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Internet! What a great idea! Why bother dealing with the woes of the outside world when you have everything you could ever need in front of you!

You sit down in front of your computer and crack your knuckles, thinking about what you will look at first. Before you stretches the entire wealth of human knowledge and experience, the collected wisdom and art of the ages.

“Ha ha ponies!” You giggle with glee as you go to your favourite pony image site and start to look at pictures of pastel ponies. “I like that one because it is of Pinkie Pie kissing Octavia!” You clap your hands together as all stresses are forgotten.

Suddenly, your computer monitor goes fuzzy, and the screen locks. You frown in annoyance as you reach to press Control-Alt-Delete, mashing the keyboard with your fingers.

Disaster! Your computer starts to shake violently, the motion sending several Coke cans shuddering off your desk. You scramble backwards, to your horror realising that you accidently hit Control-Alt-E. What could that command possibly do?

From your monitor erupts a swirling vortex. You turn your head as the light burns into your eyes, ethereal tendrils of energy unfurling out and grabbing you, sucking you into the hole in reality that has ripped itself open.

Everything goes black.

Wake up