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Forty Four

“This is my destiny, Twilight!” You hold the sphere above your head as you make your way to the door. “I must go to Canterlot immediately and give this back to the Princess!”

You run out of the library, the precious cargo of the Time Sphere tucked under your arm as Twilight eagerly runs after you. Panting and out of breath, you almost collapse, but Twilight picks you up. “Come on!” she cries. “We’ve only gone three metres! Hop on my back!”

You agree to this, and leap onto Twilight’s back. She’s a small stubby pony, and you are pretty heavy, so she sinks to the ground with a grunt, struggling to stand. “Hi ho Twilight!” you cry, tugging on her mane as she slowly starts to trot in the direction of Canterlot.


After a long and slow journey, you finally arrive at Canterlot Castle. “We’ve made it!” Twilight croaks, finally collapsing to the flagstones. You give a cry of surprise as your ride falls, and you bump your behind.

“Careful Twilight!” you tut grouchily as you are forced to stand up, cradling the Time Sphere carefully. “We’re not even at the throne room yet, stop being lazy!” Twilight has passed out though, and despite many carefully administered kicks, she doesn’t seem to want to get up.

You leave Twilight to recuperate on the floor and storm your way to Celestia. “Princess!” you cry in triumph as you burst into the throne room, holding the Time Sphere aloft. “Fret no longer, for I bring you the Time Orb!”

Celestia takes one look at the object in your hand and frowns. “That’s not a Time Orb!” she snaps. “That’s a Time Sphere! Anypony can see that!”

Your face falls and you drop the Time Sphere onto the ground in shame. “Oh.”

What will you do?
Explore the castle to look for clues
Leave the castle to explore Equestria
Seduce Princess Celestia