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Fifty Two

You breathe in the sweet country air as you stand outside Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville’s premier (and only) apple orchard. You can almost taste the apples in the breeze as you approach the farm, marvelling at the rural simplicity and beauty of the farm.

“Howdy y’all!” You turn to see Applejack leaning against a fence post chewing on a piece of straw. “What’s a big strong Brony doing in a place like this?” Looking around for a moment in confusion, you realise she is talking about you.

“Oh yes, that’s me!” you point to your chest, to make sure you’re the person she’s talking about. “I’m here on a mission from Celestia. To…” You trail off. Applejack wouldn’t be impressed by your mission to save Equestria! “I’m here on a mission from Celestia to eat delicious apples!”

“Well why didn’t you say! Apple Bloom, bring the apples!” Applejack gallops over and pushes you onto a simple wooden chair. Meanwhile, her little sister Apple Bloom carefully balances a huge bucket of apples on her head, placing it on the table. “Here you go, all the apples! And ah do like a Brony who can eat his apples!” Applejack waggles her eyebrows at you.

You stare at the pile of apples in front of you. There’s rather a lot. Apple Bloom peeps over the edge of the table, watching you intently. “Mister, mister!” she squeaks. “Can you help me get my cutie mark please?”

You look between the apples and Apple Bloom. Eating the apples could win you Applejack’s heart, but you could also help out Apple Bloom - with your wisdom you’re sure to find her cutie mark!

What will you do?
Seduce Applejack by eating all the apples
Help Apple Bloom find her cutie mark
Leave and explore the rest of Ponyville