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A coffee and donut seems to be the best plan of action! You can’t save the world on an empty stomach after all!

After wandering aimlessly around the castle, you finally make your way outside, and to Pony Joe’s legendary donut café! “One of your finest donuts, Pony Joe! Or Donut Joe! Or whatever your name is!” You slam your fist on the counter at the large unicorn in a chef’s apron.

“For the Brony Hero? It’s on the house!” Pony Joe brings you a coffee and a donut, and you scarf it down in the most heroic manner possible, pausing only to wipe your mouth on your hands, and then smear your hands over the stool next to yours.

“Thanks Pony Joe!” you reply as you lick the sugar off your lips. “It’s good to know that some ponies recognise what a true hero I am!”

“Oh I do…” Pony Joe leans across the counter, winking. “I do…”

You feel a bit like your personal space is being invaded.

What will you do?
Leave to explore the castle
Seduce Pony Joe