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Fifty Nine

You push open the door to the library hesitantly, peering inside. “Twilight?” you call as you look around the dusty interior, shelves piled high with books. “Twilight Sparkle? It’s me, the Brony Hero, here to see you!”

“Oh, Princess Celestia said you might be coming!” A familiar purple head pops up from underneath a pile of paperwork, and Twilight Sparkle bounds towards you, welcoming you in. “I can’t believe it, a real life human! I’ve always wanted to meet a real life human, I’ve got so many questions!”

You look down at Twilight with a smile. She’s so eager as she scurries around you, pulling out books she thinks you might be interested in, and asking all sorts of questions about humans. What do you eat? Where do you sleep? Do you really have only one stomach? You shake your head softly at all the questions as you sit down on a sofa and let Twilight pass you lots of books on various subjects.

She scoots up on the sofa with you, peering at her pile of books. “I thought we could maybe talk about books?” she says sweetly, fluttering her eyelashes.

What will you do?
Seduce Twilight Sparkle by showing off your literary knowledge
Tell Twilight about your quest for the Time Orb
Leave and explore the rest of Ponyville