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The premier place for stories that take flight like no other. If the focus is on the realm of aerospace, the domain of the Pegasus, or generally flying, it goes here.

But be advised, we like our SCIENCE! to be consistent, if not accurate.

Be advised, group rules require Safe For Work rating. Mindless clop will be shot down by Mobius Pony and the poster banned from the skies...


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Kerbal space program and ponies? All of my yes.
That is, if anyone posts a story of one..

I just pulled back my last remaining story from this group.
As it stand, I'l leaving all together, thanks to the way things didn't work out.
you can thank a certain someone for it.

To anyone still in here, I just published chapter one of a fanfic you might enjoy. Come to my page on fimfic and you'll find it. It's the only story I have out.

Oh HELL YES! 'Bout time we got something even MORE devoted to the actual science fics!

A place for harder sci-fi stories involving space? I'm in.
...You accept semi-hard (4.5 scale), right?

I'm no writer, but this group needs love, and I love me some hard (or at least firm) sci-fi. Also ponies.

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