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Forty One

“Sorry Honey Trap, seeing Rarity comes before saving Equestria! Lead the way, Sweetie Belle!” You follow a joyously bouncing Sweetie Belle outside as the other ponies look on in bitter jealousy. Sweetie bounds across Ponyville and into the open door of the Carousel Boutique as you struggle to keep pace.

“Rarity, Rarity!” Sweetie Belle squeaks happily as she scrabbles around the inside of the dress store looking for her sister. You content yourself with wandering about and examining the pretty cartoon dresses that line the walls.

“Sweetie Belle, go away!” Rarity’s head pops out of a side room, her hair a complete mess and her eyes boggling with anger. “I’m busy!”

“But Rarity!” Sweetie Belle whines. “I’ve brought Nicholas Cage!”

“Nicholas Cage?” Rarity looks at you, half swooning as she pats her hair back into shape and puts on a sultry smile. “Oh Mr Cage, I’m your greatest admirer!”

“Haha!” you give a slight chuckle as you walk towards Rarity. “Oh I’m no- I mean yes, yes I am definitely Nicholas Cage. Where did I put my two thousand dollar steak knife?”

“Sweetie Belle, out!” Rarity waves angrily at her sister before lounging on a remarkably convenient couch. “So, Mr Cage,” she pouts, beckoning you closer. “What brings you here?”

What will you do?
Tell Rarity you preferred her in season one
Seduce Rarity
Leave the Carousel Boutique and explore the rest of Ponyville