, and, to her surprise, Smoke and Mirrors was still in one piece, but no heavily damaged from her attacks. She almost would've been impressed, where it not for how much terror this figure inspired.

'He's a zombie! Just like all those horror movies!' She thought quickly, as she prepared. 'I mean, can you really defeat him, if he's already dead? Can he die a second time? Would it really be death? This guy raises way too many questions!'

He slowly rose up, clutching a nearby, burnt, wall for support, as he glared at her, his body suturing and swaying slightly as he struggled to take a step forward.

"I cannot lose." He muttered slowly and weakly, lumbering forward to try and attack her still. "I have to win."

"I'm afraid that boat has sailed, bucko." Pinkie said with a wink.

"Please, let me release you from being my tether." Smoke and mirrors begged.

"Alright then." Pinkie said, nodding vigorously.

"I can take one of your friends instead." He offered, as her smile disappeared, and everything fell silent.

"What did you say?" She asked, voice colder and less chirpy.

"If you wish, a friend can take your place." He repeated, tilting his head slightly. "Perhaps the meek, shy one? She's is not much of a fighter."

"Don't speak. Ever again." She said coldly, as she walked towards him, Fun appearing behind her, it's clown-like features seemingly more twisted and disturbing to look upon then before.

"Then an enemy perhaps!" Smoke and Mirrors offered, now desperate. "I could even tell you who the Secret Emperor is!"

"I won't sell anyone out to you. Friend or not." She said, as Fun aimed it's canon at Smoke and Mirror's face.

Smoke and Mirrors closed it's eyes, as she fired a second shot, straight at his head, sending him flying backwards, right into the mirror he had stepped out of. His body flew right into the mirror, and disappeared, only his arms catching him, as he intended to step out again.

'If I can convince her, perhaps make a show of alliance, I can gain a Stand user to sacrifice in her place..." He thought, desperation clawing at his chest. 'I would eat dirt and garbage to get out of this realm. I'd sacrifice anyone to get my...'

Pinkie leveled the rocket and fired, blasting the mirror to pieces. Smoke and Mirrors was thrown back by the force, landing on his back back in the mirror dimension, as he rose up slowly, looking at his arms. Just above the elbow, his arms had been completely sliced off. He fell to his knees. Without his hands, the ancient ritual the wisemen of his time had told him of before his death could not be completed. No hands, no blood. No blood, no Exchange with whatever controlled the scales of life and death.

Smoke and Mirrors sat within his dimension and stopped moving. For any that could be there and watch him, he would never move again. Smoke and Mirrors could not pass on, so utterly obsessed with life as he was. So, with all hope of the ritual succeeding destroyed, and unwilling to pass on, he eventually stopped thinking.

Pinkie walked away in silence, a slightly dazed look in her eyes, but still triumphant. She had certainly gotten the worst end of her foe's Stand, but she was alive at least, and that was certainly worth celebrating, in a small way. She reached into her hair one last time, and pulled out a cupcake, happily munching away. She had a long trip, but she could at least enjoy it til she got back to her friends.

By time she got to her friends, seated and waiting all around the front doors of the school, classes were half way over. Many were shocked and horrified by her battered appearance, but, although slightly hunched, she gave no indication of being any worse for wear. She opened the door, and stepped out with her friends, Twilight turning in surprise at Pinkie, eyes widening.

"Where have you been?" She asked, before looking at her wound. "And where did you get that injury?!"

"A guy in a mirror attacked me." Pinkie said simply. "Don't worry, he won't be bothering us."

"Alright, you just take it easy then Pinkie." Twilight said, pursing her lips, half certain there really had been an attack, but also half sure Pinkie was just being her usual self. The fact she didn't know anymore, given all the strange things they encountered, annoyed Twilight to no end, but she choose to ignore it, as she helped her friend sit down gingerly.

"Rainbow and Fluttershy were attacked by an enemy Stand user on the way here." Twilight explained. "They should be back any moment now."

She sat there and waited, placing her chin on one hand, and looking out bored over the horizon. Her ears began to buzz shortly after, as she saw two familiar figures rushing in a strange motorcycle towards the school.


Author's Note:

For this next chapter, I decided against doing the standard, "Humane 7 fight a Stand Assassin, beat him, and get closer to the truth". I wanted a little variation in the fights, similar to how Part 4 had Stand users not linked to Kira, and how Gappy's first fights around town didn't focus on the Rock Humans. So I developed this idea from folklore about mirrors being a bridge between the living and the after life. The idea of being sucked into a mirror was based on an incident in my early elementary school years were I got trapped in a mirror maze, and almost busted my nose on a mirror. I'm still terrified of mirrors to a small extent to this day.

The figure is based not only on this, but his Stand takes inspiration from the figure of a Hashashin, Ninja, and other cloaked assassins. He was based on urban legends like Bloody Mary, and the myths behind the Ninja, such as their ability to teleport or walk on water. The Figure/Ability is named after "Smoke and Mirrors", (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfZllWOJCZg), from the Bee Gees. His name, comes from two songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZEToYZ_geg, Bodhisattva, by Steely Dan, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85dYshiw55Q, Khashoggi's Ship by Queen. I choose the names because they sounded mysterious and foreign, though considering what a Bodhisattva is in Hinduism, I'm kinda leery on the choice now.

Fun was based on the figure of a jester or clown from medieval/renaissance times, while it's arm canon and energy draining powers are based on Metroid. It's skeletal frame also takes slight inspiration from Speed King, to a lesser extent. It is named after the band Fun (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fun_(band). I designed the power to sort of run in contrast with Pinkie's magic.