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You decide that the best way of finding out where the Time Orb is now is to look for clues in the location where it used to be. A guard marches you into the Time Orb chamber. It is a large, circular room, lushly carpeted, though now covered in warning tape to secure the crime scene.

At the centre of the room is a stone pillar upon which must have once sat the Time Orb. It is now empty.

“Damn!” you think to yourself. “That would’ve been easy if it was still there!” With that hope dashed, you mooch about looking for clues. You’re not sure exactly what you’re supposed to be looking for though, and end up skipping over the warning tape shouting “whee! Whee!”

“Excuse me, I’m trying to work!”

You stop mid-jump in surprise, before crashing down into a heap as gravity reasserts its dominance. Standing before you is none other than Doctor Whooves, the famous time-travelling pony! And he doesn’t look particularly happy!

“I’m here to investigate the disappearance of the Time Orb! On the orders of the princess!” Whooves puffs out his chest with self-importance. “So if you’ll just let me get on with it…”

“What?” You clamber to your feet in outrage. “But the princess told me to investigate! I’m the Brony Hero!

Whooves scowls. “Well, I’m busy here. You go investigate somewhere else.” He waves his hoof at you dismissively. Over his back, you spy his TARDIS, the door invitingly open.

What will you do?
Smile politely and go back to exploring the castle
Race into his TARDIS giggling gleefully