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Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure:Stars of the Phoenix - Zillafire101

Sunset and the her friends come to gain new abilities and powers, called Stands, when a mysterious force arrives in town, and brings with it destruction and misery.

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The Doctor and Chocolate Starfish Part 2

Doctor Pezuna pushed open the door to the women’s bathroom, the horde of Stands flying through the area, as he looked around for his two enemies. The athletically built man was determined to protect his secrets, and looked around for his foes, sending his Stands out to search for them, eyes burning with determination. He looked around, eyes darting from one corner of the furnished bathrooms to another. Yet, despite having heard voices, he saw nothing in there. He sent out his Stands to scout the entire room, check it up and down for targets.

‘You will not escape me!’ He thought angrily. ‘I know you are hiding in here!’

As his Stand flew out, one to his left, near the air dryers, brushed against something flesh, living. He turned suddenly to see what was there, but found nothing. His eyes widened a bit, but he did not give up, stepping back to Stand in the doorway, as his Stands concentrated now in the area around the air dryers.

Sunset and Twilight ducked down, getting as long as possible, as their Stands followed suite. The two said nothing, too worried and too scared to make a sound, as Sunset crept forward, Twilight forced to follow, as the Doctor looked around in growing anger. Sunset knew this couldn’t last forever, reflecting and redirecting light off her and her friend. Even if they kept moving, they’d sooner make a mistake, and be found by the Stand user.

‘I have to attack now.’ She thought. ‘If I can land at least one hit, I can end this.’

She activated Ice Phoenix in full, the Stand materializing fully away from her, and quickly heading towards Pezuna. Without a shout or word, Ice Phoenix swung its right fist back, before punching forward. Pezuna did not react, only nodding slightly, as the punch collided with his stomach. He buckled forward, and went backwards, but only staggered, before straightening himself. Sunset ended her invisibility, as he tilted his head slightly.

“Very clever, Miss Shimmer.” He said.

“How did you get up from that?!” She demanded.

He lifted up his shirt, revealing the cracked and crumbled remains of a few dozen Chocolate Starfishes. He allowed their pieces to crumbled off of him and away, as he shrugged.

“I didn’t know it was coming, until I felt a slight change in the air,” He explained. “A slight feeling of the air pushing forward and touching my face.”

He motioned towards her, as several more Chocolate Starfish Stands flew forward. Ice Phoenix crossed its arms in front of itself, to block the attacks, as they flowed around her, like the waters of a river hitting a rock, before flowing back together behind her. Twilight reacted immediately, jumping up, as Deep Purple activated, the Stand latching onto the ceiling, grabbing it’s master’s arm, and quickly pulling her upwards and away from the Chocolate Starfishes.

“Very clever.” He said, rubbing his chin. “Which leaves me with quite the conundrum.”

He tapped his fingers across his chin, and then the other hand across his hip. “Do I go after Sunset and her Stand, which is the bigger threat, or deal with Twilight and her Stand?”

Sunset remained focused on Pezuna, before she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, heading towards her feet. She immediately jumped up, as five Chocolate Starfish stands tried to stab into her ankles. Her own Stand grabbed onto the ceiling ramparts, flipped her around, and charged at the Doctor.

A barrage of punches shot out, aimed directly at his chest and face, yet he did not panic, leaving Sunset slightly unnerved, but never the less not afraid to throw her all into this attack. Yet, as Ice Phoenix’s punches neared his body, her punches narrowly missing each time. Her eyes bugged up as she saw this, stepping back as she looked at her hands, then Ice Phoenix’s. Neither of them bared any sign of a Chocolate Starfish lodging in them to throw her off. She felt around her head and neck, seeing if any had gone into her spine or head.

“What the heck?!” She shouted. “How did I miss?”

She rushed forward with Ice Phoenix, sending out another barrage of punches.

“SUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZASUZA!” She shouted, as her punches, again, seemed to bend around him, none coming close to him.

She looked at Ice Phoenix’s fists as they neared his body, before veering off, and noticed that near it’s wrists, where Chocolate Starfish stands brushing past Ice Phoenix’s wrists, and causing it to veer off course with every hit. She stepped backwards, as she tried to come up with a new attack plan. The doctor merely laughed at her, bending his arms behind her head.

“What a sad display!” he laughed. “So powerful is your stand, and yet my tiny, harmless little Chocolate Starfish can send your might punches veering away from me!”

She looked around for a moment, before spotting the pipe that feed into one of the sinks, before looking back at her foe.

“I, Doctor Cabhlaigh Pezuña, will finish you quickly.” He declared. “Since you won’t even try and hit me, I guess there’s no point in fighting anymore!”

She didn’t hesitate, Ice Phoenix appearing outwards, grabbing the pipe, and with a yell, breaking it off, before rushing at him, swinging the pipe overhead. Pezuña’s eyes widened as he saw this, before stepping backwards and away, narrowly dodging the pipe.

“Very, very rude of you Sunset.” He said, clicking his tongue. “I thought you lot were supposed to be about friendship and magic and all. Tell me, where’s the magic in beating someone to death with a pipe?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to beat to death,” She said with a sheepish smile. “Just, give you a little knock on the head.”

“Well, my Stand will give you a little bite on the back of your head.” He replied, tapping his chin. “Should be enough to knock you out.”

Sunset could feel the Chocolate Starfish coming in close, soon, inches away from the back of her neck, when he stopped, looking over to the right of her, eyes widened, as he backed away.

“Where did that second Sunset come from?” He demanded of her in anger. “What are you doing?!”

“Umm, what?” Sunset asked, looking around. “Have you lost it?”

“There are two of you now!” He shouted, pointing at the floor to her left. “Don’t try and deceive me!”

She looked directly at where he was pointing, eyebrows furrowed. Had her opponent lost his freaking mind in the middle of their fight? She turned back to him, and caught sight of Twilight right behind him, arms crossed in front of her, as Deep Purple pressed two fingers lightly against his temple. Sunset’s eyes widened, but she took her focus away from her friend, as the Doctor pointed a finger at the real Sunset.

“Whichever one is real, I’ll attack you both then!” He declared.

Before he could, Deep Purple removed its hand, pulled back, and threw a bunch into his back, sending him flying towards Sunset. She puled back her fist, as Ice Phoenix rocketed forward, and sent a barrage of punches into Pezuna’s body, before swinging down and sending him colliding into the ground. She leapt over his unconscious body, and ran towards Twilight, the two giving each other a high five, as Pezuna gave a pained groan. He got up on his elbows, and turned himself around to face them, his legs dragging.

“I do believe you’ve damaged my spinal cord.” He said, teeth grinted together, his eyes welling with tears, even as his voice remained mostly even. “Oh, yes, this is incredibly painful.”

Four of his Chocolate Starfishes flew over, and burrowed through his shirt, and into his lower back, as two others stabbed into the back of his knees. A snap and crackle followed, as he groaned in pain. He slowly bent his knees, getting up, and struggling to his feet, hobbling about for a few minutes, as he gripped one of the bathroom stalls. Through all of this, his eyes remained focused and intent on the two.

“That hurt very much so.” He admitted, keeping his voice steely calm. “Had I lacked a Stand, and my knowledge, it would’ve taken years to recover.”

“I’m sorry. If you stop attacking us,” Twilight said. “This can all end. We can all walk out of here without getting hurt.”
“Conflicts begin because two groups want the same thing, usually.”

Pezuna stated, stepping away from the Stall, as he used his Chocolate Starfishes to guide his ungainly feet across the floor, nudging them into the correct path when he stumbled. “My ancestors came from an Island of Emerald seas and pastures. Others came, with blackened hearts, and violence on their minds, and butchered them. Driven from there, they settled in the lands south of here.”

He wiped the blood away from his forehead, before pointing at them. “In my time, I have seen and learned, from the past, and my own present, that when one seeks to take from your Tranquility, you must fight or die. My ancestors of the Green Island knew this, as did my ancestors in the far south. I will not back down.”

“I am sorry you feel this way.” Sunset said morosely. “We don’t have to fight like this. The Secret Emperor you serve is a threat to many, you can see that. He’s hurt countless people.”

She straightened, as Ice Phoenix began to manifest behind her. “Doesn’t your Hippocratic Oath state to do no harm? You cannot stand by and just let him do as he wishes.”

“He gave me purpose, he put my skills to use.” Pezuna declared. “And has helped me maintain my Tranquility, in exchange for my assistance! I will not be swayed from my path!”

“Someone as fanatical as him can’t be reasoned with.” Twilight whispered in Sunset’s ear. “We should subdue him as quickly as possible.”

“We’ll have to find a way around his Stand first.” Sunset replied. “If we can overwhelm him, then we should be able to defeat him.”

“That would be nice.” Said Twilight, as Deep Purple stepped forward to fight.

“So how do you two intend to ‘Overwhelm me’?” He taunted. “My Stand will redirect your punches. My stand will heal my injuries. My stand will shut down your bodies!”

“Truly this is a fearsome threat.” Sunset said coldly, glaring at Pezuna. “I don’t think my friend, or I, have any hope of countering it.”

“Then you surrender?” Pezuna asked with a grin.

“No, actually, we intend to do something else.” Sunset declared. “Something you’ll never see coming.”

“What is it Sunset?” Twilight asked, worried about not knowing the plan.

“Don’t worry.” Sunset said, striking a pose, leg stepping back, arms extended outwards behind and in front of her. “In this move, we’ll have the advantage.”

“What is it?” Twilight repeated, now getting a little more upset then usual.

“We…” Sunset began, before turning away, and grabbing Twilight and running down the hall. “We run away!”

Pezuna’s eyes widened in anger at this, as they sprinted away. He couldn’t catch up to them, not in his injured state, with his legs still recovering. He had no choice but to let his foes get away from him, as he sent his Stands out to deal with the threat. If he couldn’t catch them himself, he could still disable them. Just as before, the Chocolate Starfish stands swarmed the hall way, as he hobbled towards the exit. He took several deep breaths, as he tried to calm himself.

“Calm yourself.” He muttered to himself. “I must be calm. Soon, they’ll be dealt with, and I will call one of his Varangian to deal with the problem. Then I can sleep in the bathtub once more.”

“Doctor, is everything alright?” Asked a voice behind him.

He jumped slightly, as he turned to see another security guard standing near him, the muscular female guard. He narrowed his eyes in annoyance, but kept his voice even. These guards were useful, but once Stand users got involved, they became a bumbling obstacle in the path to his success.

“There is nothing to worry about.” He answered.

“I think we have two teens inside the building, for whatever reason.” She said, looking around. “and High Beam got himself knocked out.”

“Oh, how dreadful.” He replied, his face growing worried. “Is he alright?”

“You should know.” She replied, placing a hand on her holstered pistol. “You spoke with him, before he suddenly just passed out.”

He narrowed his eyes again, glaring ruefully at the guard. That created another variable he did not account for. He would have to not only wipe their memories of last night, but also clean and scrub away any security images of him and the two girls. This was getting far too complicated for his tastes.

“Are you going to say something Doctor?” She replied, eyeing him carefully. “Or do I have to arrest you?”

“Sleep tight, and try not to drool.” He muttered, turning and walking away from her, as two Chocolate Starfish Stands attached themselves to her points, causing her to fall asleep almost immediately.

He sighed as he looked around. He was losing time having to deal with stupid distractions like this. The two Stand users could slip away into some unknown corner and ambush him, or get to the computers and get the patient files somehow. He sent out the Chocolate Starfish stands, and crossed his arms in front of him as he patiently waited for them to find the two intruders. There was no time to lose.

“My tranquility is at stake,” He grumbled to himself, before pulling out his phone. He needed to make a call. “If I fail, there is no tomorrow for me.”

The two Stand users came to a stop, as Sunset peeked around a corner, looking for any sign of the Chocolate Starfish Stands. Twilight looked around the corridor for any sign of either Pezuna, his Stand or security guards, before turning to Sunset.

“Well, here we are, running away again.” Twilight muttered.

“I know, I’m getting sick of being on the defensive.” Sunset grumbled. “You got any ideas?”

“Perhaps.” Twilight replied, tapping her chin with her finger, before readjusting her glasses. “You’ll need to first use your light powers on him.”

“Give me the full run down then.” Sunset replied. “Because I think I have a basic idea of where this is going.”

“It’s going to be difficult to pull off,” Twilight started to explain. “But it will be worth it if we can win.”

“That’s how must of our fights go.” Sunset muttered with a shrug. “Let’s get this one in the bag too.”

Pezuna looked around the corridors, as he made his call. He was so close to sweet victory, he could practically taste it. Yes, soon, he’s have the two disabled, right where the Secret Emperor wanted them, and have them out of his hair. He couldn’t bother the Emperor himself. He was busy recovering and healing from past injuries, so he had to rely on getting to his closest guards.

“Yes, what is it?” A voiced replied grumpily.

“I have two of the rival Stand users the Emperor wants.” Pezuna replied.

“Really?” The Voice said, suddenly alert. “You’re not joking around?”

“Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer.” He said, a grin on his face. “I take it you want them as well.”

“I want them all.” The voice said icily. “You get them under control, and I’ll be there shortly.”

“Don’t worry about that.” He replied with a shrug. “Just get here, and they’ll be locked down for transport.”

“Later.” The Voice said simply, hanging up, as Pezuna put his phone way, and turned down another corridor, this one near one of his colleagues’ office.

“Perhaps they’re here?” He joked to himself. “For a physical exam?”

“No, we just decided you would need it after we’re done with you.” Sunset said behind him.

He immediately turned on his heel, to see Sunset’s glaring face, as he activated his Stand swarm, directing it to flow all around him, like a specialized water fountain.

“Where is your friend, Twilight?” Pezuna asked, tilting his head, as he slammed a foot into the ground like a sumo wrestler. “Did she run off and abandon you?”

“No,” Sunset replied simply, glaring daggers at him. “I just don’t need to risk her to defeat you.”

“And how to aim to do that by yourself?” Pezuna said with a chortle.

“With my Stand, and my two fists, of course!” She declared, stamping her right foot forward, and jamming her finger in his direction. “Unless you’re too terrified of my abilities to fight?”

“Come on then, Sunset.” He replied coldly. “Don’t disappoint me.”

She summoned Ice Phoenix, the Stand and user flashing and sparking with various colors, before a bright flash of white and orange light surrounded the Stand and it’s user, like an orb, before flashing outwards, hitting Pezuna in the face, and knocking him back a few inches, as he crossed his arms in front of him. He lowered his arms, blinking several times, as he looked around, terror etched on his face.

“I’m blind! I’m blind!” He screamed, as Sunset jumped forward, aided by the power of her Stand.Ice Phoenix clenched both its fists, before Sunset landed in front of the doctor, pulling back its fists, as its eyes seemed to light up in joy. It swung its right arm forward, slamming into the side of Pezuna’s head, right into his check, and burying itself in the side of his face. Pezuna groaned in pain, trying to get away, before flicking his wrist outward. Sunset furrowed her eyebrows as a pain arched up her wrist and hand like lightning.

She looked at the back of her hand to see a Chocolate Starfish lodged in the middle of her hand. She tried to clench her right fist, as did her Stand, but found her hand incapable of moving. Her eyes widened in shock, as Pezuna held the side of his face, glaring back at her.

“My strike was rather lucky.” He said. “Based on your height and what I remembered of your fighting stance, I had to take the risk.”

She swung Ice Phoenix’s other fist, as he narrowly dodged it, leaping backwards.

“Oye!” He shouted in surprise. “Pain has dulled your movement. My vision returns. All short comings will vanish in the face of my superior ambition!”

“Geez. You really like the sound of your own voice.” Sunset muttered, shaking her head. “Like, even after a solid hit to the head like that.”

“Indeed, it actually hurts horribly so.” He explained, pointing to the side of his head, where he had been hit. “But, I will not let it stop me from accomplishing my Tranquility of mind and body.”

“This will.” Sunset said simply, as her Stand began to flash again.

Pezuna’s eyes widened as he held up his hands to block any light. Ice Phoenix did not, merely jumping forward again, and upper-cutting him in the gut. He gasped in agony, as Ice Phoenix turned to the side, and barraged his body with numerous side kicks, before kicking him away. As he landed on the ground, he looked up in shock and pain at Sunset, who pointed confidently at him with her left hand, while raising her right fist to her shoulder opposite shoulder.

“You’ve been beat, Doctor.” She declared. “I’ve won. Completely.”

Twilight appeared around the corner, Deep Purple beside her, as she stepped towards the downed doctor. With the doctor down, it was time for the second part of the plan. Deep Purple approached Pezuna’s downed form, and clasped a hand on top of his head, as its eyes glowed slightly. After only a few moments, Twilight stepped away, to let the rest of the fight play out. What neither noticed, was Pezuna directing two of his Chocolate Starfish stands into his feet, under his second and third toes, on both feet, before sending another two into the back of his ears.

Sunset ran forward, and stood before Pezuna, ready to deliver the killing blow once he got up. After putting both her and Twilight through the grinder, and forcing them on the run, she was going to enjoy punching the stuffing out of him with Ice Phoenix. Her and Ice Phoenix’s bodies both flashed with energy again as Pezuna recoiled in shock.

“What did you do to me?!” He shouted, looking around in confusion.

“Deep Purple briefly altered your vision and how you see things.” Twilight explained. “Now, try and guess where the punches will be coming from!”

She turned away as Sunset and her stand flashed with energy, and the two leapt up, and landed in front of her of Pezuna. Ice Phoenix threw a right hook, only for Pezuna to narrowly dodge it, before flicking two fingers outwards from his right hand. Sunset recoiled in shock. How did he know where her punches where coming from? Before she could continue, she stiffened as she felt something stab into her back, and lock up all of her muscles. Pezuna then flicked a finger on his left hand towards Twilight, as Deep Purple jumped in front of her, crossing its arms, as three Chocolate Starfish Stands zoomed towards. The hit the Stand, lodged into its “skin”, before Deep Purple flexed and snapped its arms outwards, sending the three flying out and away, two into a wall, a third onto the ground. With a contemptuous grunt, Deep Purple lifted up its foot and crushed the Chocolate Starfish underfoot.

“A very clever strategy.” Pezuna muttered, as several more Chocolate Starfish Stands flew around him in lazy circles, though waiting for an attack order. “I would commend you for that. But I’m afraid your moves are too predictable.”

He sat down slowly, as Twilight and Deep Purple charged at him, ready to finish him off, before he flicked his hand at Sunset Shimmer, two Chocolate Starfish Stands flying quickly over and floating by her neck.

“Please, please, calm yourself my dear.” Pezuna cautioned. “Something terrible might befall your friend.”

Pezuna tapped a finger upon his chin, studying Twilight, who seemed unconvinced. Such a stubborn girl, despite the meek exterior.

“Have you ever seen the old vampire movies, Sunset?” He asked, turning to the other girl. “Oh, right, you’re…locked up. Anywho, my Stand can burrow into your neck and bleed you dry. Do you know how that feels, having the blood drain from you? Should I demonstrate?”

She said nothing, struggling against her own body as it locked up and refused to move. She gulped slightly as she struggled in vein to move. Her eyes remained locked on the doctor, as he laughed slightly.

“You both have been quite a pain to fight.” He remarked. “I know, however, that any pain now will be worth it, when I bring you to the Secret Emperor.”

“You’ll never win, you’ll never take us!” Twilight declared, as Pezuna gave her a heavy-lidded stare.

“I don’t care what you say.” He remarked. “Chocolate Starfish can and will cripple you at will.”

“Now, the first step is to deal with you Sunset.” He remarked. “I knock you out, and then I can have the Secret Emperor deal with you.”

Pezuna prepared to level his Stand at Sunset’s wind pipe, preparing to knock her out. Twilight narrowed her eyes, as Deep Purple looked to its master. She nodded slightly, as Deep Purple moved away and walked behind Pezuna quietly. As Chocolate Starfish drew closer, Deep Purple threw up its fist, and slammed it into the side of Pezun’a skull, hitting him hard, and tossing him away. Sunset would’ve smiled with joy had she been able. As always, Twilight came through in the end.

Pezuna went flying away, blood flying from his injured head, as he screamed in a voice far higher then ever before. “Puta!”
Deep Purple moved around Sunset, and grabbed the Chocolate Starfish, and yanked it out, crushing it within its palm, as Sunset gasped with relief. She stretched her arms and cracked her neck, as Ice Phoenix prepared for battle. Sunset cracked her knuckles, as she prepared to go at Pezuna again.

“Come on, Pezuna, there’s no need for anymore of this.” Sunset said, slowing down and stepping more carefully towards him. “Just stand down, let us do our thing, and no one else has to get hurt.”

Pezuna grunted as he got to his feet, wiping away blood from his forehead. “Never!”

Sunset almost groaned, as he slammed one foot down in front of him, and flexed his arms in front of him, his eyes narrowed, and practically glowing with a fiery determination. She could just tell by how he was standing he was going to go off on another crazy tangent about his life, philosophy or both.

“I have learned, from my personal struggles to get here, and what my ancestors went through,” He declared. “That life is full of Conquerors, and Victims. I aim to be the Conqueror in this battle, and take back my Tranquility!”

Two Chocolate Starfish Stand burrowed into his pectoral muscles, as his eyes widened in rage.

“Boa no Bas!” He shouted, leaping right at them.

Sunset’s eyes widened slightly, as he slammed into the ground in front of her, and swung a fist aimed at her face. Ice Phoenix grabbed her and pulled her backwards, as the fist collided with nearby wall, leaving a fist sized crater. She sent Ice Phoenix forward, and slammed a punch straight into the side of his face, the Stand burying its fist deep into his cheek, as he seemed to ignore it and keep going, grabbing Sunset by the head and shoulder.

“Impossible! I hit him with everything I had!” She shouted, struggling against his iron grip.

Deep Purple reached around her, and grabbed him by his wrists, struggling against his strength, the Stand’s eyes widening, as it looked over to its master.

“Master, is this idiot supposed to be abnormally strong?” Deep Purple asked. “I know he spoke of pressure points, but he didn’t strike me as a Hokuto kind of fellow.”

“I think he killed any feeling in his body, even pain receptors.” Twilight said, sweat trickling down her forehead in worry. “If you punched him with everything you had, he shouldn’t be standing.”

Deep Purple continued struggling against the insane doctor, as Sunset tried to get a bearing on what to do next, when a blinding pain went through her body. She looked down to see two Chocolate Starfish stands stabbing into her stomach and ribs, before digging in and burrowing into her body. She widened her eyes in shock.

“If I stop the blood flow, inside your body, it should knock you out!” Pezuna declared. “It should reach one of your major arteries in a few minutes!”

Deep Purple grabbed him by his forehead, his purple hand latched onto the doctor’s face like something out of a horror move, as its eyes glowed slightly. Pezuna struggled against this, but without a combat Stand, there was little he could do. Deep Purple finally released him, and swung a punch into his gut, knocking back slightly, as he winced quite visibly in pain.

“I’ve fixed his pain receptors.” Deep Purple shouted, pointing towards Sunset. “Fire away like your life depends on it, Peon!”

Sunset wasted no time, sending Ice Phoenix forward, whose own eyes blazed like a hot white fire. Slamming a punch into the center of Pezuna’s face, the doctor shuddered slightly from the blow, nose making a very audible crack, as his eyes widened.

“My pain receptors!” He gasped in agony.

“Are in overdrive!” Deep Purple taunted, giving a very rude gesture, as Twilight raised an eyebrow at her Stand.

“Can you calm it down for just a moment?” Twilight asked.

Ice Phoenix did not wait, immediately getting to work, and swinging punch after punch into Pezuna’s body with reckless abandon.


Pezuna went flying through the windows to the other Doctor’s office and reception area, windows crashing and breaking around him as he went crashing to the ground, groaning and mumbling in pain. Sunset sighed slightly looking over the Doctor busted up form. While she knew it was needed, she had wished these Stand users weren’t so obsessed with throwing themselves into the fire for this “Secret Emperor”. Sunset was relieved about one thing. She couldn’t feel the Chocolate Starfish Stands running about in her body anymore.

“Alright, bad guy dealt with, let’s get on that computer.” Sunset said, walking past Pezuna.

“Maybe in another five minutes.” Deep Purple remarked, as Twilight and it walked through the shattered glass.

“What?” Sunset asked in surprise.

“Deep Purple can either alter people’s minds, or computers, not both.” Twilight explained nervously. “Give it a chance to cool down.”

Sunset sighed, and facepalmed the side of her head, shaking it slightly. Stands seemed to have so many strange abilities, and yet so many limitations to them. She wondered if it was possible to go beyond those limits, but decided to save those questions for another day.

“Well, alright then, then we go into his memories.” Sunset said.

“I’ve never actually tried to go through memories like that before.” Twilight admitted, looking down at Pezuna nervously.

“There’s a first time for everything.” Sunset encouraged.

Twilight and Deep Purple stepped forward, and knelt down by Pezuna’s unconscious form. Deep Purple wrapped its fingers around Pezuna’s forehead, as its eyes glowed slightly. Twilight staggered for a moment, looking rather shocked.

“Is everything alright?” Sunset asked, worried.

“There’s…so many!” Twilight replied, rubbing her forehead, as Deep Purple continued.

“Do you need a break?” Sunset asked.

“No, in fact, I’m almost done.” Twilight answered, about to pull away, before Sunset snapped her fingers.

“Wait, since we have his memories…” Sunset began.

“We can find out who the Secret Emperor is!” Twilight finished with a wide smile.

“Greato, we can finish fighting this freak in no…” Sunset began, before trialing off.

Twilight looked up slightly, as did Deep Purple. “Is something wrong?”

“There’s someone here.” Sunset said. “Someone familiar.”

Twilight pointed outwards, to a cloaked being standing just outside the office. “Maybe its tall dark and creepy over there?”

Sunset looked over at the being, before stepping forward, manifesting Ice Phoenix.

“I don’t know who you are, but I recommend you leave.” Sunset said calmly. “What we’re doing is…complicated. But trust me, it’s totally ok.”

“My boss wants you.” The figure replied, its voice cold, artificial and robotic. “I can’t let you leave.”

The figure’s dark purple eyes glowed in the light, as it pointed a finger at Sunset.

“If you think that Stand is so good…test it.” The being dared.

Sunset walked forward, as the being stood its ground, Sunset grinding glass beneath her boots, as Ice Phoenix stood beside her, ready for battle. As she got close, Ice phoenix lashed out with a fist directed at the mysterious newcomer’s face. A Stand’s arm appeared from behind it, lashing out, and redirecting Ice Phoenix’s blow away from its master, before disappearing.

Sunset grimaced slightly, as her eye twitched in annoyance. If the figure was going to fight, then the least he or she could do was bring out their Stand and fight, not play patty cake. Ice Phoenix lashed out again, this time throwing several dozen punches with a Stand rush, crying out its battlecry. The New Stand merely blocked every blow with its hands, intercepting and blocking each one with the palm of its hands, and also allowing Sunset to catch a glimpse of the Stand.

It’s skin was night black, unnaturally shiny, and resembling rotted flesh, and covered in bone white armor. From what little she saw, it has monochrome, blood red eyes, and its teeth bared in an expression of pure malice. Steam rolled out from its jaws as it made a low growling noise. Sunset and Ice Phoenix stepped backwards, as they waited for the New Stand’s next move. The stand reached back its fist, and slammed it into the ground, sending a shockwave outwards, and pushing Sunset backwards. Sunset went end over end, before finally landing near Pezuna’s body. She shook over her pain and grinded her teeth together, all the more determined to fight back now.

“Wait, Sunset.” Twilight said, as she looked back in surprise.

“What is it?” She asked, as the figure began to march over to them, its Stand glaring in absolute disgust at them.

“We have what we need.” Twilight said, before pointing at the ground near the figure. “And I don’t think that’s good.”

Sunset furrowed her eyebrows, as she looked at the glass near the new Stand user’s feet. It was very quickly rising off the ground and floating around the user. She didn’t exactly know what it was doing to cause that, but she didn’t want to find out. Twilight stood up, as light flashed around Ice Phoenix’s hands. As the figure drew closer, and the two began to feel the weight in their feet disappear, Ice Phoenix slammed both hands together, creating a blinding flash of light. The being stopped for a moment, covering its eyes, and yelling in annoyance.

Sunset grabbed Twilight by the shoulder and guided her out as the two ran, and leapt through the office window, Ice Phoenix and Deep Purple smashing through the two windows with their punches. The two flew out the window, and skidded down the side of the hospital, before stopping on a window ledge several floors below, their Stands slamming their fists into the side of the building to slow their descent.

The being leisurely stepped over the glass and broken window works, before looking out the window and seeing the two escape down the rest of the building, using the window ledge as a position for their next jumps. The being’s stand made snarled expression in contempt, and laid a hand what remained of the window sill, before shattering it under its grip.

With nothing left to do, it decided to complete the last part of its mission for the Secret Emperor; retrieving Doctor Pezuna. It went over, and grabbed Doctor Pezuna, the Stand hoisting the figure onto its shoulder, as the cloaked user disappeared into the shadows.

Twilight and Sunset, meanwhile, had managed to make their way back to their bikes, as Sunset looked over the hospital in worry.

“We out ran him…it.” Twilight remarked, before laughing nervously. “We should be fine. Absolutely fine.”

“Who the heck was that?” Sunset asked. “And what kind of Stand was that?”

“If we get out of here, I can have Deep Purple cycle through all the names she’s gathered.” Twilight replied, as Sunset nodded.

There was no point in getting worked up. The figure had ambushed them, and used surprise and terror to its advantage. Once they learned their true powers, the ball would be in their court, so to speak. With that, the two got on their bikes, and left for home.

Doctor Pezuna awoke, looking around in shook as he felt himself jostled from a bumpy ride. He briefly panicked, looking around at an unfamiliar van, sweat running down his face, as the driver seemed to notice his awakening, and stopped and parked the van, stopping by the side of an old forest. The being’s Stand manifested, seated in front of Pezuna, and crossing one leg over the other, as it rested its head on one fist, the other hand resting on its hip.

“You’ve disappointed the Emperor very much.” The Stand’s growling, burning voice hissed out.

“I thought I had them.” He said apologetically, shaking his head, before looking up directly at the Stand. “Is he going to execute me…personally?”

He still needs you.” The Stand replied, its teeth briefly clicking together. “His body hasn’t recovered fully.”

“So, what about my job?” Pezuna asked, scratching the back of his head.

“Done for.” The Stand replied with a hiss. “I went through the trouble of cleaning all hospital records of you and scrubbing the security footage. You’re welcome.”

“Great. I was growing fund of that job.” Pezuna muttered, as the figure started the van again.

“Would you rather lose your head?” The Stand asked, as it flickered and vanished into its user.

“No, I’d rather not actually.” Pezuna sighed.

The drive continued in silence.

The next day, the hospital had to have several sections closed due to extreme damage to the interior and exterior, as well as checking up on the various guards that had been knocked out, one who ended up in the ceiling somehow. Although confused and frustrated, police could find nothing on the security footage, and strangely, the records of one doctor were now completely gone, as though he had never existed.

With nothing else to do, the hospital committee could only close done the parts in need of repair and order the staff, visitors and patients to look out for anything strange.

The strangest find by detectives, was what appeared to be a hand print that had crushed the window sill after whoever had crashed through it, but no human being could have possibly broken the sill with their bare hands. This find was kept hidden from the public, as detectives had to essentially end the case, confused and angered at the act, but had no evidence to point towards anyone


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