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Thirty Five

You close your eyes tight, hoping that the end will be swift and painless. To your surprise you don’t get a dagger in the face, but instead a delicious chocolate cake in the mouth.

“Surprise!” Pinkie flicks the light switch on and the entire basement is suddenly awash in bright lights. The entire room has been carefully decorated with balloons and streamed, with a big banner that says “YAY BRONY HERO!” A large table, laden with cakes is at the centre. Pinkie is wrapped around your neck, clutching a chocolate cake in her hooves. “I hope you like my ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake, it’s super scrummy!”

You take the cake off Pinkie and stuff it into your mouth in one go. “It’s delicious!” you try to say, but with your mouth full of cake, the words come out as “OM NOM NOM NOM.”

With the bang of a party popper signalling the start to festivities, you and Pinkie spend the next hour partying hard in her basement. Soon your stomach is perfectly spherical from consuming so much cake, and you both roll about moaning.

“That was great Pinkie, thanks!” you mutter as chocolate syrup dribbles helplessly out of your mouth. “But I must continue my special mission for the princess and find the Time Orb!”

“A Time Orb?” Pinkie does a double-take and starts to search through a box of junk. “I think I’ve got one lying about here… aha!” Triumphantly she pulls out a small snow globe, shaking it in front of your face. “Look at the time, ooooh!”

“Oh Pinkie!” you sigh, rolling your eyes. “That’s not a Time Orb, that’s a snow globe!” You take the globe and look into it; giving it another shake and watching the snow tumble down. Perhaps you could trick Celestia into thinking it is the Time Orb!

What will you go?
Take the snow globe to Princess Celestia and pretend it is the Time Orb
Leave to explore the rest of Ponyville