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Could someone remove Shielded Life from the group? It appears to have been added by mistake.


Can I post a contest on here, maybe to get more stories, as I am writing one myself!:raritywink: (a story, that is...)

This calls for a song!

Everypony, check out my blog post! I have an impending problem!!!!!:raritywink:

I'm legitimately into this.

I'm not kidding.

And I regret nothing. Let FillyFiction commence!

I am joining this group for one and one reason only: Because when all of season one of Filly Funtasia - if it ever fully gets off of the ground - I am going to write a massive, horrible, unethical crossover. Because why not

And it will be glorious.

So they polished up gen 3???
KILL IT WITH DA FIRES :flutterrage:

I have extremely low expectations as well. However, I'm still going to give it an eight episode test run.


Oh, I think that's happened with LPS enough. But I'm watching through Filly Funtasia right now to see what it's like.

Just see how it turned out.

I think bashing filly funtasia should be the bronydom's new hobby.

I must support this group, and then deny everything publicly.

Honestly, aside from the voice acting that needs work (seriously, is Willow supposed to sound like Ezreal? Because that's one bit of fanart I wanna see :pinkiehappy:) I'm looking forward to it. It'd be interesting to see how these things move in 3D, see some limitations and solutions.

They've already got some marked differences with MLP, just going by the trailer. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this should be compared with the Maya reboot. If it can hold a candle to that, I'll be happy.

337259 I did say that I loved it. Only because I want to laugh at it. Fun! :twilightsmile:

lol it was still above your status quo of reactions.:derpytongue2:

You were expecting a normal response from me?
DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME!?!?!?:rainbowhuh:

{Reads comments}Oh boy this gonna be sick.:pinkiehappy:
{watches video} That's it!
Totally an over reaction guy seriously.:ajbemused:
It's just another children movie with a half thought plot.
I have low expectations about this.



I came so hard

What in the fucking fuck did I just watch? The voice acting is so herrendous... The animation is sickening... even with a trailer, I'm not sure what this is going to be about... I LOVE IT! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Because watching shitty things can be fulfilling, too. :pinkiehappy:

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